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'Gravitational wave', So what?

Seminggu terakhir di timeline berseliweran banyak postingan tentang gravitaional wave yang akhirnya ‘membuktikan’ perkiraan Einstein. I cannot explain it in here in a sense that I most possibly won’t get it right. 637 more words


Einstein’s General Law of Relativity Finally Proven

On February 11, 2016, a team of scientists announced that they had heard and recorded the sound of two black holes colliding 1.2 billion years ago, proving the last prediction of Einstein’s general theory of relativity in which the space-time continuum is not static but dynamic, able to stretch and shrink. 122 more words


Scientists Prove It’s Still Einstein’s Universe and We’re All Just Living In It

In what has truly turned out to be a momentous occasion in astrophysics, today scientists announced the first-ever direct observation of gravitational waves by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) experiment, which consists of two enormous detector facilities located in Louisiana and Washington state and an international consortium of thousands of researchers. 14 more words

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Gravitational Waves: Revolutionary Discovery proves Einstein's Ripples in Spacetime Exist

The discovery, he said, completes a scientific arc of wonder that began 200 years ago, when the great British scientist Michael Faraday began to puzzle about how action was transmitted across the distance of space; how the Sun pulled the Earth around. 481 more words

Reflection on Morning Motivation day #848

This particular quote has seemingly held true for almost every aspect of life. However, I see it most prevalent within the business atmosphere – when solving problems, some like to just add and add ideas and thoughts, creating an even bigger headache. 19 more words


Jeff Rense & Christopher Jon Bjerknes - Einstein Exposed...Biggest Physics Fraud Ever?

Published on Feb 13, 2016

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Clip from February 09, 2016 – guest Christopher Jon Bjerknes on the Jeff Rense Program. 12 more words

Sound of the cosmos

Sound of the cosmos

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator


The “chirp” is bright and bird-like, its pitch rising at the end as though it’s asking a question. 4,504 more words