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To clash with an ego as an ego deploy the trigger points of the ’’other’’ ego to attack ’’your’’ own ego. Never defend yourself. Fight fire with fire, kind of. 112 more words

The Caterpillar

As I weave the last few layers of my silken tomb, the temptation of flight is almost too much to handle. The thought of fluttering, velvet wings, reflecting the guiding starlight, consumes the darkest spaces of my mind. 98 more words


The Matrix Has You Trapped Between The 'Two Minds'

Source: Dream Catcher Reality

Have you been trapped between “two minds” lately? Are you caught in indecision about your next step, as if there is some sort of pull, in two opposite directions? 1,134 more words


A journey into the unknown

45 years 2 months, 26 days & approximately 12 hours, that’s how long I’ve existed as I write this, this blog, tome, wittering, stream of consciousness, or what ever it turns out to be. 477 more words


Srinivas Kuchibhotla

When Srinivas Kuchibhotla was shot the other day, it was by an angry, drunken American man, screaming “Get out of my Country!” While this story has been in the news somewhat, it’s not a headline. 177 more words

Middle Way

Donald Trump is a Coward

Another of the long standing traditions in Washington will be ignored by Trump. The relationship between the press and the president is always contentious. Any man or woman who seeks the presidency has made his or herself a target for criticism. 432 more words