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New Mexico Part 1

Traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico and stepped into a winter wonderland!
(I thought it was supposed to be warm.)

Locals said that the snow was normal, especially at 7,000 ft. 663 more words


Camino de Santiago || Day 24

Sunday, October 2st – Pedrouzo to Santiago
STEPS: 30,000
Miles: 10.8 (18K)
Floors climbed: 45
Weather: cloudy & 70

WE MADE IT! And I mean “we” – there were so many people that helped me through this adventure. 211 more words


Camino de Santiago || Day 23

Saturday, October 1st – Sobrado dos Moxes to Pedrouzo
STEPS: 56,800
Miles: 22.2 (35.6K)
Floors climbed: 25
Weather: cloudy & 63

We are ONLY 20 kilometers from Santiago! 62 more words


Camino de Santiago || Day 21

Thursday, August 29th – Vilalba to Miraz
STEPS: 54,300
Miles: 21.5 (34.5K)
Floors climbed: 56
Weather: foggy & 65 to sunny & 72

Vilalba was so beautiful to walk through in the morning – there was a low laying fog for most of the morning which made the trek seem magical! 110 more words


Camino de Santiago || Day 20

Wedesday, August 28th – Lourenza to Vilalba
STEPS: 65,600
Miles: 26.5 (42.6K)
Floors climbed: 122
Weather: sunny & 79

I started at 6:30AM this morning heading from Lourenza to Gontan – a short 23K. 213 more words


Camino de Santiago || Day 17

Sunday, August 25th – Cadavedo to Navia (REST DAY)
STEPS: 4,000
Miles: 38K train ride
Floors climbed: 5
Weather: overcast & 63

Sunday, the day of REST! 145 more words