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President Obama Went Hiking And People Asked Him To Legalize Pot!

President Obama went hiking in Hawaii on Tuesday, and tons of other climbers took photos of him.

Apparently this is a really steep mountain, and it’s nicknamed the “Stairmaster from Hell.” The Prez did it with no problem– even after a gym session that morning! 67 more words


Episode 074: El Presidente and "Kiss the Girls"

This week, we play hide the vermouth with the help of some rum and Curacao, the tart-sweet El Presidente inspires Josh to new levels of terrible impressions, and Kate walks us through the cheaty mysteries of 1997’s “Kiss the Girls.” Join us!


Skill Development and the Real World

It all came together… for once.

Didya ever notice how it’s not hard to nail a reload, not hard to nail the draw, not hard to fire 6 fast accurate shots, but all together with 6 more accurate shots?

381 more words

Tropico – A Case Study in Successful Contextualization

The Tropico series is all about its setting. Without its historical and geographic context, the games would barely rise to the level of an average… 1,510 more words

El Presidente's Second Epistle - 200 'Likes'

My little island of (in)sanity has now reached the 200 ‘likes’ mark which is wonderful.

To everyone who has read my nonsense over the last few months, thank you very much – I am truly grateful for any and all support. 114 more words

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Emilio Aguinaldo's Barber: "I am the One to Blame for the President's Many Mistakes"

Newly unearthed letters from Emilio Aguinaldo’s ancestral home in Kawit, Cavite reveal that the first Philippine President’s barber was the one to blame for every questionable and downright disgusting decision Aguinaldo had made throughout his life. 1,033 more words

Brain Dead Serious

You'll Never Guess What A-Lister Will Be On Bear Grylls' Reality Show!

We all know President Barack Obama is a little unconventional. From reading mean Tweets about himself on Jimmy Kimmel to being mock interviewed by Zach Galifianakis’ for… 197 more words