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Does Everything Move at the Speed of Light?

I have a friend who once explained to me his way of understanding spacetime, and what Einstein discovered about it, which was to start with the idea that, as he put it, “everything is traveling at c,” and proceed from there. 717 more words


How much do I love that noble man
More than I could tell with words
I fear though he’ll remain alone
With a holy halo of his own


They Can't Take Our Quantum!

They Can’t Take Our Quantum! by Cathy D. Slaght (Blog from)

There is a force, a consciousness, which holds the energy of the universe together. 436 more words

March 2015


-Aditya Guha

Pi-Day is celebrated every year on 14th March, to represent the first 3 digits of ‘Pi’. This year was special in the sense that the first 10(or even more!) digits could be represented with accuracy. 76 more words

The Perspective

A Tribute to a Great Physicist

-Pragya Rastogi

Einstein’s birthday was on 14th March, also eponymously known as “Pi-Day” for obvious reasons.

The Perspective

The Genius Called Einstein

-Mugdha Kiran

The luminosity of Einstein’s star in the firmament of scientists eclipses other. The Brobdingnagian magnitude of his contribution to the field of science can be gauged from the fact that Einstein’s laid the foundation of in almost all the areas including thermodynamics, mechanics, classical fields, solids, atomic physics, and quantum mechanics. 313 more words

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