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Song #18 - Marteria

El Presidente – Marteria

I wouldn’t say that the German language is the nicest one to the ears. Though it does have some beautifully specific words unlike any other language I know. 153 more words


Huddah Reveals That It Was Prezzo Who Broke Her Virginity

You read right.

And this comes after Kingsley spoke to Prezzo about whether or not he would be looking to smash Huddah now that his relationship to Michelle Yola has come to a rather abrupt end. 115 more words


The Impending Doom of Us All

Global Warming, that thing that is making summers on average even more unbearable as time goes on.

It’s bad enough that the world is heating from man-made climate change, but it is somehow worse that our Chief Executive denies it. 224 more words

The calm before the storm with the mega-f--king lunatic ... and the non-business end of the apex unmentionable

I’m far from the first person or news outlet that you (and every¬†other environmentalist on the planet) have come across since The Donald’s inauguration to report he is already undoing the good environmental work of the Obama administration. 574 more words

Bijou Bar (Antwerp), timeless perfection

Bijou, a diamond in the rough? No, it's definitely well cut and polished! A hidden jewel then? No, not really hidden, just rather modest. This bar created by cocktailian veteran, Ben Belmans and the bearded ginger sultan of drinks, Dieter Van Roy is a sparkling stone amongst pebbles! 1,160 more words

A Somber Fair Thee Well To Florence 'Carol Brady' Henderson, And A Joyous Fair Thee Well To 'El Presidente' Fidel Castro.

There joy and jubiliation in the Little Havana section of Miami, Florida as Fidel Castro passed away last night at the age of 90, Fidel who years ago surrendered power years ago to his brother Raul, but now that he no longer has El Presidente looking over his shoulder, you have to wonder if there will be a change in the way he rules Cuba, and with relations improving being the US & Cuba, this should go a long way in improving those. 53 more words


Walled In


Was left reeling this week by the election in the USA. To be entirely fair to the electorate, it was a Hobson’s choice. Forced to choose between two of the worst possible candidates for leadership in history. 325 more words