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In with the new, out with the old

Happy New Year! Yup, 2015 has finally reached us (It might be the other way around). On the eve of crossing to the awaited new year, I was up until two am texting my best friend. 213 more words



The candid seclusion
Of a shy smile

The light sway
Of your flimsy frame

The talk of your
Twinkling eyes

Voicing your inner desires:
Leaping, lustrous and languid.

A Child between the age of 6 to 8 develops the feeling of unfairness and meaningful justice. So humans can’t be “egoistic from the very beginning”

EGO - Evaluate and Go

Our Misunderstanding and Misconception, Generally we wrapped it in opponents Ego and Claims him/her Egoistic….

We need to remove that wrapper.

If we could remove that wrapper, 15 more words


Heart of Diamond

Educating the mind is simple.
It is like a filling with fresh water empty cups different of desires in size and quality.
The smaller size, the less knowledge. 141 more words

There Is No Altruism

Everybody of us is just doing everything he does for himself (Psychological egoism). There is nothing that a person does fully altruistic. No act you will ever fulfil no matter how highly is seems to will ever be fully altruistic. 466 more words