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The Holy Spirit’s use of words:Example 3

What has just been before us leads us to point out that the only sure and satisfactory way of settling the old controversy between the Protestant and popish theologians as to whether the word “justify” means to make just or to pronounce just is to ascertain how the term is used by the sacred writers, for an appeal to Holy Writ does not leave the issue in the slightest doubt. 618 more words

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The Holy Spirit’s use of words:Example 2

Consider the grand truth and glorious privilege of adoption. Probably it is not going too far to say that only a very small percentage of Christians entertain any scriptural concept thereof. 1,071 more words

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More on Positive Confession

In hope of helping the reader study and guard themselves against “positive confession” I thought I’d share a couple helpful articles/videos that were helpful to me… 97 more words

American Christianity

The Holy Spirit’s use of words:Example 1

19. The Holy Spirit’s use of words. The correct interpretation of many passages can be satisfactorily established only by a careful investigation of how their terms are employed by the sacred writers, for not a few of them possess an entirely different force from their dictionary meanings. 205 more words

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8 Ways To Become A Heretic

by Eric Ayala

Very few people set out to intentionally become heretics. In fact, many heretics not only of today but also of the past started with the best of intentions but slid into heretical doctrines. 94 more words


Words with different meanings:Example 6

The word “judgment” is another which calls for real study. There are judgments of God’s mouth which His servants must faithfully declare (Psalm 119:13), namely the whole revelation of His will, the rule by which we are to walk and by which He will yet judge us. 189 more words

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The Weaponized Bible

“…the letter kills but the Spirit gives life…” 2 Corinthians 3:6

“Weaponize” is a newly coined verb that means, “to convert for use as a weapon.”

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