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Louvre Museum: The Digital Presence

The Louvre Museum located in Paris, France is arguably one of (if not the most) the most famous museums in the entire world. It is one of the most iconic sites in France as many people flock to Paris with the intent of making a trip to the Louvre one of their top priorities. 622 more words

Art Collection

Grade 6 - Modern day Heiroglyphics

The idea behind this artwork was inspired by a love of comics. I have read that the Egyptians were the first ‘comic’ artists as they were the first people to combine words and pictures to tell the story of an event. 152 more words


Final Project: Egyptian Creation Comic



For one of my final projects for Figure & Motion class, I had to create my own comic using any culture’s creation story. For my comic, I decided to use an Egyptian creation myth. 501 more words

Non Time-Based

Having a gander

Part of the reason I started this blog was to give myself a platform to have a rant about discuss issues in Egyptology and art which I seldom get to talk about with people in real life. 342 more words


Looted Ancient Egyptian Artifacts are Returning Home

It is true: some ancient Egyptian artifacts smuggled into the US are returning home. For many years, people looted the graves of pharaohs in Egypt and smuggled their finds by express shipping to the US (and other countries – particularly in Europe). 243 more words

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