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Do-it-Yourself Art Poetry Kit

Art by Damian Stamer

It’s almost May, and I’m looking forward to seeing those of you who live in the Triangle for our next two Art and Poetry Treasure Hunts at First Friday in Raleigh on May 5th and Last Friday in Hillsborough on May 26th. 702 more words

Mimi Herman

Day 24: Hunting Season

The bugle horn sounds
two shadow of men run from the glaring sunrise
Deep into the dark labyrinth forest
The hunting party comes

The bugle horn sounds… 175 more words


NaPoWriMo - Day Twenty-Four - 'Snails'

Today’s prompt was to do a ekphrasis about the art that appears in Medieval manuscripts – a fun topic. I loved studying that period’s literature in school, and have even been tempted to go to graduate school for it. 255 more words


s p i r a l


A rare illustration of Nature’s twisted curiosity, the snail cat, Helix catus (later appropriately renamed Nautilus catus), survives in a 14th century Dutch Book of Hours, where the cunning specimen is perched in wide-eyed vigilance between a prayer and a psalm, similar to the territorial or fear-induced behavior exhibited in most domesticated felines of the present-day. 251 more words


Imagined Beasts

Medieval marginalia is tender proof of the urge to doodle,
of the early cartoonists and comic book artists dreaming
and imagining sci-fi-fantasy creatures and such: 76 more words


Stolen Moment

the great
Cobb steals
third evermore
the baseline
judge blurs
focused as he is on the call
stasis forever
dynamic explosive
still that haunts
dramatic moment… 68 more words



Does the sound of your own heart every frighten you? Mine does.

Why don’t you walk the space between rage and sadness then tell me which side wins. 31 more words