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18th edition of Incognito Magazine has arrived and follows up the new format from last time with another 68-pages of style.

We dig deep in yellow-colored styles and words from the legendary twins out of Brazil, Os Gemeos. 110 more words


Hot Rocks and Fracking

Electricity has been produced successfully from geothermal sources for decades.

Perhaps, the first successful geothermal power plant was in Larderello, Italy in 1911.

Today, in the United States, there are successful geothermal power plants in California and Nevada. 695 more words


In Search of Squirrels and Pigs

The state of Alabama is interested in learning more about what invasive feral hogs are doing to the environment. We know and can see that they will root up and eat everything they can find. 394 more words

Wildlife Management Area

New Forums!

Hey, everyone!

We’re happy to introduce our latest, and sometimes needed, forums. If they don’t even get used, so be it…but they are available at the link below. 32 more words

MV "Besant" trips

A little bit late but due to some busy times I didn’t really have the opportunity to make a post about it.
For TOS I made 3 trips in April & May to Vietnam to act as Master / SDPO during the yard, client acceptance & DP-FMEA trials on the EGS “Besant”. 110 more words




Yeah, akhirnya setelah sekian minggu stagnated, alhamdulillah algoritma baru untuk thesis saya berhasil.

‘Eureka!’ teriakku spontan, tak sadar kalau lagi di dalam lab. Temen lab saya sampai keheranan. 455 more words

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