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Life is an oddity

I recall at an early age lying in bed struck by the oddness of existence. The first stark and disturbing contrast was the realization that I was, and this seemed a highly unlikely  condition, a long shot…not being was far more common, likely and probable. 112 more words


Ego Taming: Leverage Your Most Trusted Resource, George Hutton, eBook - Amazon.com

Ego Taming: Leverage Your Most Trusted Resource

The ego can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Understand what the ego is and how to make it work for you, not against you. 8 more words

Want to Work in Trump's White House? Very Few Qualifications are Required

If you want to work in the orange man’s White House, don’t worry if you are unqualified for the position for which you are applying. The only questions of importance have nothing to do with your talents or experience. 265 more words

Soul, mind, and body

Our soul is the ignition key
The engine our mind
And our body the car

And once this life-impulse
The ignition-key
Was taken out
The car stands still… 8 more words


Too proud

Often we are too proud
To admit we have commited a mistake
Therefore – forming a defensive wall

DidiArtist, 17.03.2017


Are you suffering...??

Whatever suffering you are going through right now, whatever issue you have, whatever memory pains you, it feels so deep and constant, buried into your thoughts and overwhelming your whole body as you bring memory of it, because in reality there is no separation; but it is your ego, your intellect, the one which tells you to run away from it or to fill your life with ways to igno… 459 more words

The Free Mind Of The God-man.

Across Water

Currents move you
When you don’t know
Where to move yourself

In childhood,
Moments of crisis,
At the end of one chapter,
Beginning of the next… 57 more words