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New Advancement Uses Body's Own Immune System To Fight Cancer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new treatment is giving hope to patients who have run out of options. It’s a scientific advancement that uses the body’s own immune system to fight cancer. 281 more words


In Your Dreams

How can you be sure
The shadow that follows you
Is your own
If it has no face
And, no other distinguishing features
Which prove… 137 more words

O Nobel de Física de 2017 e uma História Sobre a Relatividade Geral

Meu amiguinho Eduardo Ribeiro, que entrou no curso de Engenharia Física em 2015 e faz iniciação científica em relatividade geral fez esse texto sobre o Prêmio Nobel desse ano que tenho certeza que vão gostar. 2,264 more words

Divulgação Científica

When astronomers struck gold, literally!

After the recent announcement by LIGO, cosmology has now entered into a new era. Recently made announcement answers all those questions raised on the credibility of 2016 detection of GW by LIGO. 574 more words


Study: Taller Men At Greater Risk Of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A man’s height could be linked to his risk for developing an aggressive form of prostate cancer, according to new research.

For this research, scientists looked at height and body mass index to see how they might impact a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer. 293 more words