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Stephen Hawking Invites You To His Time Travel Party

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In June 2009, Prof. Stephen Hawking held a party at the University of Cambridge. He waited for a long time in a room filled with champagnes, decorations and food. 1,321 more words


#BookReview: The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict

A vivid and mesmerizing novel about the extraordinary woman who married and worked with one of the greatest scientists in history.

What secrets may have lurked in the shadows of Albert Einstein’s fame? 437 more words


Pensiero del giorno 16 febbraio 2017 - Daily Quote

Pensiero del giorno 16 febbraio 2017

“La crescita intellettuale dovrebbe cominciare con la nascita e cessare solo alla morte!!!”

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death”.

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AI is an Arms Race, Or, Why Einstein Will Fail

Remember when SaaS CRM companies needed to build their own multi-tenant architectures to bring their CRM to market? And how they needed to maintain expensive and unwieldy architectures that took focus away from actual product development? 441 more words


tot câte unul

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Relativity Part 1: A brief introduction

The equation E=mc­2, is arguably one of most famous equations of physics that has revolutionized the entire way we perceive reality. Before the equation was discovered, the universe was thought to have been composed of two distinct entities – matter and reality. 1,327 more words