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Earth Problems - @Upnorthfest

Last weekend (28th-29th of septmber 2013) we were kindly invited to take part in this years ‘Upnorthfest’ in Sunderland, in the north of the UK. … 336 more words

Stick em' up punk

This weekend our Liverpool based buddy ‘Beta’ of TDA klan called us up to see if I wanted some of the Yorkshire massive down to Liverpool…they all flopped apart from myself and fellow can technician Ziel…So we caught a early morning lift to Liverpool via the National depressed. 125 more words

Blizzard & Scr3wface - Manni to Cambridge Linkup | Produced by Lipso D

Blizzard & Scr3wface on a Lipso D beat. Blizzard rolling with some heavy bars rocking the joker colourway Ejecto’s ‘Earn Your Ego’ Tee.

Blizzard "Love and waviness" SB.TV-A64

Blizzard smashing his A64 in a pretty diverse way!! I meant to put this up weeks ago but it’s been hectic at Ejecto’s lately. Big up to Blizzard for rocking the Ejecto’s cereal tee!! 11 more words

BPM Bumping - Chief Wigs & Sonar Cousin!!

New track by Chief wigs and Sonar Cousin!! Shot by EP soldier Majorkuts. Dope track by the WY posse with chief wigs rocking some fresh WYclothing and Ejecto’s! 7 more words

JND - Dust. Video by Majorkuts

Fellow WY vet JND drops his new video!!

Ejecto's meets Donald D

A few weeks ago while I was busy getting together elements for the Ejecto’s launch party,so my phone rings and my good friend LSK says: “Yo I@% get yourself to round to mine…I’m recording Donald D!!”…I instantly drop everything and grab some Ejecto badges, stickers and tings(Tee’s we’re still waiting to be screened), and jet straight round! 330 more words