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Ego And How To Control It

Last week I talked about our egos and how they can hold us back if we let them get out of hand. Of course, the solution is to control the ego. 1,501 more words


Broken pieces (psychosis and spirituality)

Piece by piece.

Part by part.

Like a trail of tear, we leave pieces of ourselves behind

Easier to run then to stay. We hate being in pain. 409 more words

Mental Health

Psychoanalysis, Liberalism, and Trump - AAP After Dark 3

Join James, John, and Emily for another installment of Always Already After Dark. In this episode we (accidentally?) discuss the Twilight franchise before delving into an… 236 more words


Tough Love..........? 

Equanimity can be hard for most people in life but especially more so for individuals with strongly empathic traits. The reason being is that we are so sensitive to the energies of other living and none living entities that even the smallest energetic ripple from another source can on some days be enough to unbalance us. 381 more words


Na tragu smisla življenja

Ako postaviš dobrom čoveku pitanje: ,,Zašto voliš boga?“ biće ti odgovoreno: ,,Ne znam, zato što je Bog!“

,,Zašto voliš istinu?“

,,Radi istine same.“

,,Zašto voliš pravdu?“ 373 more words

Delving Deeper into Understanding Synergy. What it is and how it works.

I had no intention of writing a blog this morning, I have spent the last two days couch surfing in silence… voiceless.  I have this weird upper respiratory thing going on.   1,448 more words

The Shift

Mogu ja to i sam - Rečenica zbog koje mnogi pate

Pisanje nije lako. Sesti i pisati ne znači puko pražnjenje misli, već njihovo kontrolisanje. Pre pisanja obavezno je mnogo čitanja. Obavezno je čitanje i ne tako zanimljivih redova. 1,098 more words