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Looted Ancient Egyptian Artifacts are Returning Home

It is true: some ancient Egyptian artifacts smuggled into the US are returning home. For many years, people looted the graves of pharaohs in Egypt and smuggled their finds by express shipping to the US (and other countries – particularly in Europe). 243 more words

Great Civilizations

Modernity in Ancient ways

This a little piece from my work representing modern life in Ancient Egyptian art style, which is a thing I decided to explore for now and will be making a few more works under that idea some time soon. 97 more words

Digital Artwork

Gardens in ancient Egypt

This weekend was the Weinberg Lecture of Egyptology, held at the Museum once a year. Around 180 people came out on this lovely North Carolina spring Sunday (that would be the equivalent of a lovely Québec summer day) to hear Danish Egyptologist Dr. 108 more words


Beauty Break: 04.13.15




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Header image:  Kemet
Peregrine Falcon by Craig Brown
King Khafre | The Old Kingdom
Ibn Tulun masjid, Cairo, Egypt
Cleopatra by Alexandra Edmonds…
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Beauty Break

Egyptian Mummies and Voyeurism

My one main stop en route to Lisbon was to visit The British Museum in London . I decided that rather than try to see a bit of everything, that I would select one section to view in detail. 560 more words


Egyptology Seminar 2015

I was rather quiet this week as I decided to stay away from my computer and rest after spending an entire month working on my… 334 more words


Grade 4 - Sphynx Artwork

We began this artwork by looking at the Egyptian culture. We had done a lesson on symmetry in Egyptian art the previous week. This week we looked at the Sphinx…A half lion, half human creature. 138 more words