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Live by '_grokparsefailure', die by it

Recently I was developing a Logstash script. As I needed to parse data into different documetns, I used the ‘_grokparsefailure’ feature of Logstash. With this feature, we can skip applying other patterns if a pattern has been successfully applied to the input string. 74 more words


Unix/Linux Vs Windows #2

Presently, I am exploring the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack of tools. One of the Logstash scripts I am working on, is to parse a Java stack trace. 102 more words


ELK Stack install

Mac : https://medium.com/@facundofarias/exploring-the-elk-stack-elasticsearch-logstash-and-kibana-on-osx-6ba6c0c74023

Linux: http://blog.dimaj.net/content/howto-view-and-analyze-your-logs-web-page





In the middle of the last Sprint before first public release...

It’s getting really exciting. We’re almost done. If all goes well we’ll release the Cloud Trestle to the public as Open Source within two weeks under the MIT license. 86 more words


What the ELK!? – Log Aggregation

Everyone loves logs right?


Logs are long, complex, full of useless information, and it takes ages for you to find that one error message that you need to fix a problem. 674 more words


Analyse des logs applicatifs avec Logstash, Kibana et Elasticsearch

Qu’est-ce qu’un log et pourquoi en faire l’analyse? Chaque application génère des événements, et certains de ces événements sont assez importants pour être archivés et écrits sur un média persistant. 1,436 more words
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NEST, Unix Timestamps and Document Dates

One of our customers deposits JSON files as part of their daily business, about 5/sec, and we need to pick them up and move them into Elasticsearch.  390 more words