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Gazing into the mystery

I am about 4. It has been raining. I am crouched over a puddle between the road and the grass verge, outside our house in Lincoln. 197 more words


Joker lady

Never mix power of manipulation with real love. This mistake is typicall for women, when they think that man who always come back indeed love them. 412 more words


“For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”  (Luke 14:11, NIV)


Jesus tells us that we ought not exalt ourselves (e. 94 more words

Back To Me

After the golden age of my childhood I lost my way
A tiny sea shell swept up and cast out to the sea
Lost in the world only given rose colored glasses… 188 more words


How Deeply Can We Meet?

Early in my non dualistic Tantrik study, I asked a friend, “But what’s the purpose of relationship? There is no separation. It’s all one.” His answer had something to do with learning from each other, which I rejected. 413 more words


The Ego

In mindfulness practice, we are taught to lose our ego.

I used to associate ego with arrogance and pride which prevents one from being their authentic selves, fearing judgement or rejection and causing one to say or do things that make others feel inferior. 605 more words


I write because...

*This is a 15 minute free writing exercise as part of the writing 101 challenge. Please forgive any repetition or meandering thought processes!

I write because there’s all these thoughts and opinions insideof me that I need to let out, otherwise I’ll go crazy. 166 more words

Life In General