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We Are On! Elaine Benes Planned Parenthood Fundraiser in September

It’s official: I will be celebrating the great Elaine Benes with a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood New York City at 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 13 at Spreadhouse Cafe. 96 more words

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Looking for a NYC Venue: Elaine Benes Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

I’ve been working to plan a New York City fundraiser for Planned Parenthood on Sept. 13, a night in which we pay tribute to the liberated  98 more words

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Oregon Man Pulls The Classic Elaine Benes, "My Breakfast Had Poppy Seeds!" Defense In Court

The classic Poppy seed bagel/muffin defense. This is one of those things that is a known fact that might not be true at all. It’s like when you growing up you heard that red cars raises your car insurance. 447 more words

Old Sailor Shocked At Cursing In TV Cable Shows

Perfect timing! The new season of the profanity-loaded TV show “Veep” airs on Easter Sunday. Further, I can’t get used to Seinfeld’s sweet little Elaine Benes AKA Julia Louis Dreyfus AKA Veep spouting all those four-letter words. 223 more words

Kenny Bania Thats Gold! Netflix Standup Special

“Thats Gold!” – Netflix Stand up Comedy Special

Just a bit of wishful thinking  – what if Netflix made a standup comedy special for everyones favorite ‘hack’ comedian? 30 more words