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A Man made like unto Joseph...

The Lord was with Joseph. Let him add, simply act and augment and continue to do again and exceed further. Some definitive words regarding Joseph who’s special vocation was preserver of the Covenant Family by exercising authority over… 639 more words

Kepler data keeps on giving

The Kepler data keeps giving us more data about potential earth-like planets in other solar systems.

This latest batch discusses planets nearly 500 light years away from our solar system. 424 more words


Moses, Parties, and Exodus Lessons

I loved Easter as a child. Not only because it meant egg hunts and chocolate. It was also one of the few times each year when the city cousins came to visit. 859 more words


Ancient Aliens vs. Good, Hard Work

While recovering from recent illness and exhaustion (and under duress by another family member) I wound up watching a couple of episodes of a program designed to convince us that many of the great ancient monuments of the world were built by aliens. 892 more words


Analyzing an Egyptian Myth

Today and tomorrow, we’re going to read the Egyptian myth,  “Isis and the Seven Scorpions” as a class. This will give us a chance to practice the skills needed to participate and lead Socratic seminars this Friday. 143 more words

Cradles Of Civilization

Tuesday Torah: Exodus 14:14

God said this to the Israelites when the Egyptians were trying to take them back into slavery. They were backed up against the Red Sea and then God did the amazing and split the sea in two so the Israelites could escape. 47 more words