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Caution Icarus

Caution-This post has informal, lucid and inappropriate language.

The fact remains that for human life to exist you need to socialise;to drink coffee and date (according to some). 492 more words


Both on the material and the spiritual planes the ark symbolizes the power to preserve all things and to ensure their rebirth.

Biologically speaking, it can be regarded as a symbol of the womb or of the heart, there being an obvious connection between these two organs. 173 more words

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Building a New Listening Culture for New Music

“Listening, you hear the conditions under which a sound- or noise-action is carried out, you hear what materials and energies are involved and what resistance is encountered” -Helmut Lachenmann… 2,395 more words


When writing an ekphrastic poem, it’s never enough to simply describe a scene; one must inhabit it.  And to inhabit a scene is to be there as a living being who is a creature in and of time, not removed from time, not observing from the cool distance of timelessness. 169 more words


Art instigate art

Lately Edward Hirsch has been influencing my way of thinking about art. Hirsch says things like “the purpose of poetry is not first and foremost to inspire the writer, but to inspire the reader”, and “there is not enough talk about emotions in contemporary criticism”. 227 more words


Notes for "On Reading 'The Stone Book' "

“The Stone Book” is the first of a sequence of four short stories for children collectively known as “The Stone Book Quartet” written by Alan Garner. 140 more words



Ekphrasis or ecphrasis, from the Greek description of a work of art, possibly imaginary, produced as a rhetorical exercise;[1] often used in adjectival form, ekphrastic.

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