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Poets in the Future

Alexander Pope, among others, wrote about relative positions well before Einstein published his special and general relativities. #noreference  With so many advancements emerging from science discoveries which poets have already said it? 60 more words

Poet At Large

Doctors: Impulsive Selfie Taking Dubbed 'Selfitis'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “Selfitis” is when a person is compelled to constantly take photos of themselves and post them on social media, and doctors say it’s a genuine mental condition backed by new science. 285 more words


Making software development as simple as possible, but not simpler

This short video blog explores a recent claim by Alistair Cockburn that agile has gotten too complicated and it does so in the context of what Albert Einstein once said about simplicity.

Software Engineering Method & Theory (SEMAT)

Introvert : You Are A Proud Introvert : The Introverted Soul

You Are A Proud Introvert

Be the Real you as an introvert.

Why are you always behaving like an introvert ?

How can you like staying alone all the time ? 454 more words


Heisenberg part 2: Leibniz, Camus, and Kuhn (oh my!)

Continuing my commentary on Heisenberg’s Physics and Philosophy (see my previous post for more), I have a few more scattered thoughts to get down. In no particular order: 1,373 more words

Quantum Mechanics

Study: Gender Differences In Heart Failure Treatment

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —New research finds a discrepancy in the way male and female heart failure patients are treated.

Researchers: Blood And Urine Test For Autism Could Enable Earlier Diagnosis… 258 more words


Rare letter from Einstein thanks American who helped Jews escape Nazi Germany

CHICAGO, Ill. — In 1939, Albert Einstein wrote “thank you notes” to a few people for helping Jews to escape Nazi Germany. While historians only knew about two of those letters, a third recently surfaced in Chicago, according to… 253 more words