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In many of our tours (especially our Gem tours), our groups meet Bedouins. In almost all of our groups we receive questions about the Bedouins, their men, women and children and of course their way of living. 6,578 more words


Cat Warfare Cards From Grandma Pat

For many years I have hand written cards to my grandson each week.  He likes to get mail. He also loves cats.

This fall when my grandson entered 5th grade, I began a new card series titled, “Cat Warfare.”  Each week a different picture of a cat will grace the front of the card with an appropriate historic account written for his enjoyment. 565 more words


Turkish train station

The Turkish train station – at the war war 1 the Turkish cooperation with the German in exertion to conquest Egypt. at the frame of war exertion they built railroad track which lead from Damascus to Beer Sheva. 111 more words


Biblical Battle of Megiddo (609 BC)

This battle of Megiddo is fought between Pharaoh Necho II of Egypt and Judaean King Josiah. It’s a classical battle based on bad intelligence and underestimating Pharaoh Necho! 299 more words


Battle of Megiddo - Egypt against Megiddo

The Battle of Megiddo (15th century BC) was fought between Egyptian forces under the command of Pharaoh Thutmose III and a large rebellious coalition of Canaanite vassal states led by the king of Kadesh. 244 more words



This Arab village is adjacent to Nazareth, 3KM southwest on the road to Haifa. Today it is part of greater city of Nazareth. At the Roman times, Yafia was one of the important cities in the Galilee, fortified by Josephus. 285 more words