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lately, I’ve died a thousand times for fresh mozzarella covered in cracked black pepper & olive oil, cold whole milk with muesli & berries, humble ricotta smattered on a salad of grated carrots & beets. 252 more words

Poetry as Necessity

From a recent New York Times Magazine interview with Eileen Myles:

NY Times Magazine: Many people would be surprised to hear that according to you, poetry is alive and well in America. 69 more words

Subverting Empire

Bowie's Illustrator Speaks, a Scholarship Exclusive to White Men, and More: Today's Recommended Reading

Here at Flavorwire, we pride ourselves on not only writing some of the best content on the Internet, but keeping an eye on all of the great writing that other folks on the ‘Net are doing, too. 671 more words


Eileen Myles: the kick-ass contemporary poet currently beloved by Hollywood

Why should everyone in-the-know know about Eileen Myles? Let’s see. 1. The poetry of Eileen Myles was featured in the movie Grandma, where Lily Tomlin plays a character loosely based on Myles. 327 more words


How and why

I’m not the only writer who’s fascinated by the processes of inspiration, composition, and revision, but horrified by the processes of self-promotion. And  I do mean full-on gothic trauma complete with repressed guilt rising monstrously from a shallow grave and chasing me through the Cemetery of Dead Projects. 955 more words

“Well why did you come over. I invited you to my home. He looked me straight in the face. We paused for a moment like animals who hear a loud bang. 9 more words