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Where we question the Rules; those stubborn old bastards with stoney faces

Standing in this one long, long line. Rule 1, Rule 2 and so on and so forth.

Just looking at you and not even blinking. Even as you yell and scream and shout and question the reason behind their existence. 248 more words


Where, after the longest time ever, it starts once again

It is best described as an itch. Or a twitch. It begins in the hands, it does, this itch. When you are holding the steering wheel of the car and you are staring into the empty road ahead. 536 more words

El Crappo

Where the people we meet add up. Numbers and memories floating in the sea of your consciousness

I like the whole idea of floating. Just floating.

I would make an awesome floater. For shizzles ya’all. Like in a space movie, I would be the fuckin perfect extra. 465 more words

Time Pass