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We are all warriors. Every day we fight ten thousand battles. Against ourselves; ego, desire. We are all strong enough to overcome. We will be victorious. 11 more words

Woodshop for Dicks - 2/24/15

Take your meanness,

whittle it down to the

tiniest sliver until,

until you can answer

the most elementary

of questions:

what the fuck are you doing?

Less is More; An Epitome - 2/23/15

Cheek bones, gaunt.

Those please – yes,

I want,

them for keep.

Arms as sticks that

wisp with breeze;

conjuring strength

yet, of oak boughs. 11 more words

Silent Whispers ❤

You never know what someone is going through. Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve and not everyone feels comfortable self disclosing without being prompted. 45 more words


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Fear and the Ego

Fear separates us from others and from ourselves. Fear is avoided by the mind, it is ignored, pushed away drugged, drowned in alcohol, distractions of all kinds. 607 more words

Waiting For The Call And The Keeping

Life’s beyond me

but it’s on me

I know when it

comes from me

and when it doesn’t

and that should be

judged for sure