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This Arab village is adjacent to Nazareth, 3KM southwest on the road to Haifa. Today it is part of greater city of Nazareth. At the Roman times, Yafia was one of the important cities in the Galilee, fortified by Josephus. 285 more words



The Old city of Acre is one of the fascinating old cities in Israel. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rich in history, spanning from the Greek periods, this ancient city has fascinating points of interest as well as a charming location along the sea. 106 more words


Solomon's Pillars

An impressive set of high red sandstone hills,   one of the most famous sites in the south of Israel, located in the center of the Timna Valley – today a nature & history park. 96 more words


Today in Middle East history: Egypt's 23 July Revolution (1952)

Today marks 63 years since one of the most important events in 20th century Middle East history, the overthrow of the Egyptian monarchy by the Free Officers Movement. 966 more words


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Daughters of the Nile by Stephanie Dray

The final volume of this marvelous series by Stephanie Dray has once again awakened in me a fierce envy of her ability to tell a tale.   140 more words

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Ashmolean Museum Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

heres my latest video if you want to find out some facts about Ashmolean Musuem

Source information about the museum collections : http://www.ashmolean.org/departments/antiquities/about/AEgypt/

Videoblock.com subscription of video footage… 82 more words


Nefertiti -The Mystery to be uncovered

Hi guys, this world is a mysterious place with a whole lot of mysteries in it.

There is one such mysterious mystery (Try to say mysterious mystery faster three times, it’s a tongue twister!) that has puzzled thousands of archaeologist around the world. 336 more words

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