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What binds men to each other in love is egoism in by far the most cases. One loves someone because one feels that it’s pleasant to be near the person one loves. 41 more words


Despre aroganța celor puternici ...

Latinii aveau darul de a concentra în cuvinte puține multă înțelepciune.

Azi ne oprim asupra expresiei: ”Insolentia potentium” și încercăm să o descifrăm, învățând încă ceva despre noi înșine, urmașii lor de astăzi. 313 more words


Pointless, Subjective Morality

Question: Is morality just an excuse to make us feel good?

Answer: Yes. We can’t talk about “absolute morality, ethics” as long as we are all blindly driven by our inherently self-serving, self-justifying, egotistic and subjective nature, perception. 56 more words


Diagnosing The Human Condition

Question: Do you think that the human condition is constantly hating the way the world is yet unintentionally making it worse day by day? 85 more words


Is Narcissism a Positive for Presidents?

Egotism, egoism, solipsism, and narcissism.

There are fine distinctions between these decidedly un-Christ-like personalities. Let’s take a look.

While I’m not in favor of slapping a label on anyone, these characteristics came to mind recently when hearing some self-serving obfuscations of a certain world leader. 1,042 more words

On trying to "loosen up," "sufficient freedom" and other things

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I am trying to “loosen up” in a way that is honestly “me” or “true to myself.” I am contemplating the ethics of compassion, and the right to “sufficient” freedom in response to the blowback and imperfections of “pure freedom.” This applies as much to basic notions of fair access to necessary resources like water as much as I believe it applies to reasonable immigration policy and treating all people in Earth like human beings, as opposed to treating undocumented immigrants like animals or second class citizens as President Trump horrifyingly does. 18 more words


On ethics and political activism (part 2)



How can we even begin to think about ethics and political activism until we think about the complexities behind it all, starting with whether or not there is such a thing as ethics to begin with. 96 more words