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The Game Grumps

Hey, I’m Grump!
I’m not so Grump!
Aaand we’re the Game Grumps!

Through out our lives we look up to someone. Usually we start with the people we see the most often, family members or teachers.  

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BFNB: Dan "Danny Sexbang" Avidan

Break From News Break:

I, gun, love Dan Avidan.  He’s a Youtube comedian, a musician, a gamer and really sincerely funny and sweet person.  I’ve been enjoying his joke music videos for years but have just started getting into his other channels like Game Grumps where he and several other hilarious YouTubers joke around while playing classic, new and indie games.  72 more words

Tight Controls and Intentional Design

Immersion is a topic often discussed and critiqued when taking the measure of a game. There are a number of big elements with direct affect on immersion: sound, music, visuals, and how technically sound a game is. 708 more words


1st Game Blog, Retro gaming ROCKS!...

I wouldn’t so much call myself an expert at gaming, but I’m also not a noob. More of a experienced-basic-sometimes good-lucky-noob-did you see that!? gamer. 175 more words


Co-Op or No-Op?: Is Cooperative Play A Dying Concept?

I’m a long way from an expert on video game design, and I can’t break down the crucial mechanics / design features that make a game truly great…I’m just your average casual gamer, … 887 more words