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Starter pack

This is my first real article, the first oppurtunity and a great leap of faith for me. So enjoy yourselves at least as much as I enjoyed giving this out… 370 more words

In a world of Kardashians, be a Khadeejah RA.

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the especially Merciful.

“She broke the internet,” they proudly said. “Who did?” asked the little, old man living under the rock.  1,105 more words

Muslim Women

Cacophony of Silence

Bambooka. That was what the passengers’ ship was called. The name was rather odd, or maybe it wasn’t. Why is it that something that we hear for the first time strikes us as ‘odd’, ‘peculiar’ and perhaps ‘weird’? 1,074 more words

World At A Glance

Do You Box? You Should!

My husband has been watching a lot of boxing type movies lately. I am not really into those kind of movies but to change things up I watched them with him last month. 595 more words

Changing Your Thoughts

Scrape Out The Hate

Scrape this hate

From the insides of my skull

It sticks there, it spreads

To hurt those you love

Don’t let it seep

This hate-diseased head… 34 more words


Ego Death

Is there anything more selfish than ego death?


Just Say No To Selfie Shame

Taking selfies does not make you conceited, vain, self-absorbed, superficial, shallow, any more than not taking selfies makes you gracious, thoughtful, selfless, or a saint. Just say no to selfie shame! 40 more words