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10 August ― 10 Kamál


It behoveth thee, however, to exert thine utmost to attain the very essence of fidelity. This implieth to be well assured in thy heart and to testify with thy tongue to that whereunto God hath testified for His Own exalted Self, proclaiming: ‘Verily, self-subsisting am I within the Realm of Glory.’ Whoso is enabled in these days to solemnly affirm this truth, hath attained unto all good, and the heavenly Spirit shall descend upon him in the daytime and in the night season, shall graciously assist him to glorify the Name of his Lord and suffer him to unloose his tongue and uphold with his words the Cause of his Lord, the Merciful, the Compassionate. 431 more words


Moth Eaten

Fear not the moth fluttering about your lamp

Plain sight is no handy method to fiber away

Your wools and furs and everything you wear… 103 more words



You may have read a few posts back I wrote about not using the nom de plume “Aranyakananda” anymore. In response to that post I received a comment from a friend who pointed out that people who change their name to something that refers to God rather than the small s self usually end up sidetracked by having done so anyway. 274 more words

What Quintessential Leadership Looks Like: Giving Others the Benefit of the Doubt

We live in a society that has, in large part due to technology, been hoodwinked into the beliefs that each of us knows everything, sees everything, understands everything, and is an expert about everything. 1,340 more words

Qualities Of A Quintessential Leader

"I Quit!" Dream Analysis

In December 1984, I was on the threshold of a new adventure. I was about to leave my old life behind, forever. This is the analysis of a dream I had on the night of the 4th. 395 more words


With his mad mirror
Man goes in to the world
To find and make wonder

As if the wonder did not first exist
And he, not God, 8 more words