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Aurifil Mako Thread Kit~ Lets Go Sew 100% Egyptian Cotton~50wt~pat Sloan

Aurifil Mako Thread Kit~ Lets Go Sew 100% Egyptian Cotton~50wt~pat Sloan
Aurifil Lets Go SewThread Collection By Pat SloanSKU: PS50LGS12 This Collection Includes One Spool Each Of 12 Amazing Colors Of 50wt Cotton Mako Thread On Orange Spools. 86 more words


Seshat: Mistress of the Books

The Egyptian goddess Seshat is one of the lesser-known Egyptian deities, and yet she was an enduring one. Her name means “Female Scribe” and the art of the scribe was her area: the burgeoning state of Egypt needed to keep records, formalize contracts and agreements, and make blueprints for buildings. 1,565 more words


Drawing Away from the God/desses

For many years I have felt myself drawn to the gods of Egypt. In particular I have always felt drawn to Bast and, to a lesser extent, Anubis. 254 more words



Did you know that the oldest recorded variation of the Cinderella fairy tale was set in ancient Egypt?

According to a brief account by the Greek historian Strabo, an Egyptian courtesan named Rhodopis had one of her sandals carried off by an eagle, which then dropped it in the Pharaoh’s lap. 84 more words


Mine of the Pharaohs

Deep in the eastern Egyptian desert, diorite statues of the lion goddess Sekhmet guard an ancient diamond mine.

I’m not actually aware of diamonds ever being found in Egypt. 36 more words


Wet Hair

I drew these two as an exercise in portraying dripping wet hair of different textures. The chick on the left is ancient Egyptian and the one on the right is from the Maya civilization of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.