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Mind Council

The Council came to order.

Anxiety feared a fall.

Ego took centre stage.

His charisma wooed them all.

Anger blurted out,

A persuasive call to arms. 53 more words


Reverberation of the mad clamour

I hear noises

When it’s dark and lonely.

I fear voices

When it’s tender and quiet.

I see you there, waiting for me

at the break of the day, 266 more words

Life And Experience

Read the room!

An ability to be humble is a great thing but are there times when it’s not the top trait you need to show? Sometimes you need to get buy in by expressing your credentials.   125 more words

Personal Development

An Open Letter to My Ex-Fiancée

Hi Frank,

Well, I am almost 30 now, and I have been spending a lot of time reminiscing over my last decade of life. And I couldn’t not think about you. 671 more words



We all have it!  But how big is yours?  Does it get in the way of your ability to lead?

Do you often:

Decide not to heed sound advice or ideas just because it’s coming from a particular person? 103 more words

Leadership Insights

Pride, Egotism and Fear

Pride, Egotism and Fear are an alcoholics and addicts biggest down falls. It what keeps us in the grips of addiction. Our Pride & Egotism tells us we don’t have a problem, we could handle it, we could quit any time we wanted to. 667 more words


The Emperor's new clothes

I have been thinking a lot lately about who I am in the aikido world. I receive healing from my partners to deal with my problems, but what can I offer in return? 544 more words