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Children's books with art theme connections—rated by kids

I recently completed the latest edition of the “Picture Perfect” class I teach for CWC. Picture Perfect is a series of workshops in which we explore creative writing by taking inspiration from art history. 1,597 more words


Allah is Greatest

Nora Al-Galad  Digital Calligraphy  2012

The holy month of Ramadan has begun for practising Muslims around the world.  It is a celebration of the first revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) by the Archangel Gabriel in a cave called Jabal an-Nour near Mecca. 224 more words



From the earliest representation of the body in nature man has proven the importance of documenting the physical form- The body. The use of the body in art can date back to tens of thousands of years; one example being the Red Ochre Handprints- which is possibly one of the oldest forms of exhibiting human presence in art history. 239 more words

Art in Bloom 2017: Ancient Egypt

This past weekend, the NCMA hosted its third annual floral fundraiser Art in Bloom. Once again, designers picked a work of art out of a hat and created a floral arrangement inspired by that artwork.  251 more words


Artifact Investigation

CAROLINE ROBERTS, Conservator, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

I love a good mystery, and nothing (save a really good crime novel) is better than an artifact mystery. 310 more words


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I love those artefact conservation posts! Here is one from Carrie at the Kelsey about a bowl from Karanis covered with some mysterious white stuff. (And I love a good detective story as well!)

Egyptian Smiting Scene

Among the oldest and most persistent motifs in ancient Egyptian art are portrayals of the Pharaoh smiting his enemies. The exact enemy nation being subdued would vary from image to image, as would the exact means of violence, but the propaganda’s essential message would remain the same across the millennia. 41 more words


La La Land

Los Angeles is where I fell in love with art history. I have visited the Getty Villa numerous times and would continue to stare in awe at the heroic Greek statues and shimmering bronze jewelry. 100 more words