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Guided Reading Section 4 -- Summarizing and Representing

Well, we are at the end of the novel.  You have almost finished reading and we hope you’ve enjoyed the novel.

Now that you are all done, we want you to put together all of the pieces we’ve worked on throughout this study including your jot notes, opinions and connections.  323 more words

Two Worlds

“Put your faith in what you most believe in, Two Worlds, One Family”

Not necessarily the “Two Worlds” that you were thinking. This activity allows students to reflect upon their past selves, discussing what has changed since they have grown. 135 more words


It is very rare that we as teachers get to know our students properly. More often then naught we ask students to write about other individuals or authors and not themselves. 143 more words


Despite teachers’ best efforts to put a stop to it, bullying is still a prominent issue in most schools.  Physical and verbal harassment are very common occurrences, and because of the accessibility of cellphones, the Internet, social media websites, and other forms of technology, instances of cyber-bullying are steadily increasing as well.  93 more words

Writers' Workshop

I have added my resources to the Writers’ Workshop page. Click here or use the drop-down menu to view.

Happy writing!


How to Write Dialogue

One of the most important aspects of any good short story, novel, play, television series, or film is the DIALOGUE, the things that characters say to one another.  162 more words


DivLearn is short for Diverse Learners. This lesson must be used only if you have discussed with the class’ teacher how they will apply it. Why, you may ask? 101 more words