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VOD review: 'A Patch of Fog' ★★★

During one of A Patch of Fog‘s increasingly sinister exchanges between unhinged cat and desperate mouse, Stephen Graham’s devilishly dubious security guard, Robert, threatens his quarry with disconcerting rhetoric: “Am I a sad little man?” Though voiced by a veritable oddball, the sentiment could equally be applied to his prey, Sandy Duffy, a renowned novelist played by Conleth Hill – who will be familiar to many as Lord Varys in… 58 more words


While the Trees Sleep [Short] - EIFF Review

While the trees sleep is a brave little short that tries to build depth like a feature while keeping to a smart and poignant running time. 368 more words


Interview: Rachel Tunnard and Jodie Whittaker

Writer-director Rachel Tunnard and leading lady-executive producer Jodie Whittaker are a bubbly pair. Sparky personalities and the closeness of their long-term friendship imbues kooky British indie… 53 more words

British Directors

Film review: 'The Colony' ★★

European middleweights Emma Watson, Daniel Brühl and Michael Nygvist form a strong foundation on which to build a semi-political historical thriller. Though Florian Gallenberger’s The Colony… 86 more words


EIFF 2016 - Whisky Galore! (Gillies Mackinnon)

This remake of alexander Mackendrick’s Ealing classic Whisky Galore! (1949) has been in development since the early 2000’s. Every so often the producers would attempt to drum up publicity in the press and people would wonder why bother remaking one of the great Scottish films? 364 more words

Bernie and Rebecca [Short] - EIFF Review

Bernie and Rebecca is honestly one of the best shorts out there at the moment. With some solid performances and a heartfelt narrative, there is something here that everyone can relate to. 288 more words


Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016

Over the last two weeks, I have been working at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It has been a very valuable experience for me as it gave me more insight into press photography and expected standards in the industry. 74 more words