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Photos On Dark Web Reveal Geo-locations Of 229 Drug Dealers — Here's How

Source: thehackernews.com

It’s a Fact! No matter how smart the criminals are, they always leave some trace behind.

Two Harvard students have unmasked around 229 drug and weapon dealers with the help of pictures taken by criminals and used in advertisements placed on dark web markets. 413 more words

Cyber Crimes

Film review: 'Black' ★★★

The now infamous Brussels municipality of Molenbeek provides the polemical backdrop to Black, a brutal modern retelling of Romeo and Juliet by directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. 69 more words


Film review: 'The Carer' ★★

This British-Hungarian co-production may herald as its protagonist an ailing man unsteady on his feet, but The Carer is a rather twee romp that purposefully treads familiar ground with a predictability that will disinterest as many as it comforts. 60 more words


EIFF 2016 - Round-up

Pikadero (Ben Sharrock)

Set in a small town in the Basque area of Spain, Scottish director Ben Sharrock’s comedy-drama follows a young couple as they attempt to consummate their relationship.  594 more words

Interview: Andrew Stanton and Lindsey Collins

The good folks at Pixar have done it again. Extraordinarily, twelve years have passed since Finding Nemo won hearts and minds all over the world and long-awaited sequel… 80 more words


VOD review: 'A Patch of Fog' ★★★

During one of A Patch of Fog‘s increasingly sinister exchanges between unhinged cat and desperate mouse, Stephen Graham’s devilishly dubious security guard, Robert, threatens his quarry with disconcerting rhetoric: “Am I a sad little man?” Though voiced by a veritable oddball, the sentiment could equally be applied to his prey, Sandy Duffy, a renowned novelist played by Conleth Hill – who will be familiar to many as Lord Varys in… 58 more words


While the Trees Sleep [Short] - EIFF Review

While the trees sleep is a brave little short that tries to build depth like a feature while keeping to a smart and poignant running time. 368 more words