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By Emily Marczak: History Columnist.


Albert Einstein once said ‘reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.’

This famous quote, once thought as a philosophical argument, now belongs in the realm of quantum research. 583 more words


Einstein's Quest (Poem)

This is poem I wrote in 2010 having left the national laboratory complex and was working in DC.  I spent much time with Lester Brown… 706 more words


Time to Change Political strategy

This is basically the whole crux of the problem. Hillary and the Democrats have done little to nothing about the problems our nation has been having. 172 more words

Jill Stein

No. 3143

Bored Billy. By CpSingleton © 2016

He’s bored! Bored!

Oh, my Lord!

Where can he set his feet –

Those big old plates of meat- 73 more words


Five Positive Last Moments

  1. It is well known Steve Jobs had a single book- Autobiography of a Yogi on his iPhone – so much so a copy of it was given to everyone at his funeral.
  2. 316 more words

Some Thoughts About Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

When I was a young child, long before I received my first telescope as a Christmas gift from my parents, I often looked up at the moon and thought to myself, this is what the moon will look like in a hundred years from now, a thousand years from now, long after I’m gone. 865 more words


Understanding Everyone's Favourite Equation

Physicist-Dominic Lennon:

The equation is well known by the general masses and many can recite it perfectly. Few however, can tell you clearly what it means and at most they might be able to tell you it has something to do with mass, energy, the speed of light and that all this is connected to nuclear weapons … somehow. 482 more words