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The Many & Varied Reasons Why Eggs Are Not Egregious!

Egregious, adjective. Definition: Outstandingly bad; shocking. Example sentences: “The egregious slander towards egregious eggs was egregious”, “The eggs were  shockingly and outstandingly egregious”, “Egor the egregious egg connoisseur egregiously displayed egregiousness about eggs which were not, essentially, egregious – per se.” 313 more words


Egregious pompons
or are they pompoms
no one seems to know for sure
plus a pompon is also a flower
assumedly the very flower that gave pompoms… 37 more words

The 5 Most Egregious Marketing Automation Fails and How To Avoid Them | ClickZ

Learning from past errors made in marketing automation can only increase overall efficiency and productivity. Considering these tips can induce a swift and profitable ROI. 8 more words

Word of the Week Wednesday 7/22/15

Hello and Hola,

Let me tell you readers, this week’s word is one that has been on my mind quite a bit. Although it is in English, it is definitely not one that we use on an everyday basis. 314 more words

Word Of The Week Wednesday

More Painful Than I Expected

I’ve heard lots of hurtful things
said when people are angry
Held my head up, against the slander
brought by simple envy

As grown adults would rather… 22 more words


Wayward Words with Meanings That Went Astray

Cheater wearing cheaters? After Reymerswaele/ Wikimedia Commons

People sometimes tell you you’re misusing a word and cite the Latin origin as proof. Don’t fall for the etymological fallacy. 59 more words


Scraping the barrel - The Devil Inside

Another horror film in the mock-documentary style, 2012’s The Devil Inside was a substantial hit on its release, but a spectacularly misjudged online marketing campaign and the creative bankruptcy and cynicism of the project has seen it almost instantly forgotten. 895 more words