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Inside a pyramid

The pyramids of Egypt have held their secrets for more than 4,500 years.

Now, Egyptian and foreign experts have begun unraveling their mysteries with the help of space particles. 112 more words


Newly Discovered Egyptian Scrolls Reveal Pyramids were Built with Retarded Slaves

For thousands of years the pyramids of Egypt have left the world in awe. How could such enormous structures built with stones that each weigh thousands of pounds be built by humans whose technology was only as advanced as a chisel and hammer? 345 more words

King of the Hill

A German teenager gets to the top of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. And people are pissed. Probably should have better security.


"Domain Specific Intelligence": The Truth About Ben Carson; Smart People Can Believe Crazy Things

The mystery of Ben Carson is that he’s a startlingly intelligent man with an inspiring life story who repeatedly makes unhinged assertions that are divorced from reality—and who, as we now know, unnecessarily embellishes his life story. 840 more words


"It's About His Vision For America's Future": Why Ben Carson's Problem With The Truth Really Matters

Ben Carson’s campaign turned into a kaleidoscope of oddities last week: The retired neurosurgeon made fanciful claims about the purpose of Egyptian pyramids and the political experience of the… 1,016 more words