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Heaven Letters - The Kingdom You Were Born To - 7-23-16


God said:

Ego enters in when there is a deep-seated lack of self-worth. Lack of self-worth is the plague of the world.

Ego picks up details and tries to magnify itself in the world. 705 more words

"Trans" Formation: Worst Case Scenario: Timeline 2: Negative Timeline

Adam and Amanda from “Criminal Minds”

Behind-the-scenes look at Criminal Minds 4×20, “Conflicted.”

(Starring one of my favorite actors, Jackson Rathbone)

Donna Jasper Gray: there is beauty in learning the truth, no matter what it is.” By rising above the madness and being objective and unbiased the more you will be able to see the truth.


ACIM lesson 26 - when you realize that you have no real goals

A Course in Miracles is an amazing book, it has a huge effect on my life. I’m at lesson 28 at this moment, but lesson 26 has taught me that I don’t even know what my goals are, as most of my goals are the goals of my ego. 496 more words


Coping with perspective

Often Im told by older and more life worn people that the only thing you need in life is some perspective. How hard that is though, for a just-turned-20-year-old to be able to shrink the huge problems of my life right now:  will I end up going out with this girl or that girl, will I pass my exams and what should i have for dinner down to the size of the challenge they present. 620 more words

Request & Acknowledgement

Want doesn’t get.

In unfortunate cases, even working hard doesn’t get you what you want. Because sometimes, all you need to do is ask (Also there is a luck factor, for some other time..). 335 more words

People-pleasing is an exercise in futility: Part 2

Note: Please click here for Part 1

Human beings want to impress those who don’t like them or those who are critical of them. That’s understandable. 315 more words

#ThirtyTrinket Day 14


This be the day of fluttering by, aka the butterfly. Bought these lovelies off the train during my short and severe stint in Mumbai during the internships days. 189 more words