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If you had asked me two weeks ago if I’d ever imagine putting part of an octopus into my mouth, I would have laughed and probably puked at the thought. 271 more words

Corre, Corre

May 23: Portomarín a Palas de Rei

If I were to rank the walks we’ve had so far today would definitely be number one. After my experimentation in walking solo and soul searching yesterday we pretty much all did it today. 514 more words

Roadside letters part I| The silent roads of Flanders

These “Roadside Letters” series, are dedicated to all my non-Flemish/Dutch speaking friends around the world. I wouldn’t want to withhold you from my current adventure. That’s why, I’ll try to write a weekly or biweekly excerpt of my current fad. 689 more words

GR 129

La Ciudad en el Río 

May 22: Sarria a Portomarín

I started off today by doing my second video for part of my project in front of “El convento de la Magdelena”, an old hospital for peregrinos that has been converted into a private school. 372 more words

Mi Día

May 21: Tricastela to Sarria

Today was my presentation day. As part of our grade everyone is assigned one part of the route to give a presenation on including the route, sites we’ll see that day, and other interesting facts. 336 more words

Chuck, an Old Car Collector, Gets a Gourd Thunder Drum

I met Chuck at a car show where I was vending. He is in his 80’s and will tell you with a huge grin that he is the most handsome, most charming, and most wonderful person you have ever met. 826 more words

Thunder Drum

Some thoughts On Suffering

I did not expect to learn anything about suffering when I started Camino. I mean, okay, I should have thought about it a bit more. Really, the longest I have hiked is like maybe 7 hours in the Berg, and yet it was actually my idea to do a 25km hike every day for a month all across Spain. 1,456 more words