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Statue of Hatshepsut seated

My ARCHAEO-Crush for September is an amazing statue of a female pharaoh at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

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The Met's Egypt Exhibit Goes Way Beyond King Tut

Everyone above the age of 18 must remember “Tut-mania.” Ever since 1922, when archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tutankhamun, the boy who ruled Egypt until he died at around age 19, the world has needed a defibrillator at the whisper of “King Tut.” Whether you were one of the 8 million people who lined up to see his pure-gold, 240-pound coffin at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1978 or exhibitions in 2010, the obsession has not faltered for almost a century. 872 more words

“Looking East, Western Artists and the Allure of Japan” : Travelling Exhibition stops at the Musée national des Beaux-Arts in Quebec-City

Daily life is addressed in two exhibitions in Quebec City, one showing magical artifacts from ancient Egypt, the other an examination of how Japanese art and culture arrived in Europe just as the Impressionists were looking for new ways to express visual ideas. 1,152 more words

Why did Egyptian paintings look the same for 3000 years?

Francis Bacon one said “I do think that Egyptian art is the greatest thing that has happened so far .” and who am I to argue. 298 more words

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Technique Tuesdays: Painting in Miniature

What is it?

Painting in miniature is more than just painting a small work. The word “miniature” originally came from a Latin term for the red pigment that was used in the creation of illuminated manuscripts. 598 more words

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The bust of Nefertiti

My ARCHAEO-Crush of August is one of the most beautiful ancient Egyptian sculptures… one that is somewhat controversial. Isn’t it always the case with Nefertiti? 362 more words


Thinking of visiting Cairo’s blank museum? Think again

Photo: Cairo Museum entrance courtesy Ijanderson977 – wikimedia.org

Being within walking distance of Cairo’s museum, we trudged by beeping traffic under a blazing sun. Before the doors swung open, we arrived early thinking we’d beat the crowds to discover others with the same idea. 132 more words