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No wonder USA police have no respect for human life, they are trained in israel

Atlanta mayor rejects demand to end Israel police training

SEE ALSO Black people in the States are the USA’s Palestinians

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed rejected a demand from groups affiliated with the movement for Black lives to halt Israel’s training relationship with local police departments. 1,351 more words


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Image #: 16311273    Egyptian army soldiers arrest a female protester during clashes at Tahrir Square in Cairo December 17, 2011. Soldiers beat demonstrators with batons in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Saturday in a second day of clashes that have killed nine people and wounded more than 300, marring the first free election most Egyptians can remember. REUTERS/Stringer  (EGYPT - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)        REUTERS /STR /LANDOV

"Maybe we can run an advertisement: PLEASE COME OCCUPY US" | Sayyid Al-Qemany urges return of the civilizing influence of European culture to combat Islamic terrorism, iThink Magazine (Video)

“Otherwise, please just build a barrier wall around us, the same as Jurassic Park…”

— Sayyid Al-Qemany, Egyptian writer, thinker and dissident who opposes Islamic fundamentalism and the Muslim Brotherhood. 35 more words


Amnesia pt. II

Egypt. In no less than 5.5-6 years was a thing. After what is seeming to be another eight lifetimes and three reincarnations of research. One more 11 added to the accurate arrival time of 1:11PM. 346 more words



Hey guys,

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Egypt and see the pyramids! To be able to experience one of the 7 wonders of the world is breath-taking.   154 more words


PARIS: I'll Never Stop Loving You

Today’s soundtrack.

Jessica was in no mood to do anything when we were back in Paris the first day, so she opted to stay in the apartment while I went off to explore and live my best life. 1,540 more words


Egypt: mother of the bee

Among Egypt’s many contributions to civilization is its pioneering work in apiculture. You can read about the history of beekeeping here:

Beekeeping in Ancient Egypt | History Today… 86 more words