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Elastic: HTML editor

The last big part of the Roundcube user interface not yet ported to Elastic was the HTML editor. And it was left untouched for so long for a reason. 284 more words

Ass Tension (Pay Attention)

Pay attention,

Your ass is in tension.

Don’t give it too much extension,

Cause it’s going to its extinction.

You can stretch it more than an elastic, 29 more words


Fuzzy Search in Elasticsearch

A fuzzy search is done by means of a fuzzy matching program, which returns a list of results based on likely relevance even though search argument words and spellings may not exactly match. 416 more words


Price Elasticity Of Demand

PED measures the degree to which the demand for a good changes in response to a change in price

  • A good can either be:
    • Elastic – Any change in price can result in a change in supply or demand …
  • 133 more words

A2Z Word Challenge--Z for Zipper

I’m about to finish up the April A2Z Word Challenge. I know, I’m a bit late completing all the letters, but when you are my age you can make up the rules! 446 more words

A2Z April Word Challenge

Stretching My Skills: How (and Why) I Made My Own Compression Sleeves

Have you ever noticed how “one size fits all” often means “one size poorly fits all”? This became especially clear to me when I started using a compression sleeve on my arm. 1,351 more words