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Soft. Sensual.Goddess.Muse.Seduction.Queen.Lust. Passion.Dance. Higher.


Insight Into The Old Surgical World - Cái nhìn sâu sắc về thế giới phẫu thuật xưa

Năm 10 000 trước Công nguyên (10 000 BC)
– Các nhà khảo cổ học đã khám phá ra những con dao tiền sử.

Năm 3000 trước Công nguyên (3000 BC) 701 more words


Still Life | organization

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Stuck between the Checkpoints: (7) Back to Mena

Laila and Ahmed took a cab back to Ahmed’s place. Something he probably should have done much earlier in that morning.

The city zipped by as they watched the world go past them. 965 more words

Short Stories