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Gallery: Valencian Street Art

Valencia has a well developed street art scene, with many of the artworks located in the neighbourhood of El Carmen, in the city’s old town. Featuring homegrown and international artists, much of the artwork is eye catching and intriguing. 59 more words


Spotlight: Valencian Street Art

Love it or loathe it, street art is gaining a worldwide following as a popular means for creative release. No longer just the work of ‘low lives and teenagers’ in derelict areas of the city, many street artists are being commissioned to bring their colourful urban art to gentrifying and modern neighbourhoods in cities worldwide. 902 more words


Gray Hawk near El Carmen / Gavilán Gris cerca de El Carmen

The Gray Hawk (Buteo plagiatus) has now been formally separated from the Gray-lined Hawk (Buteo nitidus), which is found exclusively from southwestern Costa Rica to South America. 321 more words

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SOLUCIONADO - Perdida bodeguera con epilepsia

Ya está en casa

Copiamos de Animales perdidos y encontrados de Sevilla.

Tomares. Zona del Carmen
Perdida perrita bodeguera tricolor con el cuerpo moteado. Es epiléptica y se le ha escapado a su dueña que es una persona mayor… 8 more words


Laughing Falcon near El Carmen

Here’s a fairly common bird that nonetheless is always a great thrill to see: the Laughing Falcon (Herpetotheres cachinnans). John Beer’s photo below was taken in his garden in Santa Rosa, but two days ago I was spellbound by another (actually, perhaps even the same individual!) laughing at me at very close quarters just above the hamlet of El Banco, which is located above Santa Rosa and Verbena Sur and below the village of… 168 more words

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Solucionado. Encontrada pequinesa en zona EL Carmen

Nos dicen que la han visto en Catdog reencontrándose con su familia.

Encontrada perrita pequinesa, Nos dicen que la han llevado a la policía local pero allí no saben nada sobre ella.