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Walls around words

Part never expresses the whole
Thoughts are build in words
Draw borders around
Become issues
Get lost in self-opinionatedness

Bricks of words and names
Build houses… 83 more words


Crushed Ego

Slightly crushed ego
Smattering of dented pride
He’d dressed like his dad

27 May 2018


5-27-13: "INSINCERE GRATITUDE" (© KPKeelan)



thank-you for giving me

this path to tread…



for giving me these obstacles.



I said it. 


I didn’t have to mean it, 59 more words

Kevin Keelan

My Soul Mirror

I didnt know my worth
I didnt love myself enough to know
I deserved better than the minimal time you gave
A fool I was just for your time… 107 more words


Intelligence alone is not enough

What is the use
Of cunningness and intelligence
In a lifeless vessel
When heart and humanity are missing?

DidiArtist, 28.01.2017


The Meaning of Life

The maintenance of an idea of identity and self, over a life-time, so that some can exploit the symptoms of that identity for their own gain, illusion of control and excessive comfort. 34 more words


Pride and Egoistic Ego

How do you solve differences? How do you reconcile misunderstanding? How so you, how do you? How?

Just eat your pride up and forget your egoistic ego. 93 more words