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Naguib Mahfouz's Arabian Nights and Days

4.0 Stars

In Arabian Nights and Days, Mahfouz entwines both social and individual morality. This novel really made me think and question how I view people, society, and morality. 401 more words

Egyptian Sherman from Dragon

Few days ago Dragon has chipped in with their new announcement – Egyptian Sherman with AMX turret. It is definitely interesting subject that has not been tackled in 1/35 plastic before, it is just bit surprising coming from Dragon as they haven’t indicated any AMX related releases before. 86 more words


Aloe Vera Gel

The Egyptians called it “The Plant of Immortality.”

It is recorded that Alexander conquered an island for the sole purpose of capturing the fields of aloe vera there. 222 more words

Body Chemistry


Her name was originally B’sst which became Ubaste, then Bast, then Bastet; the meaning of this name is not known or, at least, not universally agreed upon. 48 more words


Wep Ronpet - Kemetic New Year

I’m attempting a Kemetic New Year celebration for the first time this year!  I’ve been a devotee of Bast and Sekhmet for a while now, and I decided it’s finally time to really start doing holidays.   352 more words


Hayatem (Egypt)

Alexandria born Hayatim first made her name as a dancer. She has appeared in numerous Egyptian movies, initially as a bellydancer who did a bit of acting but later as an actress who did a bit of dancing. 103 more words

Belly Dance