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Film Review: 'Full Strike'

A ragtag badminton team of ex-cons and washed-up champs jump-smash their way to the grand prix in “Full Strike,” a Hong Kong comedy that’s more acrobatic caper than motivational sports film. 885 more words


ONCE A GANGSTER (2010) review

When triad boss Kerosene (Alex Fong) decides to retire due to crippling debts, he names Roast Pork (Jordan Chan) his successor, but the latter doesn’t want the job : though a fearless henchman, his true calling is as a chef and restaurant owner alongside his wife (Michelle Ye) and kids. 530 more words

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Movie Reviews 208 – Vampire Effect (2003)

Jackie Chan has been a fairly big name in both Hollywood and Asian cinema for a long time, and most people of know of, if not have seen most of his movies. 662 more words

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Ekin Cheng - 友情歲月 (Young and Dangerous Song) Ku Wak Chai

Siu sat dik gwong yam san joi fung lui
Gong but siong but hei joi min dui
Lao long yat ji, Lei joi boon chui… 248 more words


HORSEPLAY (2014) short review

Aping the stylish Hollywood capers of the sixties, Lee Chi-Ngai’s Horseplay has a set of attractive actors chase, flirt and double-cross each other across fancy locations, with Kelly Chen as an entertainment reporter who collaborates with the Mainland government and a Hong Kong detective (Ekin Cheng), to recover a priceless ceramic horse that has been targeted by a legendary art thief (Tony Leung Ka Fai). 195 more words

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Genre Grandeur - Young and Dangerous (1995)

For the next review for this month’s Genre Grandeur – Comic book / superhero movies, here is Kim from Tranquil Dreams with a review of Young and Dangerous (1995).  803 more words

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Kim @ Tranquil Dreams reblogged this and commented:

Check out my review on Young and Dangerous for MovieRob's Genre Grandeur in the month of June. This time, our genre is comic book or superhero movies. Since everyone already had their share of superheros review, I figured I'd go a little different and share one that may not be the best in quality but its great to me because this series has been such a success. Maybe I'll do as I did for Infernal Affairs and have a little marathon once I gather all the movies ;). Remember to check out the other reviews from other bloggers for this genre and next month's genre will be on alien. If you have any review you'd like to share, remember to send it to Rob. I know I'll think something up :) Thanks to Rob for putting this together. As usual, I had a lot of fun revisiting this one.

Movie Review – Saving General Yang (2013)

Director Ronny Yu’s Saving General Yang attempts to weave a traditional war story that focuses heavily on themes of familial loyalty amidst a roiling time in Ancient Chinese history when the throne was under siege from an invading barbarian horde. 1,680 more words

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