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Cornish Salem.

The voyage of MS St Anthony

Something is wrong.

I pan along the horizon with my binoculars then track the rippling path of silver light across the sea to Selene.  2,817 more words


On Egotism and Education

A while ago a friend asked me an interesting question.

As usual, I was engrossed in some rambling rant about a book I was reading—no doubt enlarging upon the author’s marvelous intellect (and, by association, my own). 2,627 more words



Hints tossed into the air

Where they land, you don’t care

You challenge me

Flinging your metal gauntlet

Floating, no gravity

Where is the anchor… 73 more words


The Greatest Love Affair in the History of the Universe...

…is being experienced right now by Me.

It is between Me and My ego. We both love each other very much. Our love affair is absolutely and fully reciprocal: I love My ego because My ego loves Me. 300 more words


How should we deal with evil?

I’m still reflecting on the phenomenon of evil that was the subject of my last post, and in particular the statement from Rudolf Steiner with which that post ended: “What people in our epoch must learn is the need to wage a fully conscious fight against the evil that is making its way into human evolution.” 3,117 more words


Malcolm Muggeridge: "the point of the cross is the point of life"

“Human beings are only bearable when the last defences of their egos are down; when they stand, helpless and humbled, before the awful circumstances of their being. 26 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections