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Is It Egotism, Vanity, Or Self-Discovery?

Hello…Wonderful Listeners.

Today has been a rather compressed day. When I say that, I just mean that time flew by today and I didn’t have much perception of it. 1,569 more words

The Pineapple's Diary

A Whole New Level of Dumberer

In an interview with The Economist this week president Donald Trump inadvertently communicated that he occupies a whole other level of illiteracy and egotism. Apparently he reads so little that the phrase “prime the pump” and the concept behind it was only distantly accessible to his… “brain.” And he’s so presumptuous and conceited that, being unable to recall any previous usage of the phrase (over the course of several days and a number of policy discussions!!), he had come to the conclusion that he probably coined the phrase, too… It is truly frightening (no longer funny) how epic a moron we now have as president. 308 more words


Pretentious people – why do we smile at them?

Spiritual Questions & Answers

Discovering inner health and transformation

Being pretentious can be due to seeking social acceptance, status or admiration. But it hinders authentic spiritual living. 1,011 more words

An evening with Eckhart Tolle

25 April 2017

I admit it. I found The Power of Now a hard slog and didn’t finish it on first attempt.

So when Eckhart Tolle… 435 more words


The Nemesis

The cafe was nearly deserted. The chilly autumn breeze lent a quiet charm to the fading twilight. Only one table stood occupied.
“Another cup sir?” the waiter addressed a gentleman in a black overcoat. 658 more words



During earth life the power of Ahriman leads to the consideration of physical-sensory existence as the only one, thus barring all outlook into the spiritual world. 161 more words


Who Is John Galt?

If I ever do have a biography, these are the four words which would definitely appear on the cover page. If I had to have an Epitaph, this would be it. 1,131 more words

Atlas Shrugged