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Look Mom, I made it to the pyramids!

Some impressions:
1. They are very large. Bigger than I thought they’d be. I was expecting the size of them to be a bit of a let down after a lifetime of hearing about them, but nope, they’re huge. 490 more words

Navel Gazing

Ancient Knowledge: Lost & Found?

Ancient people had knowledge that was lost and this is fairly obvious to most people. We only need to look at the Egyptian pyramids, Mayan pyramids, Stonehenge etc. 422 more words

Dude, Let's Talk About the Egyptian Pyramids

So how were the pyramids constructed? A simple search in google scholar will overwhelm the visitor. Here are just a few…

The Second Book of Histories… 485 more words



As recently as June ISIS has vowed to bomb Egypt’s pyramids.

Via Express:

AT LEAST six people have been killed in a bomb attack on a road leading to the Great Pyramid of Giza – a tourist attraction popular with British holidaymakers.

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Digna Love - The Sacred Geometry of the Egyptian Pyramids

Digna Love wanted to become a healer since she was a child. She believes in alchemy, the power of stones, and sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry assigns mystical meanings to certain geometric shapes, figures, proportions, and numbers. 468 more words


The OTHER Pyramid - Mysteries of Bosnia

When it comes to fame the Egyptian pyramids make Kim Kardashian’s gazillion twitter followers look small fry. There are very few people I know who aren’t aware of the pyramids. 736 more words