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Duality is the reality of our current minds

The perception that most human beings have at this time, is based on separation. Every word defines, words make up a concept which supports the idea of individuality. 416 more words


Occasionally vegan

Spiritual growth happens through a change we make through some conscious choices and the way we act. There’s no personal growth in a vacuum or in solitude, it’s in relation to other people and other creatures.  815 more words


The Emerging Collective IS the Body of God Thru US <3

I do believe I understand (well, as much as I am capable of anywayz) why we had an unviewable field the day before yesterday.  Now to try to put into words what is happening.   1,866 more words

The Shift

Lights out!

Dear Annie: Like “Fed Up Sister,” my brother was also a braggart. From his teenage years on, he always tried to one-up everyone. He was the youngest of six and didn’t realize that the rest of us compared notes about his stories.

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Ego/The Devil

So our Dreamer has progressed nicely along his or her journey and now we start to encounter challenges. Card number 15 is Ego in Angel tarot and The Devil in the Rider Waite (RW) tarot. 468 more words

Angel Tarot

ThinkAboutIt Thursday: Ego Conversations

It’s funny that it seems to be a “dream” kind of week this week.  Yesterday I bumped into one of my friends at work, and she shared her dream with me.  154 more words


I personally find the Ego fascinating.

Exploring its function and how it operates in everyday life is a big part of what I do.  For me it’s a highly intelligent entity because its very existence is a testament of our potential as powerful conduits for manifesting our dreams and desires.

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