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Radio Show "Flucht und Revolution fünf Jahre nach Mubarak"

Radio show about my Südwind – Global Campus Lecture “Flucht und Revolution fünf Jahre nach Mubarak” at the University of Innsbruck on November 17th, 2015. Click… 203 more words

Egyptian Uprising

Dying For The Revolution: Special Journal Issue

“Death lies at the beginning of the Arab uprisings and continues to haunt them.”

So writes Amira Mittermeier in the introduction to a special collection of articles in the anthropology journal  1,059 more words

Martyrs Without A Cause? Egypt's Revolutionary Martyrs as Empty Signifiers

What is the meaning of martyrdom?

The difference between a martyr and a victim is the investment of a slain body with meaning by a public. 1,242 more words

International Sociology Of The Arab Uprisings

The latest volume of the journal International Sociology offers a special issue on Arab uprisings edited by Mohammed Bamyeh and Sara Hanafi.

Three of the six articles are about Egypt, and two are about the Arab uprisings generally but at least touch on things Egyptian (the remaining article is about the Muslim Brotherhood in the UAE) 1,054 more words

New Book On Revolutionary Egypt (With A Chapter By Yours Truly)

In 2012 I traveled to Oxford University to participate in an interdisciplinary conference on the Egyptian revolution. “The Egyptian Revolution, One Year On: Causes, Characteristics and Fortunes” was a fascinating experience, as I joined scholars from many different disciplines struggling, as I was, for a theoretical language that would effectively describe and explain the revolution. 791 more words

Al-Sisi On-Line: Egypt's President On Social Media

In Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak notoriously was anything but sophisticated in his understanding of social media. Seeing it as a toy available only to an educated and relatively affluent few, and failing to recognize the cross-platform capacities of social media with cell phones–which are ubiquitous in Egypt– he failed to engage with social media at all. 513 more words