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Basics of Egyptian Cuisine

At the age of 10, when my dad first taught me the basics of cooking, he tried to simplify it for me .. I intend to do the same here so you can also get to learn how to cook Egyptian food the easy way. 222 more words

La Fandi

Last night I was invited by Cairo Spots for a little food tasting at La Fandi, a small restaurant at Courtyard Maadi, which I had never been to until yesterday. 213 more words

Food Blog

A Real Nut-Job

My dad and I have developed a taste for dukkah;  a North African condiment made of finely chopped nuts, seeds and spices. It’s traditionally served with olive oil and strips of fresh bread, the idea being to dip the bread in the oil and then in the dukkah. 422 more words

Red Carrot Jam

Red carrot jam is a very old traditional Egyptian jam. I grew up on it. My Grandma used to make it and my mom used to make it. 273 more words


Therapy in Red Carrots

It’s almost the end of the crazy weekend. It’s early Friday morning and I’m tired and exhausted from the crazy week that just passed. I say a quick prayer of gratitude that nothing’s changed. 434 more words


Eating Egypt


Happy hump day, kiddos.

Just a culinary update today as I had a shockingly social Tuesday that led to lots of delicious foods I thought I’d share. 824 more words

Good Times

Falafel Hut in Kennedy Town

The only place in Kennedy Town for a shawarma to celebrate binge drinking.  $50 and it’s delicious after a few beers.