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Caution: Fallacies Ahead

Everyone loves to prove their point. People love to say that they are right and you are wrong, even if the methods they use are not the most accurate and often times back fire in their faces. 573 more words

A trap we often fall into is “either/or” thinking.

Someone professes their pain, we think they mean our pain is less. Not necessarily.
Someone says their achievement is great, we think they mean our achievement is less.

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Short Form

"Yes, And"

I told them, “If you think it best, give me my pay; but if not, keep it.” So they paid me thirty pieces of silver. 621 more words


Pictures of Me was more about seeing people on movies

Pictures of Me was more about seeing people on movies and TV do really shitty things… Somebody can do something good or bad and, of course, you can too. 44 more words

Elliott Beyond "playing It Safe Is The Most Popular Way To Fail"

Week 9: Kierkegaard




In the first extract from Either / Or in the reader (‘An Ecstatic Lecture’), Kierkegaard describes the position of the aesthete. This position boils down to the view that every choice is necessarily one-sided and relative, and that no choice has more merit than another. 1,247 more words


The both-and debate continues - a rejoinder

Dave Williams has been blogging lately about a ‘both-and’ approach to utilising our resources. He has been broadly arguing in favour of recognising certain things as inherently important and thus to ask whether we should do X, Y or Z is the wrong question to ask. 1,323 more words