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Mashi - Egyptian stuffed pepper recipe, by an Egyptian 

My friends often ask me, “What is Egyptian food like?” I only know by years of taste-testing experience at home and visiting my family, and I often crave certain dishes. 592 more words

Culinary Creations And Recipes

Week 33 : Amira (Egypt)

Having done Lebanon I didn’t think I would do any other Arab Middle Eastern restaurants this year for the blog as they seem to be mostly similar. 447 more words

Celebrate Ramadan the Mediterranean Style

Those who like to celebrate Ramadan in style, Sheraton Montazah Hotel in Alexandria, Egypt offers a variety of outlets where guests can enjoy their Iftar… 203 more words


Meatballs in Tomato Sauce - Egypt

I was introduced to this dish, Dawud Pasha Kufta or David’s Meatballs, at a restaurant called Felfela in downtown Cairo, just a block or two away from Tahir Square. 464 more words

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Spice up your salads: homemade dukkah recipe

Few things in life are more unacceptable than a badly made salad. What should be one of the easiest meals in the world to make is so often rendered nearly inedible by food retailers who should know better. 672 more words


Egyptian Inspired Vegan Falafal Recipe

A few months ago I discovered that in Egypt falafal were traditionally made using fava beans rather than chickpeas, and that the secret was to soak the beans but not cook them before making your falafal patties. 247 more words