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CircaWanderlust Guide to The Eje Cafetero - Risaralda

Colombia is known for having some of the world’s best coffee. The unique area in which is has been traditionally grown is known as the Coffee Triangle or Eje Cafetero. 843 more words


The Colonial Pueblo of Filandia

I have been to a lot of pueblos in the coffee-growing region of Colombia. Some people might like the beach, others might like the cities, but me- I love the plazas surrounded by brightly painted colonial architecture and jade green mountain ranges. 516 more words


In and around Colombia's coffee growing region, part 2

Continuing on from my last post, Sovio, Juan Pablo and Catherine made their way back to Cali that evening and I found myself a nice place to stay in Salento. 672 more words


In and around Colombia's coffee growing region, part 1

This morning I decided to prioritise my blog over continuing the struggle that is “sorting” through a lifetime’s worth of hoarding, i.e. my room, so sit back and relax while I reminisce about Colombia’s stunning Eje Cafetero. 666 more words


Colombia parte tres- Semana Santa

Okaaaaaaay mum I get it, I need to write more blog. I don’t even have a valid excuse as to why I haven’t been more vigilant with my blog. 1,391 more words

The Valle de Cocora: rolling hills and giant palms

This whole valley – and the hugely popular and absolutely stunning 5-ish hour round walk – is just a bit too gorgeous for words. 

So I won’t waste many on it – instead, feel free to perve over the photos of gorgeous rolling hills, sparkling rivers, creaky old bridges and giant palm trees that make up the Valle de Cocora.