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Slack Analytics & Search with Elasticsearch, Node.js and React

Sematext team is highly distributed. We are ex-Skype users who recently switched to Slack for team collaboration. We’ve been happy with Slack features and especially integrations for watching our Github repositories, Jenkins, or receiving SPM or Logsene Alerts from our production servers through their… 852 more words


How to Parse a CSV File in Spark using DataFrames [or] CSV to Elastic Search through Spark

I downloaded a sample CSV File from this site CSV Downloads. Below is the Spark Program in Scala I have created to parse the CSV File and Load it into the Elastic Search Index. 334 more words
Apache Spark

Open Source Flow Collecting with Elastic, Logstash, and Kibana

Today, most open source network flow tools lack a flexible and easy to use interface. Using Logstash’s built-in netflow codec, Kibana’s great looking and powerful web interface, and the flexibility of Elastic, you can build a tool that rivals commercial flow-collecting products. 1,164 more words


WhatPulse - Elasticsearch - Kibana

As I mentioned in my second post about RSI, I installed an application called WhatPulse that measures your keyboard and mouse usage, providing insight in how you use your computer. 1,269 more words


How to tokenize your search by N-Grams using Elastic Search in Scala?

N–Grams can be used to search big data with compound words. German language is famous and referred for combining several small words into one massive compound word in order to capture precise or complex meanings. 440 more words


Elasticsearch Training in London

3 Elasticsearch Classes in London

Elasticsearch for Developers ……. April 4-5

Elasticsearch for Logging ……… April 6

Elasticsearch Operations …….  April 6

All classes cover Elasticsearch 2.x… 144 more words

Scaling WP Queries with Elasticsearch

To try and surface better content to users, there are taxonomies and meta queries that normally don’t get used anywhere else. It can get difficult to scale these queries, which may more often than not result in the error message: MySQL server has gone away. 9 more words