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19 April 1917 - Sabotage

The German air service made an audacious attempt to cut off the British water supply to the offensive in Gaza by attacking the pipeline across Sinai. 171 more words


16 March 1917

Extract from the diary of Maj P K Glazebrook, Cheshire Yeomanry, Egypt Expeditionary Force

We had an inspection by Generals Murray & Girdwood similar to yesterday’s rehearsal, but to the credit of the generals let it be said that they arrived exactly to the minute, carried out their inspection smartly, without standing about talking like most generals, & we were back in camp in under 2 ½ hours from starting out. 46 more words

"I Am Not Going to Wait For Death"

It was a Saturday afternoon, I was next to the Nile, and I was feeling very relaxed. But reality has a habit of intruding when we least expect it, and as I idly checked the BBC News on my phone, I was immediately caught by a headline: ‘Coptic Christians flee Sinai after deadly attack’. 372 more words

Truck bomb kills 8 police in Egypt's Sinai


© AFP/File | Jihadists have mounted a string of deadly operations against security forces since the military ousted Egypt’s Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013… 158 more words

23 December 1916 - Advances in Egypt

Four days ago the air detachments in Egypt were concentrated for the impending operations against El Arish. The Fifth Wing head-quarters transferred to Mustabig from Ismailia and 67 (Australian) Squadron RFC and 14 Squadron RFC are also there. 362 more words