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Quote of the day - Albert Einstein

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
– Albert Einstein


Einstein's riddle

You may have probably heard of this riddle, which is thought to have been written by Albert Einstein, who said that not more than 2% of the  population would be able to solve it. 194 more words

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A Package, Time Dilation, and Queen

The Package 02/23/01

Was this a dream of a dream born of the magic of the night sea. Or did it happen light years away at the speed of light from a new Earth past Demeter’s wistful eyes? 575 more words

Organized or Messy | Personal Style

This is actually an interesting question depending on what part of my life you look at and my mood at the time. Organization can be the pristine countertops of a model home, or a sterile laboratory. 100 more words


What Einstein and I have in common

No. I am not a genius nor a physics or mathematician. I remember the days of Princeton. I lived several years in Princeton, NJ and actually worked part-time at the Princeton University while studying and trying to start my professional career. 361 more words

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