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Few words about guilty pleasures...

I have to start with the confession that I have self-discipline build in me. From the very early years, I knew how to divide my time and when to play and when to learn and do my homework. 366 more words


Cover Song Saturday: Hammerfall - Detroit Rock City and Youth Gone Wild

Not as strong or powerful as the original, but I still like the sound of it. Good cover from an amazing bad.

Again, not as powerful as the original, but it is still a damn good cover.


Mixtape Monday - Shenanigans in the 80s

Another Monday, another mixtape…

And another themed mixtape. This one was suggested by a friend and I could think of no more eighties way to start an eighties-themed mixtape than with the Grange Hill theme tune. 257 more words


Welcome to my Rock and Roll Heaven!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading! Bear with me (I’m a novice blogger), but my goal is to share my love of music with all of you. 187 more words


1/16/17: Monday Funday Dance Party

Way back in 2005, a man named Dr. Cliff Arnall looked at things like weather, debts following the holidays, and all those New Years resolutions we haven’t been following, and came up with a date for the most Depressing Day of the Year. 148 more words

Back to the Future #eighties #boots

I’ve never felt able to wear leggings of any kind. I haven’t had the right legs for them, not since they were invented. My calves have been far too big; my thighs elephantine; my bum… well, the less said about that, the better. 905 more words


Thursday's Mood

Honestly, this is one of my personal favorites. It always makes me feel better. Whether you’re feeling like shit because of a bad day or just feeling defeated, this song just reels you back in. 133 more words