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“It’s A Scandal” -Daryl Hall on Doctors Denying Chronic Lyme

Excerpted from the Huffington Post :  (07/22/2016)

Growing up a musically-obsessed child in the 80’s, Daryl Hall was one of my biggest inspirations. A masterful, inventive songwriter with an ocean of soul, he set me on the path to being an artist, to never waste a word, and to sing because I mean it. 846 more words


The Alien Bacteria: A Friend's Journey through Tick Borne Disease

By Devang Patel, MD

The Story

Hi everyone.  Couldn’t get to sleep today so I thought I would write a blog.  This blog isn’t just any blog though.   1,663 more words

Point Of View.

Does E. ewingii Cause More Cases of Ehrlichiosis Than Previously Thought?

This figure shows the incidence of ehrlichicosis cases by state in 2010 per million persons. Ehrlichiosis was not notifiable in Alaska, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota or Montana. 685 more words

Bacterial Diseases

PICC line for treatment


So some recent exciting things have happened in the world of Sam…I got a PICC line put in! We finally decided it was time to do IV treatment so last Wednesday I got a PICC line put in and last Thursday I received my first ever dose of IV doxycycline. 514 more words


Update since last LLMD appointment 

I haven’t updated my blog since I last saw my LLMD on February 1. He added a bunch of more supplements and another antibiotic specifically for bartonella (I think most of my issues are from Bart). 544 more words



Something that is hard to avoid when dealing with a sickness or any hardship in life is letting it take over and consume your whole life.  721 more words


Relationships and sickness

One of the more depressing aspects of Lyme Disease is the lack of support from people you previously considered to be your friend. This isn’t exclusive to Lyme Disease (this happens with any hardship people face) but the difference with Lyme vs any other illness is that most people don’t know anything about Lyme or they just write it off as the ‘disease that makes your joints hurt.’ Most normal people don’t know just how bad Lyme can be and I think that can hurt the relationships people suffering with Lyme have. 621 more words