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👩🏼‍🏫Main Idea❓

Taking a different pair of glasses into the world of “decomposing” a main idea. 👓

In small groups the kids were given five items (one per group– a shovel, a turtle, sunglasses, sand and a boat). 189 more words


Class Agenda #105A - Of Mice And Men- Multiple Quotes-


Backpack Hip Hop Week

Timer- “Passion Fruit” minus the intro – Drake (2017, 4:50)

  • Prompt- Read “The Song Of Isolation” by Nimal –HANDOUT
  • Interpret the poem into your own words.

  • 487 more words
Class Agendas

Wednesday, March 22nd

Today in class, we spent a little more time practicing ELA test-taking strategies and tools for PARCC. The practice today focused on some non-fiction text and even a video clip.A After attempting some multiple choice questions, we had a general discussion about writing for the upcoming PARCC test: how long it might take to write a well-written response and those MUST-HAVES for a great literary analysis. 139 more words


Class Agenda #105 - Of Mice And Men- Multiple Quotes-


Backpack Hip Hop Week

Timer- “Swept Away” The Roots (1994, 3:50)

Prompt- Sketch and Label the fight scene in 3 scenes.

Class Agendas

Tuesday, March 21st

Today in class, you continued to make your way through the individual revisions to your Bend Three: Comparing Texts for a Common Theme draft. After reviewing for your craft/elaboration (content) and structure yesterday, you spent more time focusing on sentence fluency, transitions within your paragraphs, and conventions. 58 more words