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Selfish ?

Sometimes I really just want to scream . Dear reader , I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN ADULT , heck yeah I don’t but I have to be  because life is a bitch and you need to learn how to handle her before she screws you over. 621 more words


Am I being selfish?

A question I have been thinking about for a minute: Am I being selfish? I feel like I usually always think of other people’s feelings before I do or say something. 310 more words



It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Western thought idealizes the ego as the thinking, feeling and acting subject that is conscious of itself, it’s responsible for reality testing and provides a sense of personal identity. 842 more words


Being Too Nice Can Lead to Depression

Speech is silver; and silence is golden very rightly said. But have you ever realised that being too nice and too caring to others can lead to depression. 547 more words


credit (nahh..not the bank kinda credit)

while volunteering today at my local charity shop, me and another staff convinced one of the customers to take gift aid, this means that we get more from the things that they are giving. 392 more words

Question: Formerly, plastic surgery was available only to Hollywood stars. But these days it is popular among ordinary people who want to look younger and more beautiful. 378 more words