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Elastic Rebound Causes Earthquakes

Yea It is an earthquake We know it's dangerous Believe when I say elastic rebound causes earthquakes Tecto- -nic theories explain the motion along the faults, now lets go through the tectonic theories Tell me why! 13 more words

Billy and The Tuba

Doug Hoekstra reads “Billy and The Tuba,”  a short story from his award-winning “Bothering the Coffee Drinkers” collection.  Live at Elastic in Chicago.   Enjoy!

And if you like what you hear, you can click here and pick up a copy:  Amazon 

Mexican petticoats (Rousse)

We’d had a great time in Mexico, but now we had to leave. I was somewhat embarrassed and ashamed, however, that I was the only woman not boarding the plane in a petticoat. 49 more words

Lab Notes: Adam Fortais

Lab Notes is a series about researchers and the work they do. Each entry will focus on a different researcher with the goal of getting a birds-eye view of their area of expertise. 1,042 more words


Elastic: Image tools and more bugfixes

Here’s a short review of recent changes in the Elastic skin. I ported the code to the first stable release of Bootstrap 4 and fixed some bugs. 134 more words

Dark Floral Pajama Set

This fabric was an impulse purchase one day back in October. I saw it on the shelf and thought that it would be perfect for an Ogden cami. 395 more words

Joann Fabrics

Elastic: Kolab Notes

Last few weeks I was working on porting Kolab Notes plugin to Elastic. I wanted to see how it goes with some more serious chunk of our code base before I put my hands on Calendar, Tasks or Files. 160 more words