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a windy sunday somewhere in maine.

As I lay down amongst the earth’s children

I wonder if you’re okay, if you’d be okay

With me, and my back crushing your counterparts. 89 more words


Ekphrasis: a writing technique

This Greek word relates to writing that is effectively triggered in response to art or music. I came across the word by chance in a Writer’s Digest article and discovered that it is an ancient concept with many adaptations and interpretations. 342 more words


An Out-of-the-Ordinary Book Club

Every month, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts hosts the art book club, Ekphrasis, for its membersA what, you may ask? An art book club— it’s a book club . 181 more words


Caritas' Avarice

Alas, what piece of work is a gift!
Blessings from our sworn fathers
Yet to be brought away from our hands
Truly a magnanimous, humble decision… 187 more words


Dry Ice

the fruit of love
bleeds juice
that, when expired,
can taste an awful lot
like bitter hatred

but love does not
turn black
grow mold… 120 more words


Reading Challenge 2016: I haven't forgotten about it

I haven’t forgotten about the 2016 Reading Challenge – I just haven’t been very diligent about writing it up. Truth be told, though, I’m behind with the reading, and given that it’s mid-November, I think this is going to turn into a challenge for next year as well as this one, but THAT’S OKAY and I’m not going to beat myself up about it BECAUSE it occurred to me last week when I was attending a conference at Sheffield Hallam that I’ve done very little reading this year outside the confines of my MA course. 973 more words

Writing About Literature

Cher M. Magritte,

A poem based on The Treachery of Images

No, of course it’s not a pipe,

and I am not a woman

looking at an image… 47 more words