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I Only Ask Two Things

I only ask two things:

1) For the universe to be constantly rearranged to suit my whims

2) And for everyone to be OK with that… 24 more words


A true prayer has something to give to all of us

A true prayer has something to give to all of us, whatever stage of development we may have reached. The simplest person, who perhaps knows nothing more than the words of the prayer, may still be open to the influence of the prayer on his soul, and it is the prayer which can call forth the power to raise him higher. 277 more words


When Sensitivity and Ego Collide

Ahh, it has been such a long time since I sat down to write a proper blog entry. So much has been happening to me. For starters, I have some savings right now but I have too many commitments to take any long trips. 420 more words

Mental Health


The world is a tad more bipolar than it might otherwise seem. Lacking a sense of being centered people oscillate between various “polarities”; one minute they are up, the next they are down. 189 more words


IWSG: Keeping up Forward Momentum

This is an entry for the Insecure Writers’ Support Group, which cross-posts on each others’ blogs on the first Wednesday of each month.

Being a perfectionist, ambitious, and having flickering self-confidence is not a great combination. 624 more words


Relaunching the Blog

I first began blogging back in November 2011, as a way of giving myself small, accomplishable writing tasks to keep myself focused and motivated. The aim was also that it would eventually be a useful tool for self-promotion – once I had something worth promoting. 349 more words


The Humility Vacuum

In previous posts I have been speaking about Egotism in many ways, though I have not named it yet. This flavour, this colour, is extremely prevalent and with the advent of boasting and bragging social media, many participate in its growth and development. 254 more words