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Re-discovering "my" food & Keshk Frakh (Chicken Keshk)

Egyptian traditional; creamy savory “eggless-custard” with shredded chicken & crisp fried onions.

It’s funny…I never used to cook a lot of traditional food before I started this blog. 234 more words


Roz Maamar (Baked rice with beef and cream)

My mum used to make us this dish on special occasions. It’s different than typical rice as it comes out a bit soft and a bit creamy in the middle and the rice grains are not separate like in regular rice. 104 more words


Mom's spicy bamia (okra)

My mums spicy bamia (okra) recipe and it’s a crowd pleaser:-) !

The addition of lemon juice prevents the sliminess of the okra. The addition of a hot chilli pepper gives the sauce a good kick and the “tasha”, which is a blend of garlic, coriander and ghee, added at the end, adds a depth of flavor and spice. 76 more words


The Ghorayeba recipe...Egyptian shortbread

Finally its here…the ghorayeba recipe! Taken a bit due to my technology handicap but now its done!

So in a nutshell, ghorayebas are a smoother textured cousin of the scottish shortbread and are silly easy to make! 54 more words


One Egyptian dessert called Belila

What I propose today is a recipe of one Egyptian sweet course called Belila.

The Belila is very similar to pudding, but is prepared with wheat instead of rice, milk and served with nuts, almonds, dried fruit, pistachios. 177 more words


Fava Bean FUL and a sneak-peek: Black Garlic Hummus

I just made up my very first batch of Ful, inspired by my favorite cookbook Plenty by Ottolenghi. This is an Egyptian dish of cooked and mashed fava beans served with vegetable oil, cumin and optionally with chopped parsley, onion, garlic, and lemon juice, and tastes very similar to Hummus. 441 more words

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Grilled Egyptian Style Moussaka (Messa2a3a Mashweya)

I hope I’m not stepping on a hornets nest here! But yup, we Egyptians consider moussaka “mesa2a3a” an Egyptian, not a Greek dish! I guess with the historic mingling of Greeks and Egyptians and that we both are Mediterranean many of our dishes are similar like our Mahshy or Wara2 3enab which is their Dolmades & stuffed vine leaves. 294 more words