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Ikaw na Makasarili

Ikaw, ikaw na walang nakikita

Kundi ang sariling kapakanan

Ikaw, ikaw na animo'y

Inosenteng walang alam

Ikaw, ikaw na walang malasakit

Sa iyong mga kasama… 35 more words

                                          “ Always generate more light than heat”

Often, we think of illness as an alien invader. The fact is: it is a part of our wholeness, a part that has a negative past, a part isolated, sore, weak, shadowed. 811 more words


Don’t let praise consume you with ego. Ego is a weakness, not a strength.


In ancient times, cats were woreshipped as gods - they have not forgotten this.

Cats are strange companions, we never quite know where we stand with them. They are purring creatures and condescending overlords. They do switch their mood within seconds: In a moment they let themselves be caressed with pleasure and show us their vulnerable side, in the other moment, they turn around and bite mercilessly. 936 more words

Personal Thoughts


In my previous post, I mentioned how I wish Malaysians can be loyal to their company like Japanese does.

The people whom I trust on a professional level back-stabbed me, and it hurts like a bitch. 1,243 more words

Seek validation from no one

Everybody is always going to have their opinion, but it is up to you to credit if it is useful for you or not. If you are doing something that YOU think is incredible, their opinion shouldn’t matter. 165 more words