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May cause.... or Toothfully

FACEBOOK – Expected.

INSTAGRAM – More expected.

TWITTER – Acquired taste.

SNAPCHAT (and whatever else I can’t keep up with) – I’ll never be able to keep up with you. 259 more words



Today I was walking around Ann Arbor with my kid when I asked her what she was thinking about.

“Nothing,” she told me.

“Can you teach me to do that?” I asked. 271 more words


Attempts to Achieve Seva while Battling a Nagging and Self Preserving Ego

I apologize, this one is a messy mix of heterogeneous thoughts that apparently cannot congeal into cohesive expression yet. Though I expect my inability to make this an eloquent statement of my ideas on the topic is just a sign that I’m simply conflicted. 477 more words


Depression and the Experience of Emotions - from 20Jan2015

So we see that there are different levels of engaging with our own emotions.

First is the simple process of our emotions being caused by our own thoughts. 424 more words


A Course in Condascension

Moving this review from an old blog of mine to here. I personally think ACIM is a regressive spirituality doing more harm than good. Any insight it has can be easily found in more sublime/less pompous sources. 2,479 more words


Whiskey and the Cosmos

My dream doesn’t end here.

My dream ends where the universe begins.

And as far as I’m concerned, it never did.

My mind explodes like the big bang, but my success isn’t a theory. 175 more words



I’ve been living in my RV for 3 full weeks. I have 99% of the items I will bring with me in the RV already. I ordered a topper for my truck so I have a place to store heavy, non-house type items like my bike, air compressor, tools, grill, outdoor chairs and tables, and other items. 1,335 more words