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A true prayer has something to give to all of us

A true prayer has something to give to all of us, whatever stage of development we may have reached. The simplest person, who perhaps knows nothing more than the words of the prayer, may still be open to the influence of the prayer on his soul, and it is the prayer which can call forth the power to raise him higher. 269 more words


Praise the not so terrible

That book is published in your head.
How wonderful. The critics rave.
Swept off your feet with admiration.
It’s a chore I’ve heard, to be so kind. 150 more words


Embracing feminine nature.

In the past I’ve dealt with men whom were interested in me sexually but could not deal with my feminine nature. In my early twenties I was willing to compromise myself for their comfort, male egotism. 589 more words


Spotting A Toxic Person And Dealing With Them

You know, how sometimes we just can’t remember the right word that describes something? We wrack our brains for it and come up with a bunch of similar meaning ones in the process. 1,176 more words


Looking for Love in the Wrong Places

Love is an amazing thing. Love allows us to feel welcomed, valued, important, etc…. Love in a family brings about protection and security. Love between friends shows acceptance. 1,815 more words

Gods At War

How does your name affect your behavior?

It’s called implicit egotism. We all have a preference for the letters in our name.



“You are very quite. Do you know that?”

Yes of course I know that! Thank you. I am well aware of the fact that I am, as society loves to label it, an introvert. 215 more words