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Passion for Coffee or Don' Leo's story

Today I went to a coffee plantation, because Anca wanted to see the real Colombian coffee plantations. The real ones about which they talk in the books and movies.  412 more words

Salento and Las Palmas de Cera

After spending the day exploring the Hacienda Venecia finca and sampling some Colombian coffee, pretending to know whether the aromas were spicyearthy, or  824 more words


Manizales: Cathedrals and Coffee

Our two-week escape from the Colombian coast feels like an eternity ago. Well, it really has been ages now, since I’ve been quite useless when it comes to keeping this blog updated. 877 more words


La Despedida

(My blog posts have gotten a little out of chronological order. I apologize.)

June was an exciting month. Not only was almost every weekend a puente (literally, this means bridge, but it refers to a 3-day weekend), but we also had 3 birthdays in a row – Claire’s on the 13th, mine on the 14th, and my roommate Donata’s on the 15th. 1,717 more words

Eje Cafetero

For the first post of the new year, I’ll spare the classic blogger self-flagellation and just cut to the chase.  A trip in October to the Eje Cafetero was, at the time, one of the highlights of my time in Colombia.   727 more words


Colombia III - Eje Cafetero and the way south

After leaving Australia, Sal pretty much went cold turkey on coffee and I think I could count the drinking occasions of the past 6 months on my hands. 851 more words

South America

Touring the Coffee Region

At the hostel in Cartagena, I roomed with a girl named Jani from Germany, who was also doing some solo sightseeing. She was just about to finish up her internship in another part of Colombia, and was planning to travel around when it was over. 737 more words