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Music Obsessions [January 2017]

Welcome to 2017’s first Music Obsessions! 

Its only been 2 weeks since the Christmas Special and music has been a little slow. I have to say that Duck Tales Theme with the new cast is still a huge obsession of mine. 529 more words


[Music] Pity he has a girl friend – Niki Chow, Cantopop

This is a very very cute song. It’s not really a love song, it’s just some thoughts of a lonely girl. The music is fun and easy to listen to, it makes me feel relax. 278 more words


Kamui - The Lone Ninja (2009)

I know this isn’t a Wuxia film but it has the same elements.  This is how to do a movie correctly.  The plot is straight forward, they stick to the plot, they don’t deviate from the plot.   191 more words


Divergence (2005)

A cop who is obsessed with his missing girlfriend investigates the disappearance of a corrupt millionaire’s son and finds aid in the unlikely form of a hired killer. 145 more words