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A Different Kind Of New York Story

Eileen Myles is a poet, but also so much more than a poet. In her autobiographical Chelsea Girls, recently reissued by Harper Collins, Myles lays bare the life of a poet in 1970s New York. 184 more words


'The Past Is More Now Than Usual': Eileen Myles on Having Two Books Released with Mercury in Retrograde

I think there’s a very interesting poetry moment going on culturally now. Part of what I’m experiencing with this nice reception of this book is the way being a female poet is a certain version of coming of age — poetry is very diaristic, small pieces, an art form you can realize — you wrote poems when you were young — a quick, young, cheap available art form.

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Eileen Myles - "Punk Rock Poetry"

Hey everyone! So NPR published an article today by Craig Morgan Teicher on the poet Eileen Myles, who has published more than a dozen poetry and fiction books. 89 more words


All the Things Eileen Myles Says That Make Me Dog-Ear Pages

I’m reading Inferno by Eileen Myles right now. The book cover calls it “a poet’s novel.” To me this means two things: one, that its structure is not organized in a traditional way (scenes often flash back and forth between the past and present) and two, that it is full of gorgeous sentences. 474 more words


dammit I still have work to do: 271/365

On the tiny Cape Air flight this morning, the woman next to me pulled out a pocket-sized orange notebook and jotted down a few things. She put it up and then pulled it out again and wrote some more. 74 more words

1 True Thing

Short Take: I Must Be Living Twice - Eileen Myles

Fans of Patti Smith may enjoy this major collection, steeped in the culture of New York City and recalling a radical literary and artistic life. 188 more words


Eileen Myles

The irreduceable Eileen Myles interviewed in her East Village apartment by Ben Lerner:

Eileen Myles in Conversation

Eileen Myles by Rachel Munroe:

After 19 Books and a Presidential Bid, Eileen Myles Gets Her Due

New Republic interview

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