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Cats: infography about interesting facts about cats !

The world LOVES cats. But how much do you really know about cats? Here are some cute and lesser-known funny cat facts that you will certainly find interesting.

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The Voice of Thought

Ever since the hominid brain evolved sufficiently to provide modern humans with a degree of cognitive talent that still surpasses any other known species, the blossoming of conscious awareness slowly provided Homo sapiens with the ability to not only be aware that they exist, but to utilize this new ability deliberately and with purpose. 647 more words


April 26@Psalms 48-50

Psalms 48-50 (NLT) 

Discover His heart: Knowing the brevity of our lives, He values our eternal gains

The old saying, “You can’t take it with you,” speaks of our entrance into eternity without all the items we’ve collected through the years and is a truth that most of us accept.  483 more words

Daily Devotions

Arabic Festival

There are people in this world, kids especially, that do very important things very young. The sooner a person starts focusing on their spike, their main talent, the better it is for him or her in the future. 690 more words


Observation From Excavation— An Interpretation Of Ancient Egyptian and Minoan Art

Archeologists restored ancient Egyptian and Aegean history through analyzing artifacts excavated from ruins of both periods. Egyptian and Minoan arts differ in specific cultural references, but place the same emphasis on religion and nature. 528 more words


Shaving Rituals

It was one of those questions from my son… Why do we (my boy seeing himself as a man) have to shave and where does the facial shaving come from… He’s just… 586 more words


April 17 @ Exodus 9-12

Exodus 9-12 (NLT)

Discover His heart: Our merciful God offers us many opportunities to turn our hearts towards Him.

I’ve known some stubborn people in my life, but none the likes of Pharaoh. 498 more words

Daily Devotions