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elasticsearchr - a Lightweight Elasticsearch Client for R

elasticsearchr: a Lightweight Elasticsearch Client for R

Elasticsearch is a distributed NoSQL document store search-engine and column-oriented database, whose fast (near real-time) reads and powerful aggregation engine make it an excellent choice as an ‘analytics database’ for R&D, production-use or both. 1,843 more words

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Search Platform using Elasticsearch (on AWS)

Apache Lucene is a high performance, cross-platform search engine library, which has gained immense support in enterprises looking to build firm-wide, customer-facing search platforms. And it does owe good share of its popularity to… 1,236 more words


How to send email with a Kibana report attached using X-Pack watchers

I have spent several days trying to figure out how to use Elastic, Kibana and X-Pack to automatically send emails with Kibana reports attached to them. 882 more words


Embedding Javascript and HTML into Kibana 5.x

Reading this post:


Kelvin makes a really good suggestion…. and very good inspiration. The suggestion works fine but in my case I needed it to go a step further – I needed to embed an iframe into Kibana. 105 more words

Elasticsearch "Hello World" Example - Part 2 of the ELK Stack Series

In the last blog post, we have explored Logstash, a tool for collecting and transform log data from many different input sources. Today, we will explore… 3,451 more words


Elasticsearch deprecation warning: [deprecation.search.aggregations.bucket.terms] sorting by ascending count is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version

I am currently attempting to upgrade from Elasticsearch 2.4.1 to Elasticsearch 5.  While running ES 2.4.1 I turned on deprecation logging and executed the following search  (which was generated by my application): 94 more words