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The longer I wrestle with surrendering everything to God, the more things pop up that I have not given over. Recently I feel I like I have been hitting a wall in my worship at church. 387 more words

The ego is a radar

Imagine that your ego – your ability to reason – evolved as a sort of radar system, a troubleshooting device to keep you alive. The trouble is, without as much trouble to protect us from, it often gets us in more trouble than it keeps us out of. 27 more words


Looking Beyond Social Conditioning

‘I see success as leaving high school with as much of yourself as when you started…’

I believe it all starts with high school. The pressure begins to set in the minute young adults are aware of how they look, what they have and what they don’t have. 1,057 more words


Apophasis and Permutation in the Sefer Yetzirah

I will probably sit down sometime soon and think about adding a few new categories and subcategories around the discussions of the Kabbalistic material. I’m holding off a little because I want to have a sense of the directions it is opening. 781 more words

Rethinking Old Ideas

i blog, therefore i am

i am only human

I am a deep thinker. i think about stuff a lot. i over-think it.

i think about what could have been and what might happen. 119 more words



Jag vill leva länge och väl låter väl klyschigt😝. Jag vill i allefalla bli en hälsosam åldring❤️. Jag har inga problem alls med att bli äldre det jag har problem med det är hur resten av samhället ser på äldre. 89 more words