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How to recognize envious person?

Happiness is visible on your face. Finally, you got what you wished. New flat, new job, new boyfriend. Maybe just one of this, but enough to make your eyes shining. 632 more words


Vacation Skirmishes (4): On the Last Morning, Julie Slept In

Back home dudes shame him with handstands on the way down to chaturanga. On the beach he’s the only one jumping up to complete the… 77 more words


You are a student

Why are we here? What is this? What is the purpuse? What is the point?

All valid questions that come to mind yet these questions arise not to hurt us or depress us but rather to nudge us over to seek truth. 231 more words

Did you use too much tact?

Person who is afraid of other reactions and opinions is not free. There is saying “he walks on eggs”, as metaphor for his behavior. Be careful what you say. 479 more words


Authors Answer 144 - The Writer's Ego

Everyone has an ego, right? The ego is an interesting thing. Some people have a big ego and think very highly of themselves. Others are the opposite, and don’t have much of an ego. 1,243 more words


Don't Hang On To Your Ego

Have you been through event which you just cannot move past? Do these thoughts constantly go round and round in your head? You feel like you are in a never ending vortex and the toxicity is sickening. 763 more words


Culture is the ego of a society

I would be quite surprised if no one has already stated what I am about to – but here it is: Culture is the ego of a society. 956 more words