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Pozzotti's Panther*

The great cat’s humongous feet

support a massive chest, the creature’s

strength mainly in its legs and flanks,

the head relatively small, the balancing

tail cable-thin, the body marked… 44 more words

The Whirling Girls

Click here to buy Bobo Books 1.1.1 which includes my poem “The Whirling Girls.
This collection of poetry (edited by professor Emily Bobo and inspired by photographs by… 35 more words


Pozzotti's Fox*

stands lined out against a slender tree,

tail flagging high, nose lifted to test

the nighttime air, bright eyes opening

onto a dark, sad wisdom. 62 more words

Residents Practice Ekphrasis

At Byrdcliffe, we encourage residents to collaborate across mediums. This week one of our residents, Vaughn M. Watson, organized a group activity to cross writing with visual art. 93 more words


The Stereoscope, Also, Bambi.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about vision, depth perception, and time for a while now.  What I have been trying to wrap my brain around, is that what we see (assuming we have both eyes open, and they are working) is a composite of images from both our eyes.  906 more words

The Near Daily

072116 Lost in Los Angeles

During 2016 AWP I got lost in Los Angeles, having left the pub going in the exact opposite direction of my car.  I got to re-experience one of the primary emotions that I felt as a teenager, a sense of sprawling dis-integration.  533 more words

The Near Daily


They look on with

This woman, crooked glasses,
hair drawn down her face
with charcoal.
A hand lifted up to wipe a cheek… 109 more words