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Elliott Smith - Either / Or

I still HAVE to dig deeper into him. I loved Needle In The Hay but I didn’t enjoy his s/t record. This one, however, was more complex and original. 30 more words


A Happy Jar for joy, and a Stress Box for kicks

An exchange of tweets this week resulted in a comparison between the merits of the happy jar and the stress box. I’m in favour of a matching set of two… 326 more words

Pop-Up Post: I Don't Understand the "or" Part

{December Daily Blog Challenge #22: Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog?}

As a kid I believed I did not like egg nog. The tradition in our house was to drink it warm (I still find this a little repulsive, to be honest) and it wasn’t until my parents offered me some cold that I realized it was the delivery and not the taste I disliked. 147 more words

Pop Up Posts

Are we appreciating or idolising our leaders? 

There is significant difference between appreciating and idolising.

When we appreciate, we acknowledge the good in someone as we do it in ourself. We are at same plane. 332 more words

My Love

Age: Adults

I recommend the song “MY LOVE” for an adult group. First, students will say what they know about the author. Then, they choose a word/phrase from two options given for each line. 20 more words

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Is Life About Making Either...Or Choices?


Life is full of choices;

Sometimes given multiple choices;

Other times it’s an either…or situation;

Some are easier to make;

Others look simple but not that easy; 330 more words


Are Your Choices Helping You Or Are They Obstructing You?

‘Good choices, Good life’

Choosing to live your life exactly how you want is an exceptional platform for freedom but do we all really make choices for the right reasons? 610 more words

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