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The Meaningless Show

Every night at 9:00 pm, I end my daily routine with two episodes of Seinfeld. I tend to eat snacks as I watch it, but not having enough time to use the washroom over commercial breaks cause they’re too short. 37 more words

"But are you still 'master of your domain'?"

From: Seinfeld

Genre: Television

Who said it?: A lot of the the cast!

The story behind the quote: We’ve already had a lot of other Seinfeld quotes on here. 213 more words


The Opposite

I’ve got to do something with my 40th birthday approaching and my life falling apart at the seams. This is largely thanks to the repressive actions of the Tory Government, but as well as continuing to fight for what I believe in I also have to consider my own well-being. 602 more words

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I'm Back Baby, I'm Back!

Two hundred and twenty-one episodes. Watching that entire show back-to-back took 4 complete days, 3 hours, and 30 minutes. And suddenly- poof! Gone.

No more staplers in Jell-O, cringe-worthy Christmas parties, endearing love affairs, tragically hilarious office meetings, beats, bears, or Battlestar Galactica. 759 more words


Interview: Coleman Hell Talks "Summerland", Favourite Seinfeld Moments, and Sort-Of Opening For Hillary Clinton

By: Curtis Sindrey –

With the release of his debut album Summerland (out October 14th via 604 Records/Columbia), Coleman Hell kept a promise he made to himself to remain unconventional among the cookie-cutter trail of dance pop imitators. 2,087 more words