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Between the Sheets

I own four bedsheets and four towels. This is the result of years of very vocal admonitions from the son and more circumspect comments from the husband. 1,239 more words


Fresh Linens...

Previously I mentioned a list of projects I am planning to tackle in an effort to eliminate some of the clutter in my life.  Today I tackled my out of control… 357 more words


Review - Mamamokum Handwovens - Moonglow & Natural Flowing Curves

Moonglow – 8 shaft Point Twill, Egyptian Cotton.

Natural Flowing Curves – Pima/Egyptian Cotton, Fancy Twill

I’ve been super curious about Mamamokum since Sadie debuted Spring Bling and Cinder’s Bling (sparkle thread)! 556 more words

How to wake up feeling refreshed & energetic

No seriously, how do you do it???

I need to know this life secret that morning people seem to have figured out.

Review - Joy & Joe - Lemon Fluffy Shades of Feathers

Italian Cotton / EC cotton.

First off. This wrap comes with a bit of a mouthful of a name. For simplicity, I’ll refer to the wrap as Feathers throughout the review. 351 more words

Review - Willow Tree Wovens - Enchanted

Willow Tree Wovens – Enchanted


Enchanted is soft and delicate, in both colorway and feeling in hand. I’m a long time green lover, and I recognize it doesn’t always play nicely with other colors and wefts. 413 more words