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Some Things Are BAN (Beyond the Ability of Nature)

If nothing can’t do anything, how could it make everything?

Some things are obviously beyond the ability of nature (BAN).

* A turtle on a fence post? 107 more words


Conversations with Tiny Grandma

I have two grandmas: Tiny Grandma and Drunk Grandma.

Drunk Grandma is, I should clarify, not always drunk. She is 88 years old with snow white hair. 375 more words

49. The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

Publisher: HarperTorch, 1988, 1993

Genre: Quest, Adventure, Drama,Fantasy, Metaphysical, Historical, Aging, Coming of Age, Philisophy

Review: An young Andalusian shepherd, Santiago sleeps under a tree and dreams about treasure that is at the Egyptian pyramids. 160 more words

Three Old Cemeteries (2008)

1. Egyptian pyramids.

2. Roman catacombs.

3. England’s Stonehenge.
The reason for the large stones have
been resolved-
After all the researching and digging,
that has been involved.


Higgs Boson Really Discovered By Aliens Says Conspiracy Expert

In a statement today which was marked with paranoia and excessive use of the words “clearly obvious”, James McDickel, official spokesman for the newly founded Conspiracy Party of America, proclaimed the Higgs boson was discovered by an alien race of really smart beings from a galaxy really far from here. 169 more words


7 Provincial pyramids

The newly uncovered pyramid of Edfu  is one of seven so-called “provincial” pyramids that were built by either Huni or Snefru. None of the seven pyramids containchambers or evidence that they were intended for burial. 42 more words

Did You Know

4600-year-old pyramid uncovered in Egypt

Archaeologists working near the ancient settlement of Edfu in southern Egypt have uncovered a step pyramid that dates back about 4,600 years. It predates the Great Pyramid at Giza by at least a few decades and was constructed by either Huni or Snefru, both pharaohs of Egypt. 61 more words

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