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Recipe: rsyslog + Kafka + Logstash

This recipe is similar to the previous rsyslog + Redis + Logstash one, except that we’ll use Kafka as a central buffer and connecting point instead of Redis. 912 more words


Deploy rails application, that uses redis, sidekiq and elasticsearch to blank ec2 server using capistrano

Pre-condition: I assume that you have ssh credential to the ec2 server

Capistrano: It automate rails application deployment. It moves the code in your local server to the remote server. 1,327 more words


var token = new KeywordTokenizer().Type;
var filter = new List { "lowercase" };
var filters = new List { "lowercase", "mynGram" };
var esclient = new ElasticClient(settings);

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private static IOrderedEnumerable GetSortFieldOrder(List artifacts, string sortBy)
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(sortBy)) return null;
var sort = sortBy.Split(‘-‘).ToList();
if (sort.Count < 1) return null;
IOrderedEnumerable af = null;

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agg =
s =>
.Query(q => q.Filtered(fd => fd.Query(d => d
.MultiMatch(qs => qs.Query(terms).Fuzziness(2.0)
b =>
b.Add(en => en.ArtifactName, 5.0)

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