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Songs My Father Taught Me

My father didn’t give me songs in the traditional sense. He gave them to me unspoken and acknowledged only by the turn of the volume knob. 1,813 more words

In Defense of the Cassette (or, Why This Trendy Trend Makes Rational Sense)

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve seen the rise and fall of several types of music media. I was born into a CD-less world: compact discs didn’t hit the streets until 1982 (a factoid I learned from Jian’s memoir). 888 more words


eight tracks (or stuff I come up with when I'm having a crisis)

I’d say this has been the worst week of my entire life. I had a terrible break up, I found out about really shitty things, I got mugged in the street during a blackout and I have to prepare for two weeks of exams after not going to school for a month (I was sick). 891 more words

Eight Tracks

Schlock and awe!

If you read the Sunday papers like I do (Bruce likes to look at the comics and the Walmart flyers – I am trying to break him of THAT habit!)), then you know the primary reason for that edition is to sell you garbage you don’t need. 704 more words

New Jersey

Her name was Lola; she was a showgirl.

Spotify, and programs like it, might very well be the most important software ever invented.  The idea that I can pick from an absolutely huge catalogue of songs for absolutely free is an amazing one for a person getting–perhaps–a little long in the tooth. 228 more words


Different Technology?

In my never ending quest to expand the influence of my sermons I’m trying a different technology, as you can see in the accompanying photograph. OK, I’m kidding. 102 more words