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azon gondolkozom miert is zavar amikor a figyelem hirtelen felem fordul akar negativ akar pozitiv ertelemben..eszembe jutott a versmondo verseny ahol belemfagytak a szavak es akkor ott akartam elbujni a vilag elol… azt hiszem nem sok valtozott a tizeneveim ota… az emberek erdeklodve/utalva/szeretettel/szanakozva/akarhogy jonnek felem en meg elbujok… 202 more words


This week's challenge

A few months ago, I wrote this on a post-it note: “I make the firm intention to keep my commitments to myself.” The commitments included writing this weekly blog, a consistent meditation practice, and a regular yoga class. 358 more words

"The Great Beauty" by Paolo Sorrentino (Italy, 2013)

“The haggard, inconstant flashes of beauty, and then the wretched squalor and miserable humanity”
Excellent musical choice and editing. Music by John Tavener, Zbigngiew Preisner, Henryk Górecki, Georges Bizet, and many more (this… 47 more words

Male Director

|Dismiss your Ego.

It is not healthy to become satisfied with phrases like
“that’s just how men are” or “that’s just how women are”
— “They’re all overly emotional” or “It’s just his ego” . 117 more words

Mindful Writing

Ruled by Fantasy

Man has spent a million years developing the progress that we have today. The idea has always involved the notion that human engineered advances in technology and ideas is always a good thing for us. 298 more words


The Great Sparse Land

via Daily Prompt: Meager

North-east of Leonora, and skirting the western edge of the Great Victoria Desert, one gets a clear visual of this great sparse land. 152 more words


I, Me, Alone

Let me tell you about the people

who lived here before


they did not suffer the way you did

their stories were not as interesting… 282 more words