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"Of Frogs and Fishing"

Here are three poems I wrote in response to photo prompts for F2k class at Writers Village University.  Writing a poem inspired by a photograph is harder than you think! 248 more words

Creative Writing

To the painter’s eye
And from his hand, the hills are
Neither function nor form,
But the interaction
Of light with light in stasis.



scratchings 4

the truth is, nobody knows / how Ana Mendieta met her death / it would appear she was pushed. / The doorman, some distance below / claimed to have heard a woman / shouting ‘ no, no no’ and then / the sound as her body hit the top / of the diner / so hard her face left a mark / like a postal stamp. 131 more words


Postcard from the Desert of Reverie

(part of a series of poems written in response to Ella’s paintings)

Postcard from the Desert of Reverie

Dearest, the insects have quivered
long enough in the hole in my heart. 173 more words


Furious Answers and other new poems

During the last few months I have been able to work on new poems much more frequently than usual. There is nothing like an hour or two of intense writing and regular, ruthless editing to keep you focused.  132 more words


Second hand,
there is no need to torment me.
Don’t remind me of all the years
I won’t get to spend beside him.
Each one is ringing in my ears. 99 more words


The Design of Penelope's Web

In the Iliad, Helen appears weaving a pharos that depicts “The many struggles of the horse-taming Trojans and the bronze-girded Achaeans / All the things they had suffered for her at Ares’ hands.” Τρώων θ’ ἱπποδάμων καὶ ᾿Αχαιῶν χαλκοχιτώνων, οὕς ἑθεν εἵνεκ’ ἔπασχον ὑπ’ ῎Αρηος παλαμάων, 3.121-128). 1,437 more words