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The Origins of Egyptian Makeup

Beauty meant a lot to the ancient Egyptians. It was a sign of holiness, the state of being holy and sacred. They used makeup because it had a spiritual aspect to it. 660 more words


Beyond the Egyptian Beauty at the Two Temple Place, London.

David Franchi – Monday, 25 April 2016.

It was an intriguing Egyptian exhibitionBeyond Beauty” at Two Temple Place, London.

Beyond Beauty… 558 more words


Egyptian Jewellery Rings And Bracelets

Ancient Egypt was the civilization in the time of pharaohs which began around 3150 BC. At that time Egyptians excelled in a number of fields including mathematics, architecture and jewellery making. 473 more words

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What I've learnt about Egypt.

The might of the media is strong and it is (in my opinion) due to their influence that Egypt is classed as a “dangerous” country to visit. 624 more words


A Question of Pantheons

There are days when I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my faith. I’m drawn to so many deities. At one time, back when I was a “baby Wiccan”, I worshipped Ceridwen & Cernunnos of the Celtic Gods. 359 more words

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Egyptian Jewellery - Gemstones Used In Ancient Egyptian Jewellery

In Egyptian jewellery one can see beautiful semi-precious gemstones and minerals set in pure gold and sterling silver. Since these stones come in different colors like blue, red, green, amber, turquoise, and yellow, the jewellery articles represent different concepts which these colors symbolize. 468 more words

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How to Make Things Disappear

A circular glass hologram set in 9ct gold.

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