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Imagine the most beautifully set table. Conjure up a tablecloth so clean and worn that the gold embroidery gleams against the dry white cotton; the plates: matching ancient, never once chipped; the cutlery and serving spoons tarnished but loved; the chairs gathered from all over the house to crowd around and witness the feast. 575 more words

A Couple Days in Cairo

Cairo is one of those cities that you can love…if you have the luxury to avoid living in it. My native Egyptian friend left Cairo and Egypt altogether and can rant about his pure loathing for the city.   983 more words


That Magical Place

Here is an awesome track related to this blog and relaxing to hear as well. Music is an essential part of my life, so from now on all my blogs will have sound tracks to listen to included.  1,811 more words

Healthy Breakfast- Foul Mudames

Not only food, but the entire life style – there’s a lot to learn from the huge globe we live in. Egypt is well known for happy and patriotic souls. 210 more words

Egyptian Food

Ramadan thirst quencher: Sobia

When it comes to breaking the fast in Ramadan, Sobia is a very popular drink here in Egypt. The texture is thick and creamy and similar to a milk shake. 341 more words


“Dakkatu al-thawm”; the balancer on the restaurant table.

In a foreign country, eating it’s cultural foods is inevitable; that’s a part of the whole thing. Well, my Egyptian friends noticed that we had been in Egypt for a couple months and still hadn’t tried Egyptian foods. 374 more words