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Do you know your energetic vibration?

Everything is energy and everything vibrates at a specific frequency. I found this wonderful read about energy and its vibrating frequency. Our friends from Ashtar Command Crew shared a wondeful article on how to change your frequency if it’s not vibrating at its fullest potential. 75 more words

Law Of Attraction

July 27, 2015

The pain has become bad enough to invade my last sanctuary…my dreams.

The one last, best way to escape it has been breached, and I woke up hurting even more. 1,018 more words


I found a random idea generator online, and it said to draw Albert Einstein with animal mutations. Giraffe Einstein is a genius among giraffes.

Since updating everyday isn’t really working out, and because quality is better than quantity (and I really need better quality), I’m cutting the update schedule to once a week on Wednesday mornings. 107 more words

My Uncle Oswald by Roald Dahl / George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl

 Is it alright to say that Roald Dahl might have been a bit weird? Hard to know with a national treasure. His children’s books are the stuff of literary legend, of course. 719 more words

You Only Live Twice

Imagination Will Take You Everywhere

“Logika akan membawamu dari titik A menuju titik B. Namun imajinasi akan membawamu kemanapun”

(Albert Einstein)


Students on ADHD meds

We are currently in the neurology block, and in one lecture a professor brought up famous people who would’ve likely been diagnosed with ADHD, which included Albert Einstein.   831 more words

Pam Grout

here is a great book I’m reading now any thoughts for anyone who has read this??

Law Of Attraction