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Brazil’s Eike Batista Fined 1.4 Million Reais by Market Regulator

Luciana Magalhaes – The Wall Street Journal, 3/18/2015

Former billionaire Eike Batista was fined 1.4 million Brazilian reais ($429,000) Wednesday by Brazil’s market regulator for failing to provide shareholders with timely information while his industrial empire was collapsing in 2013. 57 more words

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Judge Suspended in Brazil Tycoon's Trial for Taking Defendant's Porsche Home

A judge presiding over the trial of one of Brazil’s biggest tycoons has been suspended after being caught driving the defendant’s high-end Porsche home.

Flavio Roberto de Souza was pronounced unfit to continue in the case against Eike Batista and will have all his decisions annulled, the BBC reports. 86 more words

Eike Batista: From billionaire to negative billionaire?

Sarah Whitten – CNBC, 2/9/2015

Once known as Brazil’s richest man, Eike Batista has had the biggest drop in net worth of any other billionaire to date. 52 more words

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Brazil Authorities Seize Cars, Documents From Eike Batista

Luciana Magalhaes – The Wall Street Journal, 2/6/2015

Brazilian authorities continued to tighten the screws on former Brazilian tycoon Eike Batista on Friday, seizing assets and documents in early-morning raids on two of his homes. 63 more words

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What A Surreal Day For Brazil

Linette Lopez – Business Insider, 1/28/2015

In the past year or so Brazil’s economy has gone from one of magnificent growth to one of incredible disappointment, and two stories out today especially embody the epic scale of the country’s fall from grace. 78 more words

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Brazilian Millionaire on Trial for Insider Trading

The 58 year old business man and Brazilian native Eike Batista made his fortune in his earlier days off mining and oil.  He married a model wife and accumulated a fortune of $30 billion becoming the richest man in Brazil.   282 more words

Fed minutes and G-20 meeting -- 5 things to watch for this week

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Third-quarter earnings season will still be humming next week, although they are about to wind down. Retailers, which weigh in this coming week, are traditionally the last sector to report their financials. 505 more words