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Cool Stuff: Seinfeld Edition

I’m sick. Paddy has had some heinous incarnation of the flu and now I have it. Although, I actually think he was maybe possessed by a demon of some description because Wednesday night he fell asleep on me and started sweating, an unholy amount of sweat, then stopped after about 10 minutes and almost immediately I felt terrible. 266 more words

Cool Stuff

Relive All The Best 'Seinfeld' Catchphrases In This Ultimate Supercut

Now that every episode of Seinfeld is available to watch at one’s leisure on Hulu, the show about nothing seems relevant once again. Half of the cast are still regularly working, what with Jerry Seinfeld’s  151 more words


'J. Peterman' From 'Seinfeld' Reveals His Favorite Monologue That Never Made The Show

The Hollywood Reporter had a great chat with John O’Hurley, the man behind the fake ‘real’ J. Peterman on Seinfeld. O’Hurley is currently gearing up for a show on Travel Channel called… 423 more words


Seinfeld Shoes: Footwear Inspired By The Sitcom

Seinfeld is trending again. You might be asking when did it stop exactly? True. But thanks to Hulu releasing all 180 episodes yesterday to its paid subscribers, the sitcom is experiencing something of a resurgence. 175 more words


Be The Queen Of The Castle With These Elaine Quotes From 'Seinfeld'

Since Seinfeld ended 17 years ago, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has become its most successful star (she’s the President of the United States for goodness sake). Similarly, Elaine Benes has become somewhat of a prototype for the perfect female sitcom lead, from her — at times — rather misanthropic view of the world, to being an outspoken and independent woman who unabashedly says what she’s thinking and quite literally… 915 more words