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Professor Einstein robot can be your science tutor and friend

We’re going to meet a lot of robots with artificial intelligence in the coming years. But will we get any as smart as Albert Einstein? A Hong Kong startup called Hanson Robotics wants to make that happen with the introduction of Professor Einstein, a walking and talking robot that looks like the famous scientist.



La vida es un solo tiempo.

La única diferencia entre pasado, presente y futuro, es una necia persistencia ilusoria.
Albert Eistein


Quotes and ideas

Take this as a dumpster for ideas and quotes, articulated by men and women surpassing my own framework of understanding the world, humanities and natural sciences. 351 more words

Introduction to Special Relativity

It is fair to say that absolutely everybody knows who Albert Einstein is. What many people don’t know is why he is regarded as a genius. 779 more words


Passionately curious

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

~Albert Einstein