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Kaysen: imperfect images

In “Mind vs. Brain,” Kaysen refers to an image that can be viewed as either a face or a vase, or both–another example of ekphrasis in action. 138 more words

Class Reflection


Conjure something up, then,
Reach your hands to the back of your skull and grasp it, uproot it,
Put something just in front of you hummingbirding there… 193 more words


We Are Travellers

We forge forward into the night
Hidden by shadows
Submerged below the moonlight
We pass unseen

By Maria Parenti-Baldey

Written in Response to  June Perkins, World is Mirage 3, Illumine Exhibition.   10 more words


LELE - the Eye & The I

Lesson docs  to print!

  • How do words and images interact?
  • Are metaphors more powerful than images?
  • How does the combination of both text and images question the conventions of writing and painting?


How I (unexpectedly) Spent My Summer Vacation

An idea for a novel came upon / me.


Two words.

The next night I dreamed the title.

Five words.

I didn’t see any connection… 168 more words

Text & Image

A Play

The storm put on a play for us,
The starring roles were waves;
Production values were sublime,
And played ‘cross coves and caves —

The ocean reached into the sky, 64 more words

Original Poems

Write on a Wall!



Calling all poets, poetic writers, plain old writers and young ones too!
Let your creativity contribute to a cure for lung cancer! 1,890 more words

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