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Egyptian presidential hopeful apologizes to arrested supporters

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian presidential hopeful Ahmed Shafik apologized on Saturday to supporters who were arrested this week and called on authorities to resolve the situation.

Fiction- The Chosen Of Anubis. (Part- 5)

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The creatures marched forward, a fixed grimace of death upon their decaying faces. With shield raised and spears pointed, they moved in unison toward the magically bound Medjai. 1,032 more words


Egyptian singer jailed over video inciting debauchery

CAIRO (Reuters) – An Egyptian court jailed a little-known singer for two years on Tuesday for inciting debauchery, judicial sources said, after she appeared in a music video in her underwear and suggestively eating a banana.

Anput the Embalming Goddess

This is my interpretation of Anput, an Egyptian goddess who presided over embalming and mummification. She was the wife of the jackal-masked Anpu (better known as Anubis), with whom she had their daughter Kebechet (goddess of embalming fluid). 20 more words


The Egyptian Revolution by Omar Shalan, Egypt

On January 25, 2011 was the date of the greatest event that ever happened to me. It changed many things about my personality and my viewpoint. 298 more words



Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of life, death and rebirth. She is also the matron of nature and magick. Isis is widely adored, as she was kind and benevolent, using her influence to better humanity. 736 more words