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Have you ever wondered why we, human being’s have this certain degree of intelligence? Why we can apparently use certain parts and or percentages of our brain and other parts are scientifically impossible to access? 86 more words


Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and his Ancient School of Mysteries


Thoth Hermes Trismegistus is portrayed by the Egyptians as the moon god with the body of a man, head of an ibis, and a crescent moon over his head. 995 more words

The Mysteries

Triple trouble! Cairo Egypt

Haha triple trouble! Brain training is extremely challenging but it doesn’t stop our cool kids and trainers having fun!


It's where the cool kids are at! Cairo Egypt

We have some of the coolest Genius in the whole of Cairo on our programme!  Awesomeness level 1 million! Is your child an awesome genius in the making? 7 more words


Does fear stop you achieving? Cairo Egypt

What would you do? Where would you go? What would you start? Who would you be?


We have goslings!

So, the guineas ended up being a not very successful hatch, and they had been kind of tossed on me anyway… thanks to my lovely guy. 131 more words


Ramadan Kareem! Cairo Egypt

We would like to wish you all a very peaceful blessed and rewarding Ramadan. Stay healthy and happy.