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Rosneft will export gas from Egypt's Zohr project to Middle East and Europe — source

Rosneft is buying a 30% stake in the project to develop the Shorouk block in Egypt’s offshore zone.
Russian top oil producer Rosneft, which is buying a 30% stake in the project to develop the Shorouk block in Egypt’s offshore zone, where the Zohr gas field was discovered, will export gas from it to the countries of Europe and the Middle East, a source in the company told TASS. 283 more words

Cats in Ancient Egypt

Some great soruces for studying cats in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians may have given cats the personality to conquer the world By David Grimm (Science Mag) (Jun. 419 more words

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Manly P. Hall & Islam

In this millennium (a period extending from the 6th century BC and the 4th century AD), new religious interpretations have risen in India, China and Persia; great philosophers have come to Greece and Egypt; and the center of cultures at that time were moving rapidly in their spiritual understanding from a more or less archaic foundation to the very position which modern religion now occupies.

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Where did the Egyptians come from: Does the Bible get it right again?

It has always been a bit of a mystery as to the origin of the Egyptians. But based on history and DNA sampling of modern Egyptians most concluded that they came from Northern Africa. 321 more words


Where Light Casts No Shadow

Space…The Final Frontier. Or so it was at least, some 20-30 years ago. Now who the hell knows what lies beyond it. We have yet to understand our universe and most definitely we can only have wet dreams about exploring it. 667 more words


Jigsaws and treasure

The Christmas jigsaw puzzle – now there’s a family tradition to both love and hate. It always seems like a fun idea when you start off doesn’t it? 698 more words

Bible Art

Donald Trump ends celebration of Ramadan dinner celebration

Finally Trump puts his foot down. We have been at war with Islam since the beginning of our Nation. Shades of what John Adams and Thomas Jefferson argued back at the time of the beginning of our Nation. 384 more words

War On Terror