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Elder Ephraim: "Slander is a great evil."

“Slander is a great evil. Just as the little rudder steers the whole ship wherever it wants, likewise the tongue leads a person either to good or to evil. 158 more words

Religious/Theological Reflections

IWSG: A Writer's Insecurities

This is an entry for the Insecure Writers’ Support Group, which cross-posts on each others’ blogs on the first Wednesday of each month.

I have a complicated relationship with the writing process. 710 more words


Praise Extortion

How many times of extortion, endured

this game of hers she dials on us

and we, her cyber slaves,  respond faithfully

from the pulls upon our senses… 143 more words


The Debater

He looks up.

The stage is lit up brighter than his eyes or spirit can bear. The auditorium is deserted.

He looks down again.

His watch reads 10:30. 582 more words


A vanity infested by the need to feel important

Modesty is a dead art

Beauty in simplicity and the unkept elegance of nature

By Ori Aander

On mindlessness...

Mindless: without intelligence; senseless. (Thank you, dictionary.com)

We all know people who are mindless. They give no thought to how they hurt others. They aren’t capable of deep awareness. 981 more words

The Ideal Husband

Father John Misty | I Love You, Honeybear

He prays at the Altar of Authenticity, and he’s not sure whether his
prayers redeem his egotism. Neither am I. 203 more words