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1st Game Blog, Retro gaming ROCKS!...

I wouldn’t so much call myself an expert at gaming, but I’m also not a noob. More of a experienced-basic-sometimes good-lucky-noob-did you see that!? gamer. 175 more words


Co-Op or No-Op?: Is Cooperative Play A Dying Concept?

I’m a long way from an expert on video game design, and I can’t break down the crucial mechanics / design features that make a game truly great…I’m just your average casual gamer, … 887 more words


Ok, So, E3, Is it a Competition?

Every year, E3 is treated like a competition by fans. This is where the console wars are decided from year to year. Xbox, Playstation, and my personal favorite, Nintendo duke it out on the E3 stage to see who is the most liked of the year. 679 more words


30DSC Day 24: Favourite funny song

Hi everyone!

Now we get to that time when it’s so awkward for me to start an introduction because I’ve been doing so many I have nothing to say but to bring factual awareness of how awkward it is. 530 more words


Zelda: A Link to the Past vs Ocarina of Time

Dear Diary,

So about let’s say…… July 1, 2014 Egoraptor put out a video as part of his Sequelitis series about A Link to the Past vs Ocarina of Time. 2,247 more words



Egoraptor and Starbomb are launching their 2nd album, Player Select, with a new rocking animated music video. If you ever wanted to see Luigi throw a kamehameha wave, look no further friend.