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This is us

Friends, love, heartache or the sword

People like nothing more than to delude themselves,

Find distractions to stray or fill the void inherent inside all of us… 149 more words

How to be motivated when you know everything is incapable of satisfying?


At first I had found satisfaction in this idea of “aniccha – everything is incapable of satisfying”. It was kind of relieving that I didn’t have to wait to actually do something or finish something to already know the result, that any imaginable “high” was guaranteed to evaporate soon after. 533 more words


Like a snail

Like a snail

We lift the head
When we are pleased
But we withdraw head and heart
In our own house
When something opposes
Our “concepts” and ways… 16 more words

Poems & Art


Hi Players,

Happy Saturday! So to follow up on my post from yesterday as I have exciting news!

I have been doing a lot of thinking and processing of being in alignment with your intuition to produce desired results. 663 more words

Diametrically Opposed

For the ego it’s every man for themselves. For the Spirit it’s every man for every man.

-Atreya Thomas



the 'I' 
stops at nothing 
always has a point to prove
desirous to compete
with everyone for everything 
one cardinal assumption
'I can't go wrong'
surfaced then 
is the collision of ego
minefield of grudges
embedded deep 
to the layers of thought process
puffed up with pride of knowledge 
materialistic ostentation
or singing own glory
even propogated charity
the life-force facing
stiff resistance from ego-force
eternal I 
into obscurity 
for I-thoughts firmly rooted 
on the pedestal of dark ignorance 
nourished by a 
' I am superior' syndrome
ever in the mind
aware though
today's death is two days
past, tomorrow 
crucifixion is a possibility 
through self-enquiry 
knowing who am I 
and surrender in psyche
for the goodness 
and godliness

Reflect the Light

March 25th

I am the sun.
I am the moon.
I am ego;
I am Spirit.

Now matter how often,
I try to destroy night, 57 more words

As I See It