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Happy Samhain/Halloween

Happy Halloween and Samhain, folks!

This is believed to be the time of year that Goddess Isis suffered her great loss of her husband Osiris- due to the deception of Set(h). 69 more words


As You Desire (Braxton, #1)

As You Desire by Connie Brockway

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This is the first book I read from the author Connie Brockway. History always fascinated me and the synopsis of the story led me read this book. 24 more words


Hebrews In Egypt

The Bible records Jacob settling in Egypt, in the land called Rameses.  They became slaves to Egypt and were used to construct the Rameses city.  After 430 years of intense labor and poverty, they left.  2,472 more words

The Bible

A 3,500-Year-Old Tomb Full of Mummies Has Just Been Discovered in Egypt!!! But, someone has been in there before...

Egyptian archaeologists have announced the discovery of a tomb dating back some 3,500 years to the dawn of ancient Egypt’s New Kingdom, during a period called the 18th Dynasty. 589 more words

[Free eBook] Cleopatra by Ernie Bradford [Vintage Biography & Historiography]

Cleopatra by the late English author Ernie Bradford, a noted mid-20th century historian who specialized in Mediterranean and naval topics, is his vintage royalty historical biography, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher Endeavour Press. 372 more words

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Today in Middle East history: Egypt's 23 July Revolution (1952)

The proximate cause of the coup that ousted King Farouk was the drubbing that Egypt, along with every other Arab state, had received at the hands of the Israelis during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

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Today in Middle Eastern history: the Battle of Heliopolis (640)

The Arab conquest of Egypt was probably the first big surprise of the early Islamic period after the Arabs’ initial military successes against the Romans… 1,455 more words