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Petra - "half as old as time"

Route 90 runs south from Jerusalem. At 390m below sealevel, it is the world’s lowest road and the main arterial to popular resorts along the arid banks of the Dead Sea. 1,067 more words

Donate to stop the songbird eating in Cyprus

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Champions of the Flyway is a major new international bird race that is being staged in Eilat, Israel – home of one of the world’s most desirable birding destinations and famous migration spectacles. 109 more words

Bird Slaughter

January 24th: The Negev and Eilat, Part IV

I woke up around 9AM today for the free breakfast offered by the hostel, then went back to bed for a while.  Today was Saturday–Shabbat–so there was nothing mandatory planned, in case anyone was extremely observant. 1,115 more words


January 23rd: The Negev and Eilat, Part III

Our bus dropped us off in front of our hostel.  It was a modest building simply called the Youth Hostel and Guest House, located near the southern end of the city.   1,093 more words


January 4th and 5th: The Calm before the Storm

January 4th:

While at work today, I got a call back from Leah’s dentist in Jerusalem, with whom I’d left a message a couple of days prior.  321 more words


Eilat Weekend Apartments For

237,200 Arabs live in the Haifa District, which has a total population of 939,000. Most Arabs of the Haifa District live in the Wadi Ara region that straddles the northwestern border of the West Bank. 234 more words


Traveling to … Israel

Holy Land tours to Israel have grown in popularity over the years. A Holy Land tour is a magical, personally enriching experience. Visiting the top Holy Land attractions – the Western Wall and Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Nazareth, Galilee, and the Mount of Olives – will have a profound impact and resonate within you for a long time. 383 more words

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