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On uncertainty (with cartoon ending).

Reading about the uncertainty principle in popular literature almost always sets my teeth on edge.

I assume most people have a few qualms like that, things they often see done incorrectly that infuriate them.  3,274 more words

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Honoris Causa: John Francis, Inventor of the QR Algorithm

It’s been yet another busy week, trying to catch up on things I missed last week as well as preparing for Thursday’s graduation ceremony for students from the… 1,125 more words

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Current Mode Control- Where is the Second Pole?

Current-mode converters are super popular these days.

They have numerous benefits:

  • Easy compensation- they are effectively a single pole system (the pole associated with inductor current is pushed out beyond Nyquist)
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Ex: Find a Value to Make 2x2 Matrix Singular (Eigenvalue Warm Up)

This video explains how to determine the values of lambda that make a 2×2 matrix singular.

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Algebraic methods 2 - the adjacency matrix and the eigenvalues of a graph

A huge problem in graph theory is to find out if it’s possible to cover or span a given graph with copies of other given graphs. 635 more words