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You know how they say mistakes are not so bad? That if you don’t make mistakes you won’t make anything? Well, it’s not a universally applicable law. 836 more words


Owls and Athena

… Another quick and sort-a random post today. Earlier this week I was walking up in the hills after dark when I looked up and saw this bird silhouette flying above me. 77 more words


Why I Own "Kemet"

This is a bit of a temporary post but content will be added soon!  But needless to say, because it is a crap ton of fun.  23 more words

Board Game


Cairo street food. Gut-splittingly satisfying. And simple.

On the street in Egypt, the vendor will have three enormous trays, with cooked macaroni, cooked rice, and cooked brown lentils; and three pots/dishes of a tomato-based sauce, golden brown onions (“dried and fried” to crisp perfection), and a flavoursome fiery hot chilli sauce to add if the customer wishes. 656 more words

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Another memorable meal – this time one generously shared by a farmer near Akhmim, in Upper Egypt. Sadly, I haven’t yet managed to replicate his recipe to match my memory of it.   174 more words

Middle East

CRISP Fried Onions

One of those desperately simple things that can be so disappointing. Soggy fried onions on Koshari or Ful Medammes? Yeeeuk! 237 more words

Middle East