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Current Mode Control- Where is the Second Pole?

Current-mode converters are super popular these days.

They have numerous benefits:

  • Easy compensation- they are effectively a single pole system (the pole associated with inductor current is pushed out beyond Nyquist)
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Ex: Find a Value to Make 2x2 Matrix Singular (Eigenvalue Warm Up)

This video explains how to determine the values of lambda that make a 2×2 matrix singular.

VII. Linear Algebra

Algebraic methods 2 - the adjacency matrix and the eigenvalues of a graph

A huge problem in graph theory is to find out if it’s possible to cover or span a given graph with copies of other given graphs. 635 more words

Algebraic Methods

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors is an important and wide concept of Matrices. They are mostly used in the calculations of linear transformations.

By definition:-

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Linear Algebra: Part IV

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have posted about what I’m learning. I’ve been slow on finishing this chapter because life has made me minimally busy with interviews and shadowing for jobs. 507 more words

Effect of Feedback-path Filtering on Controller Design

Controller design for a power conversion system is mostly a straightforward matter (see my previous post on Controller Design). Unless there are some interesting circumstances, such as dominant parasitics, very low carrier ratio (which is the ratio of the switching frequency to the closed-loop bandwidth), or highly non-linear operating point, then the design procedure is very simple and could be easily automated, for example, with a MatLab or Python script.   846 more words

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