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Holi - lessons to learn

There is this story of a person (A king) who became very powerful.. and egoistic.. so much that he wished every one to obey his command. 192 more words

Being a woman!!

Being a woman,

I learnt to caress

Others’ thoughts.

Being a woman,

I learnt to cuddle

The nature boughts.

Being a woman

I learnt to let go… 27 more words

Let the eGO

I recently read this line somewhere- ‘I’ is the smallest word in the dictionary; don’t make it the biggest in your vocabulary. So I thought of  uploading something I wrote some three years back.

504 more words

Stubbornness Is a Gender Thing?

I happend to see this lovely advertisement by Dainik Bhaskar ‘Zidd Karo, Duniya Badlo‘ which loosely translated to english means ‘Be stubborn, Change the world… 625 more words

100 Days Of Blogging

Ego-defense mechanisms

Ego is the self, particularly the individual’s conception of oneself. It is capable to cope with anxiety by rational measures in most instances and if these are not sufficient,however, the ego resorts to irrational protective measures ,such as, rationalization, projection, denial of reality etc. 850 more words

General Psychology

Selfish ?

Sometimes I really just want to scream . Dear reader , I DO NOT WANT TO BE AN ADULT , heck yeah I don’t but I have to be  because life is a bitch and you need to learn how to handle her before she screws you over. 621 more words


Am I being selfish?

A question I have been thinking about for a minute: Am I being selfish? I feel like I usually always think of other people’s feelings before I do or say something. 310 more words