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After Bayer's Selbstportrat (1932)

the incessant ebb of being taken aback

rippling stairwells and endless shadows

we are all just fat and flour,

slabs of meat which break us, 256 more words


Shibari in Paris

To trust the hook in the ceiling to hold you up, suspended
Five feet in the air, is to trust the hands of the man who… 183 more words


The Cell- Hands and Mirror

Inspired by the following artwork at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston by Louise Bourgeois:


a swimming pool somewhere in san francisco.

They wanted to drown.

Not for the selfish ambition of death,

But for the waves catharsis that follow.

Cool droplets to blend with tears;

Not sad ones, but the hot, burning kind. 69 more words


a windy sunday somewhere in maine.

As I lay down amongst the earth’s children

I wonder if you’re okay, if you’d be okay

With me, and my back crushing your counterparts. 89 more words


Ekphrasis: a writing technique

This Greek word relates to writing that is effectively triggered in response to art or music. I came across the word by chance in a Writer’s Digest article and discovered that it is an ancient concept with many adaptations and interpretations. 342 more words


An Out-of-the-Ordinary Book Club

Every month, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts hosts the art book club, Ekphrasis, for its membersA what, you may ask? An art book club— it’s a book club . 181 more words