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El Camino ... Part 2: Dealing with the burden

Both me and Mr Ferenczi are very protective of each other, our families, our values and belongings, our everything.

We knew that packing for the EL Camino was not going to be easy, and left everything literally to the last minute: We bought all the hiking stuff on the day before the journey. 693 more words

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November 5th

I’m on Skype with my sister but she went to the bathroom. The smoke alarm in my apartment just went off because my roommate Christopher is trying to cook himself some hot dogs. 372 more words

The Story So Far

El Camino - Part 1: Our Why

End of September this year (2016 that is), me and my other half embarked on a 300km journey on foot, from León to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, through treacherous mountains and dry, stony plains, beautiful hills and deep forests, picturesque towns and abandoned villages – looking for … well, not sure what. 768 more words

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New Mexico Part 1

Traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico and stepped into a winter wonderland!
(I thought it was supposed to be warm.)

Locals said that the snow was normal, especially at 7,000 ft. 663 more words


Camino de Santiago || Day 24

Sunday, October 2st – Pedrouzo to Santiago
STEPS: 30,000
Miles: 10.8 (18K)
Floors climbed: 45
Weather: cloudy & 70

WE MADE IT! And I mean “we” – there were so many people that helped me through this adventure. 211 more words


Camino de Santiago || Day 23

Saturday, October 1st – Sobrado dos Moxes to Pedrouzo
STEPS: 56,800
Miles: 22.2 (35.6K)
Floors climbed: 25
Weather: cloudy & 63

We are ONLY 20 kilometers from Santiago! 62 more words