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Conduct Unbecoming

Cancer of cops, like a murder of crows,
Killing people indiscriminately.
Metastasizing within humanity.
Scavenging your meals
From the carrion of corpses.
Personifying what macabre is. 17 more words


Egotism and Slavery

Bound by chains in one way or another,

by a means of purchase or anguish,

as beings we are truly never free.

As a whole, 106 more words


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … of course I want to be noticed, but what are you staring at?


Operationalize: One Long Word For A Simple Set of Strategies To Help You Get Better, Faster, For Life

What if you wanted to become the best in the world?

0. Throw away the idea of “analysis paralysis” and face your fear of being wrong. 1,854 more words

It's not about Me (it's about Us)

In the original stage play of The Sound of Music there’s a song called “No Way To Stop It” that didn’t make it into more famous movie. 820 more words

A true prayer has something to give to all of us

A true prayer has something to give to all of us, whatever stage of development we may have reached. The simplest person, who perhaps knows nothing more than the words of the prayer, may still be open to the influence of the prayer on his soul, and it is the prayer which can call forth the power to raise him higher. 269 more words


Praise the not so terrible

That book is published in your head.
How wonderful. The critics rave.
Swept off your feet with admiration.
It’s a chore I’ve heard, to be so kind. 150 more words