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Archetypal traps!

Dear Annie: I am responding to “Fed Up Sister,” whose younger brother only contacts her to brag about how much money he has, how great his kids are, etc.

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Anthropocentric Religion

How does one get across the idea of good and bad? One frames it in the sociopolitical context of life upon the physical plane and one casts God in the image of man. 811 more words


Damaged Goods

The author,  Krishnamurti, have come to the sad realization over the last six months, that 98% of the people around him are mentally deranged. 

They are damaged! 1,266 more words

The Insatiable Search for Peace and Rest

Human beings were made for God (Psalm 100:3, Acts 17:26–27), but something has gone deeply wrong. Sin has cut us off from our Creator and left us out-of-sync with each other and ourselves. 1,012 more words

Christian Life

Sum, ergo ego

Elsewhere on the internet today, someone asked a question about why it seems like everyone is hating the ego these days. What I thought would originally be a short response turned out to be a little more involved – since I think this question and my response to it would fit here, I’m posting it :-) 415 more words


The Chronicle of CAPTAIN TRUTH! (part 3)

Start the chronicle from the beginning at Part 1

Think this is fiction? May be a little more real than you think.

Captain Truth is an ethnographic parable. 9 more words


The Persistent Ego

The ego is a very tricky character. It can present us with all sorts of ideas that have the persuasiveness of a major ad agency. It may cater to our self-satisfaction or desire for something harmful or essentially irrelevant to our lives. 920 more words