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"What Are We Doing" is EGOISM's Song About the Beauty and Romance of Embracing Operating Without the Pressure of Having to Have a Plan

EGOISM’s new single “What Are We Doing” strikes a confident and expansive tone even given the hint of doubt in the title. Like Depreciation Guild its melodies are bright and colorful but its tonal dynamics indulge some My Bloody Valentine-esque tonal bends that warp the sound field enough to let you know that you’re listening to a song that despite its celebratory, summer jam-esque sound and dynamic, is in the end a reflection of human imperfection as not just normal but perhaps even a feature, not a bug, of human life itself and something to be embraced rather than wished away. 88 more words

New Music

None so blind

The truth is there

in the morning dew, the evening mist,

in the careful tread of the deer

in the curled bud of a rose. 104 more words

Human Fear - Concern For Others

Question: Is fear a strength of the human soul?

Answer: Fear in itself is an instinctive reaction which exists in other animals as well, serving survival. 91 more words


Sensing Life In Contrast

Question: What is the meaning of the lowest point in life do you think personally?

Answer: The meaning is contrast. We can’t perceive anything in itself only in contrast against its opposite. 115 more words


The Line Between Self-Love and Egoism

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The journey to embrace self-love
and limit my ego continues to bring internal struggles that ultimately lead me
to become an enhanced version of myself. 632 more words

Something For The Weekend? Three From Today's Inbox

This weeks pack of three features three bands whose latest tracks turned up in today’s very busy Bandcamp inbox….

Egoism – What Are We Doing? 135 more words