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"The Image" / Memorable Fancies #1734

[“We can comprehend only a world we ourselves have made.” – Nietzsche]

Then why can’t I understand the world – did I not create it? In my image, in my likeness? 7 more words


Don't Let The Door Hit You...

Barack Obama gave his “farewell speech” to the nation last evening. In a speech that was nothing more than a final victory lap of the guy that finished last in the race, he managed to do several things, none of which I’m sure were intended. 506 more words

Obama Medal Belongs With Kerry's Old Medals!

In the height of egotism, Barack Obama awarded himself the Department of Defense’s Medal for Distinguished Public Service. Obama made Defense Secretary, Ash Carter present him with the medal at a military farewell speech given in Virginia. 554 more words

The feeling of gratitude is underestimated these days

Nowadays, the feeling of gratitude is underestimated. Gratitude connects people with the world, makes them feel part of the world. If one guides the child in such a way that it can develop gratitude for even the most unimportant or trivial things it meets in life, then that child does not close itself off from the world in egotism, then it becomes altruistic, it feels itself to be a part of the environment. 114 more words


tech beats all

“We’re ahead,” we bawl/  Egotistical./ Tech’s outrunning all/ creatures great and small.


We Like These Vulnerable Characters for NOT Being Like Trump

Thanks to a bunch of gutless Electoral College electors on Dec. 19, the U.S. will soon have a new President who seems totally sure of himself despite being a vile, incompetent, sad excuse for a human being. 781 more words