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The Nemesis

The cafe was nearly deserted. The chilly autumn breeze lent a quiet charm to the fading twilight. Only one table stood occupied.
“Another cup sir?” the waiter addressed a gentleman in a black overcoat. 658 more words



During earth life the power of Ahriman leads to the consideration of physical-sensory existence as the only one, thus barring all outlook into the spiritual world. 161 more words


Who Is John Galt?

If I ever do have a biography, these are the four words which would definitely appear on the cover page. If I had to have an Epitaph, this would be it. 1,131 more words

Atlas Shrugged

Opinion: Inclusivity officially went too far when it started fixating on people who are not me

I have long considered myself a champion of equal rights, and I understand why it’s important to be accepting of different people. There was a time when people like me were not treated as full human beings, and I stand by the activists throughout history who fought to break beyond narrow definitions of personhood and citizenship and move us forward as a society. 232 more words


I Only Ask Two Things

I only ask two things:

1) For the universe to be constantly rearranged to suit my whims

2) And for everyone to be OK with that… 24 more words


A true prayer has something to give to all of us

A true prayer has something to give to all of us, whatever stage of development we may have reached. The simplest person, who perhaps knows nothing more than the words of the prayer, may still be open to the influence of the prayer on his soul, and it is the prayer which can call forth the power to raise him higher. 277 more words


When Sensitivity and Ego Collide

Ahh, it has been such a long time since I sat down to write a proper blog entry. So much has been happening to me. For starters, I have some savings right now but I have too many commitments to take any long trips. 420 more words

Mental Health