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TIME ZONE CONVERTER… 406 more words

Interview - Matthew Wright

On my list of regular blogs to visit is the one written by New Zealand historian Matthew Wright. His interests, however, don’t just lie in the past but the present and future too, mixing current science with science fiction. 1,768 more words

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Carl Jung on "Einstein" - Anthology

It was above all the simplicity and directness of his genius as a thinker that impressed me mightily and exerted a lasting influence on my own intellectual work. 182 more words


What is Depth Psychology? Myers Briggs who?

Carl Jung, Introvert, Extravert, Sigmund Freud, Collective Unconscious.

If you’re like most people, these words probably seem familiar. These are some of the fundamentals of Psychology that most of the general population is already familiar with, although many may not know the actual meaning of these terms. 719 more words


GPS-urile și teoria relativității

Scriam la finalul articolului precedent (despre natura iluzorie a lumii) că dilatarea timpului preconizată de Einstein în a lui teorie a relativității asigură buna funcționare a GPS-urilor de azi. 751 more words