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“Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”

A couple of nights ago I was scrolling on twitter when I ran across a well-known person’s post that said:

“Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”

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Ego Characteristics: Projective Identification ... from Melanie Klein

Dear Ones,

I’ve been noticing ‘projective identification’ (described below) on the clair plane for a while now… Apparently many people are doing this, so I’m guessing it’s more than a maladaptive psychological mechanism. 367 more words


Well, at least they're honest

Ok…Profile is up!

Kris_Kross: Wants a Relationship

Pics look sooooo good (soooo not “who” I am, but whatever- I look super adventurous and fun!), and wow..I’m witty! 158 more words


Don't Kill the Messenger: Social Media Is Not Bad, But People Can Be

I would like it if people would stop judging and categorizing certain types of media as bad. In my humble opinion the medium is neutral. It is the conveyance of the message. 525 more words


The Geothe Method of Discovery The Right Minds Intuitive Way, via Alchemy

While studying plants Goethe developed his scientific method and chronicled his ideas in his book “The Metamophasis of Plants”, published in 1790. According to Goethe, when studying anything, especially life in the context of nature one must find the underlying creative process and not preferentially study the completed form. 1,633 more words