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cleopatra, comin' atcha

It’s Friday, folks, so that means it’s time for some big ol’ makeup.

And you can’t get bigger* than pharaoh-chic. Now, I guess I probably should have done this properly, and… 183 more words


Video: The Druids and the Egyptians

hey, these posts are fun

advice to the guy: faster tempo, less monotone sound like you’re reading out a lecture, imagine you’re flirting with someone at a bar, fast back and forth to ideas… 234 more words

Egyptian Weighing of the Heart

In the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, you had to pass through the Hall of Ma’at, the goddess of justice, truth, and harmony and the daughter of Ra, before you could move on to the afterlife. 103 more words


Collage Art: Isis

Yes, I did reuse one of the same pictures I used for the Hekate collage, I had a couple of cards with that picture and it was just so evocative and magical.


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Reposting for the GMC. Collages remain one of my favorite devotional activities.

GMC Poetry: Cry to Isis

The desert sands swirl about me

The realm of cruel Set envelops me

I am lost in the desert

No one hears my anguished cries… 224 more words

God Of The Month Club

The Goddess Isis

If somebody were to take a poll of the most popular Goddesses in modern Paganism, I’d wager that Isis would be one of the highest ranking, somewhere with Hekate, Artemis and Bridged. 2,318 more words


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It's history 

Hey guys.
So I know my NASA post was picture heavy but just to warn you today’s is going to be as well.

This morning I had to get up early for an interview (Skype), not that I really got that much sleep anyway. 292 more words