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Anubis tattoo I made back in November 2015. Egyptian iconography has been popular in tattooing for a long time now, however I don’t get asked to do this stuff in a traditional tattoo style as much as I would like!


January 20 - Zaphenath-Paneah

Then Pharaoh gave Joseph a new Egyptian name, Zaphenath-paneah. He also gave him a wife, whose name was Asenath. She was the daughter of Potiphera, the priest of On.  819 more words

Daily Walk

A Wrap to Go

I have now come to the point where I have to bring all together. Find that deeper meaning, get philosophical about Egyptian Mythology. Not necessarily my area of expertise, but here goes nothing. 377 more words


Tomb Kings Ushabti Update

Let me start this by saying something…..

I. Hate. Resin. Models.

There. I said it. It’s out in the open. There is no more disguising my hatred for the ridiculous use of resin in Warhammer models. 333 more words


Egyptian Food

The Egyptian food is generally a heavy meal. They use a lot of meat, especially beef, sheep, chicken and seafood, but not pork because being an islamic country is not used. 428 more words


Ancient Egyptian “pot burials” are not what they seem

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Around 3,500 BCE, the ancient Egyptians began to practice a ritual that has long perplexed archaeologists. They buried their dead in recycled ceramic food jars similar to Greek amphorae. 711 more words