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Black multi-color costume part 1: new belt base

As I examined the original vintage costume it soon was clear to me that I needed a new bra and belt base. Sometimes a costume can be rebuild on the original base but the fabric was already falling apart. 481 more words


Rattawy: Female Sun of Two Lands

Rattawy, or Raet, is the feminine form of the Egyptian sun-god Ra. The longer form of her name means “Raet of the Two Lands”. Although her name would suggest that she was merely a form of Ra, she seems to have led an independent existence from the 19th Dynasty onward. 919 more words


Hager Hamdy (1949) هاجر حمدي

Hager Hamdy performs in a scene from the 1949 film ‘Gawaher’ (Jewel جواهر) which starred Mahmoud al Meliji, Hind Rostom, Kitty and Ismail Yassin.  The film’s title can also be spelt ‘Jawaher’.

Belly Dance

Riri (1958)

This is dancer/actress Riri performing in a scene from the 1958 Egyptian drama ‘Touha’ (توحة). The singer with her is Mohamed Abdul Muttalib who like so many others, started his career working as an entertainer in the nightclub of Badia Masabni. 33 more words

Belly Dance

Egyptian Store Jars 1250 -1150BC

These Egyptian store jars also caught my attention. Beautiful, simple, shapes from an unimaginably long time ago.



A taxi, metro and microbus ride later, Lake Qarun glistens to my right. I am in Al-Fayoum Oasis, a respite from Cairo and its overwhelming sights and sounds. 2,260 more words