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Le Tarbouche

“We were not expelled. We did not force ourselves out. The truth is somewhere in between. We have always been in between: between two languages, between two cultures, between two Churches, between two chairs. 438 more words


Wrong About Everything

I know, not the best title for my first blog entry, right?

A couple of months back, I presented some of initial findings on epidemic and epizootic disease in Egypt during the first World War at a symposium. 1,264 more words


The Egyptian Goddess Hathor

These days there are a seemingly infinite number of beer styles and additives. Pineapple, oysters, heather, whiskey, and chocolate are just a few of the things popping up in your pints. 311 more words

Beer History

"Liberty: An Electric Eclectic Book" by Markie Madden

“The reign of Hatshepsut, the first female Pharaoh in Egyptian history, is threatened by the actions of her stepson, Prince Thutmosis. But Hatshepsut’s daughter, Neferure, takes matters into her own hands to ensure the path of destiny her mother began.” 405 more words

Book Review

Stonehenge Questions

One and four tonne stones

Standing tall and alone

Pits filled with pottery and bones

Burial mounds

Perfectly round

Was this monument built using ultrasonic sound? 53 more words

The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson

Miss Adventure managed to bring flu into our house and share it with everyone. I had enough energy to write a book review yesterday, but by the time I had a chance to sit down and type it up, I was out of energy. 402 more words

Book Review

Jeremiah Chapter 44

First we must know what or where Pathros is per verse 1 in chapter 44. Without going into the Hebrew, it is the southernmost part of Egypt. 1,236 more words

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