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How fragile our egos can be (even for a successful university professor).

This is the fourth post relating to the Ernest Becker Legacy conference held at SFU in early October. However,this last post relates only tangentially to the conference and more to a situation that arose after the opening talk by Sheldon Solomon on Friday evening, October 2nd. 749 more words


My new stripper name is Bumper

Strip clubs are like museums…you can look but you can’t touch.
Well, I can touch you, but you can’t touch me. (I will pin your hands down and knock you out to make sure you understand that rule if I have to.) 554 more words

The Lucifer Effect: Creating Difference to Justify Atrocity

The ego defence of dehumanization involves seeing other people as less or other than human so as not to have to think about them so much and/or feel guilty for neglecting or abusing them. 865 more words


Luca's Phone Call

I missed Luca’s phone call a couple weeks ago. Francesca and I were coming back from my dad’s memorial. Our plane was delayed and we had camped out on the floor of a tiny airport on the east coast. 1,325 more words


Golden bees

From Ram Dass, Still Here Now: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying (122-23):

Contrary to the way the Ego interprets…losses…the Soul sees a larger dance in motion. 132 more words


Saying yes to life

Like most Europeans, and all masochists, I am a compulsive pessimist. Not only that but I take pride in it and identify with it as if it’s some kind of sign of my cultural superiority. 558 more words


Forgive But Never Forget

They say that its easy to forgive but its harder to forget. Yes, I’m afraid I have to agree with it. Some so called “inspirational” or “self-help” books or whatever you might want to call them would suggest that its better to forgive and forget! 332 more words