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The 12 Laws of Attraction That Can Change Your Life

Did you know you can change your life? Do you believe that anything is possible? Do you know you are not destined or born to live a life of unhappiness, failed relationships and little money? 1,083 more words

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Albert Einstein's special mark on the universe

By Jeffrey Bennett

It has been exactly 100 years since Albert Einstein presented his theory of general relativity to an audience of scientists on November 25, 1915. 998 more words

Albert Einstein

Einstein in Popular Culture

Einstein is without a doubt the most popular scientist of all time. His name would probably be the first one that come into most people’s mind when asked about a scientist’s name. 1,042 more words


Time Lord Explains General Theory of Relativity

it is 100 years since Einstein unveiled his General Theory of Relativity

here, David Tennant narrates a short video explaining what it’s all about


Give Thanks to the Time Lord

Exactly 100 years ago, an alien mind inside an unusual man opened the eyes of humanity and forever changed the way we see the universe. His name has become synonymous with Time and Relativity and Space, yet his face has appeared to the world in many different forms. 366 more words


November 25th is Centenary for Einstein's General Theory of Relativity

Over the centuries, many have tried to explain gravity but none have done more or come closer to a full explanation or understanding of it than the great physicist, thinker, philosopher and Nobel Laureate, Albert Einstein. 2,069 more words



The theory of relativity

Effecte us positively

But still can not relate

Or quantify the teeny tiny.