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We cried a lot on the way to Santiago. Both for our own reasons and always with the sun burning on our faces. I will never forget the bit of road with the trees on both sides where a group of walkers was singing some silly song and we were hiding our tears behind our sunglasses while we held each other’s hand. 32 more words

Rebecca Rijsdijk

Wandering Santiago de Compostela

It was a treat not having to pack up and go anywhere. So we got up and went walking. First was the market which was just opening up and treated ourselves to a freshly squeezed clementine juice as we wandered. 156 more words


The road to Santiago

Today’s journey started with some rain and a lovely path through a eucalyptus forest. Have I mentioned how wonderfully refreshing that smells?

There were a lot more pilgrims on the road today and we met a few we hadn’t seen in a few days. 399 more words


Finisterre, the end of the world

It felt strange not to pack up and get walking right away. We were thankful we weren’t as it was pouring rain. Our guide for the day picked us up in his van and we headed off to Finisterre, what the ancient Romans once thought was the end of the world. 392 more words


Arzua to Pedrouzo

We got out a little earlier today knowing we had 20 km ahead of us. It was raining so we finally got to wear those ponchos we’ve been carrying with us all the way since it “always rains” in Galicia. 331 more words


The Black Keys - El Camino

Those who view El Camino as a radical departure from The Black Keys’ signature blend of garage and blues for something in the realm of “pop music” are missing the writing on the walls. 177 more words


Melide to Arzua on a magnificent day!

Today was a great workout for the gluteus maximus. There were few flat paths. All was either uphill or downhill which isn’t a bad thing as the views were spectacular.   440 more words