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Meeting a stranger

Material exploration

Acrylic film and carbon powder

I set out to build Electro Active Polymer modules with an elastic and adhesive acrylic film (3M VHB tape 4910) and carbon powder. 104 more words


Who tf is Ruben Galarreta?

You know those moments when you’re just chilling, minding your own business and then BAM! Your whole life is completely changed?

Well, I do because that’s what just happened to me. 283 more words


Women's Plus Size Five Pocket Ponte Pants

Women’s Plus Size Five Pocket Ponte Pants in Women > Bottoms > Pants. Business casual black ponte pants. These pants are made of super stretchy ponte;  this pair of ponte pants is endlessly flattering and cozy at the same time.

Plus Size Bottoms

The Power of the Bobby Pin

Hello Lovely’s!

I hope everyone is enjoying life! Summer is fast approaching and I am too ready to be done with classes.

So the topic this week is something that I, like every person who is natural or transitioning, am still experimenting and practicing with everyday. 399 more words

Elastic Heart

Elastic Heart

mixed media

20 X 30 in.

Liz Foster




improved elastic #rubber band #design by #LorenzoLee #kʌ’lokaK #Popeyecyx #lifewillbesomucheasier #hkig #estylerhubs 32 more words