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Kamui - The Lone Ninja (2009)

I know this isn’t a Wuxia film but it has the same elements.  This is how to do a movie correctly.  The plot is straight forward, they stick to the plot, they don’t deviate from the plot.   191 more words


Divergence (2005)

A cop who is obsessed with his missing girlfriend investigates the disappearance of a corrupt millionaire’s son and finds aid in the unlikely form of a hired killer. 145 more words



Jeff Lau’s Just Another Margin is one of those films that are seemingly tailored for Lunar New Year entertainment but don’t quite have the star power or marketing push required to compete in that prized calendar slot, and are thus slipped in a bit before or after on the release schedule. 547 more words

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FULL STRIKE (2015) short review

Derek Kwok and Henry Wong’s Full Strike does for badminton what Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer did to soccer, that it to say power it with an anime sensibility, slather it in cartoonish excess, and inject it with martial arts film tropes. 190 more words

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Movie Reviews 243 – Forest of Death (2007)

I’m beginning to believe that the much vaunted Pang Brothers may be categorized in the class of ‘one hit wonders’, but being two brothers fittingly had two hits with The Eye and… 345 more words

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