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Egyptian Art - Temple of Ramses II

The image pictured is of the exterior of the Temple of Ramses II, built around 1200 BCE. Carved straight into the limestone cliffs of Abu Simbel, Egypt, the temple is characteristic of the New Kingdom of Egypt, which stressed perfection, order, and power in their political artworks. 274 more words

Art History

Technique Tuesdays: Chiaroscuro

Welcome back to Technique Tuesday! Today we’re taking a look at one of the most basic and essential techniques in art: chiaroscuro.

What is it? 658 more words

Fine Art

Imagining Akhenaten

The ancient Egyptian sandstone sculpture Akhenaten represents the notorious pharaoh, formerly named Amenhotep IV, who broke with religious tradition by worshiping the sun god Aten over all others. 697 more words



I took a book of “Wild Cats” out of the library in the hopes it would stimulate some painting.  It’s worked, somewhat, although I’m still not back to painting regularly. 207 more words


Column Capital of the God Bes

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Manhattan, New York, NY

December 29, 2011

Period: Macedonian-Ptolemaic Period

Date: 332-30 B.C.

Geography: From Egypt, Eastern Delta, Tell Basta


Tomb of an unknown queen

Yesterday’s archaeological discovery of the day was the tomb of an unknown queen–a woman named Khentkawes III–at Abusir in Egypt. The lady may have been the wife of King Neferefre of the Fifth Dynasty.  18 more words


Amenhotep III back on his feet

A statue of Amenhotep III has been put together again and raised back to his feet after it had toppled over during an earthquake…. more than 3000 years ago. 86 more words