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We thought they would just interrogate him or ask him questions. But they took him as he struggled with his hands behind his back and banged his head against the marble table inside here..

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My Egyptian Revolutionary Experience: A Year Later

A year ago this week I was oscillating between the cathartic joy and adrenaline rush of the mass protests that swept Egypt and the sheer terror of living in a city descending into chaos.  775 more words

A Revolution Tested

Sunday evening saw another test for the Egyptian revolution as Coptic protesters took to the streets demanding answers for the burning of a Coptic church near Aswan earlier this week and what they saw as blatant attempts to silence Coptic demands since the revolution began on January 25th.  627 more words


Virginity Testing from Al Jazeera

The story related to the article The Last Flails of a Dying Idea, from the young woman’s personal experience of being abused by personal greed and oppression of men/women.


Virginity Testing: Last Flails of a Dying Idea

In the past 6 months, Egypt has seen the rollback of a collective history of oppression.  From the Persians, to the exchange for Alexander the Great who installed his ruling desires which passed to Ptolemy I, head of the House of Ptolemy that oppressed verbally by only speaking Greek, to the Romans; from the Byzantines to the Arabs, Mamluks, Ottomans and the British (who wasn’t oppressed by the British at one point or another) on to a reign of only 3 presidents spanning six decades, in a mere 18 days, the Egyptian people reclaimed their freedom.  1,210 more words


SMART Revolution Falls Short - Focus #Egypt

In my last post, I was taken by all the emotions surrounding, what was dubbed as, the 2.0 Revolution in Egypt. I tried to reflect on the marketing lessons behind the success of this social media revolution. 460 more words

Social Media Marketing

Egypt: A Striking Success & An Uncertain Future

I’m not sure if any of my readers have noticed but my hiatus from blogging has extended for longer than it ever should have. I don’t want to make promises anymore about how often I will blog, or that this will be a full return, but I really have no excuse. 1,475 more words