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I Was in Prison, You Visited Me

Qanater is a town on the Nile, north of Cairo, at the point where the river starts to divide, forming the Delta.  A barrage was constructed there in the 1850s (later improved by a Scottish engineer in the 1880s!) to control the flow of the Nile and improve irrigation. 327 more words


Take a look at some lawns this spring. You might see something that looks like a crown of thin leaves and spikey, yellow flowers shooting over the grass, particularly if you live in the South. 241 more words

Foodie Facts


After coming back to Cairo, we flew to Vienna to visit a friend of mine. Coming from more than 20°C to around 5°C was not the only shock, also the super high prices (especially compared to Egyptian prices). 58 more words


Does the USA sponsor revolutions? ( Documentary)

The Revolution Business, 2011 – Consultants are helping people countries like Ukraine and Egypt build a foundation of knowledge in order to start revolutions.

Democratic change has been demanded across the Middle East. 153 more words


Mohamed Aboutrika: Egypt adds ex-footballer to terror list

Egypt has added ex-football star Mohamed Aboutrika to a terror list for his alleged links with the banned Muslim Brotherhood, his lawyer says.

Mr Aboutrika is accused of financially supporting the Brotherhood, which Egypt considers a terrorist organisation. 100 more words


Know Your Past

And there arose a new king in Egypt who did not know Joseph.

— Exodus 1.8 (Parashat Shemot)

The Talmud (Sotah 11a), that ancient wellspring of Jewish law and lore, suggests that this new Pharaoh was either ignorant of Joseph’s contribution to Egyptian history or willingly chose to ignore Joseph’s contributions. 413 more words