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La Sagrada Familia Paisa

Por Tecleando Apuntes

Los paisas, usualmente, venimos de familias grandes, y la mía es un ejemplo perfecto. Mi abuelita materna tuvo 13 bebes, O SEA, 13! 595 more words

My highlights of Colombia’s Eje Cafetero - Part I - Salento and hiking Valle de Cocora

After four mostly rainy and jetlagged days, I decided to leave the capital for what it is and make my way to the very photogenic – … 1,968 more words


In the Zona Cafetera

The stunning view out across the coffee zone from the small town of Filandia

After relaxing all the way to my core in Santa Rosa de Cabal, I was ready for the next bit of climbing to take me up (yep, more hills!) to my first night proper in the coffee zone, staying on a family ‘finca’ (a farm, or smallholding).

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Heading up, up and up

Me and Snarky Puppy, loaded up and ready to set off again from Medellín

After a fantastic week with Team Sara(h) it was finally time to hit the road again.

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A nostalgic look back on Colombia #3: Eje Cafetero: Parque del Café, some strange talking and a bit of stalking

Shocking that I’ve spent close to a total of three years living in various parts of Colombia and it still hasn’t made its way on to this blog. 1,795 more words


Lo mejor de Aguadas

¿Como se encuentra en Aguadas? En mi caso se puede decir que llegué por una combinación de capricho y coincidencia. Me iba para Bogotá desde Medellín. 922 more words


Oh, Aguadas

How do you end up in Aguadas? Well, in my case you could say I got there by a combination of whim and coincidence. I was headed out of Medellín on my way to Bogotá. 1,042 more words