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Overcoming Ego for Better Head Space

This is presentation was originally given at Fyrecon 2018 at Weber State University Davis.

The creative world is a competitive one. Success often means being in the right place at the right time with the right story to offer. 851 more words



Writing is an act of ego, and you might as well admit it.
(William Zinsser, On Writing Well)

The first person perspective, argues Zinsser in his classic guide to non-fiction writing, is the most natural way to develop a writer’s voice.

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Human Evil/Egotism

Eventually all human evil springs from what we call selfishness. From the smallest human faults to the most immense crimes, when considering what we can designate as human imperfection and human wickedness, whether it seemingly originates from the soul or more from out of the bodily nature, the common basic characterization will be egotism. 115 more words


What does the Bible say about Ego?

The concept of “ego” and “soul” comes to us ubiquitously. By us, I mean people who have grown up in a culture and religion like Hinduism. 106 more words

Understanding The World

Narcissist Or Egotist?

There is a virtual flood of articles and videos about narcissists on the Web these days. We might even say that victims of narcissists could be a major subculture in the world. 538 more words


I - prayer

If I say
I pray for you
Then my I prays
And not
The stillness
Of the heart
For it does not
Need witnesses
Nor propaganda…

DidiArtist, 21.07.2017


How to Spot a Psychopath: Three Traits You Should Look For 1 in 100 people are psychopaths. Here's how to tell if there's one in your life.


  • Research suggests that 1 percent of the population meets the criteria for psychopathy. That may not sound like a lot, but it means that 1 in every 100 people you know is a psychopath.
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Canberra Psychologist