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Hurricane Center begins tracking Bahamas low

Forecasters gave the area of showers in the Bahamas a zero percent chance of developing over the next two days and a 30 percent chance over the next five days. 668 more words

Tropical Storms And Hurricanes

Very busy hurricane season on horizon, British forecasters say

An unusually active Atlantic hurricane season with eight hurricanes and total storm energy 120 percent of normal was forecast today by the United Kingdom Met Office… 477 more words

Tropical Storms And Hurricanes

New La Niña forecast puts hurricane season in crosshairs

NOAA’s Climate Forecast System projects La Niña conditions could occur as early as August. (Credit: NOAA)

In a development with big implications for the upcoming hurricane season, two of the world’s major forecasting services are now predicting La Niña conditions in the Tropical Pacific as early as August. 300 more words

Tropical Storms And Hurricanes

Cooling Atlantic could keep a lid on hurricane season

Cooler water temperatures have been filtering down from the north into the tropical Atlantic (above) compared to last month (below). Also, the Gulf of Mexico has cooled considerably relative to normal. 472 more words

Tropical Storms And Hurricanes

NOAA calls for unusually wet weather in Florida through June

Although El Niño conditions are waning, they may stick around long enough to influence precipitation patterns in the southern U.S. through June. (Credit: NOAA/ CPC) 382 more words

Long-range Forecasts

Gusty winds set to peak on Thursday, forecasters say

WINTER TEMPERATURE RANKINGS BY STATE: It was a record warm winter in the U.S., with only two states — Nevada and Utah — turning in normal temperatures for the December through February season. 356 more words

Palm Beach Forecasts

Will the March pattern shift to dry weather continue?

Rainy days were plentiful during the December-February winter months, as this graphic shows. (Credit: NWS-Miami)

Here’s something that doesn’t fit into this winter’s El Niño pattern — a week of above normal temperatures and below normal rainfall. 549 more words

Tropical Storms And Hurricanes