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One boring March evening
my parents were
trying to think
of something
to do since
Dad was sober
for a change
they decided to fuck. 239 more words

English professor’s ass....

My English professor’s ass was so beautiful. It was perfect and full as she stood at the board writing some important word. Reality or perhaps illusion. 67 more words


Leo Said

you’ve gotta
write clearer
so you can
be read
when you’re

Eileen Myles


Dived down...

“I just dived down. It couldn’t have been too fast. Time was being so slow and warm. And there it was. A pussy, the singular place on a girl, it’s where I’m going. 149 more words


on loving (and leaving) twitter

I have created (and briefly maintained) a hell of a lot of blogs in my day, but I think I’ve joined (and subsequently abandoned) Twitter an even more embarrassing number of times. 413 more words


Rah! Rah! Roundup

“…to write poetry and be a poet is to get bombarded with stupidity like you’re invited to be on panels with titles like does poetry matter. 267 more words

Rah! Rah! Roundup