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Great Work, Great Peace

Watching the Lord work can be an endurance building process.  Remember, He doesn’t see time like we do.  In our rush filled world, we are constantly striving for the immediate gratification of our needs or wants to be fulfilled.   435 more words


🎧 ⛵ 🇪🇬 Wahashtny Masr — A song for everyone missing lovely Egypt!

🇪🇬 💌 🛬 🏠 👪 🎠 🎡 🍲 ⛱️ 🌊 ⛵ Wahashetny Masr (“I miss Egypt” in Egyptian language) … a song dedicated for everyone missing Egypt and its friendly people, its tasty food, and all the fun and laughs at different places in the country! :-)


Using song in story telling...

We are currently doing a project with the enquiry question ‘How can we tell stories like the Egyptians?’ As part of this we are currently learning the story of Isis and Ra. 51 more words

Teacher Life

How Beer saved the World!

I was reading an article and found out it’s a documentary about beer saving the world. The story and meaning behind it dates back to the old times when water was so contaminated that beer was safer to drink. 262 more words

New Trends

Egyptian wow day

Year 5 had their wow day for the Egyptian topic today. The Egyptian interactive drama production was very well received and there were some wonderful hieroglyphics painted.

April 26@Psalms 48-50

Psalms 48-50 (NLT) 

Discover His heart: Knowing the brevity of our lives, He values our eternal gains

The old saying, “You can’t take it with you,” speaks of our entrance into eternity without all the items we’ve collected through the years and is a truth that most of us accept.  483 more words

Daily Devotions

trampled the waves of the sea

“…how can a man be in the right before God?
He is wise in heart and mighty in strength…
who alone stretched out the heavens… 732 more words