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There is something about the nature of truffles that have captivated people for over a thousand years.  Perhaps it is the dazzling, irresistible aroma that continues to draw generation after generation to this delicacy.   378 more words

Foodie Facts

Is there a need to celebrate black history month?

Yes there is a damn need to celebrate black history month. Many question the purpose of black history month and whether it serves a purpose today. 318 more words

Black Skin

Dreams Belong To God

This is a quick follow up to my previous posts about the “carnival hucksters” who peddle their false prophecies, their so called super natural abilities to see and speak to the departed, to see the future and relive the past, etc., etc.. 495 more words


No, Egyptians Aren't White... But They Aren't Black Either

When the cast of Exodus: Gods and Kings—Ridley Scott’s upcoming Biblical epic—was announced a lot of people made the complaint that it was overwhelmingly white, a move they decried as both inaccurate and racist. 2,074 more words


5 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

  1. Kitsune is pronounced in a Japanese like way that I totally love and don’t know how to type up phonetically. Because that’s the kind of goofy writer I am.
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👩‍✈️ 🇪🇬 The Pharaoh's Female Eagles of the Skies — Women as Captains of EgyptAir

✈️️ ☁️️ 💺 The next time you are flying on EgyptAir, it might well be a very professional, confident, and energetic woman in the captain’s seat of the plane! 105 more words


👪 🇪🇬 Who are the Egyptian people living in the different regions of Egypt today?

Ever wondered, if you didn’t visit Egypt yet, who are the current residents of the land of the pharaohs, Egypt? Who are the Egyptians living currently in Egypt? 1,047 more words