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Installing Elasticsearch 2.4

Problem: Elasticsearch 2.4 on vm.

Pretty straight foward if you following the instructions on the Elasticsearch site.

1. Setup a new box.

$ vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
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Elasticsearch Configuration and Performance Tuning

Elasticsearch Configuration

In this post, we will be talking about how to make Elasticsearch(1.7.x) more stable and performant.

Before we start, you can see the difference between test results; 1,168 more words


Taming filebeat on elasticsearch (part 3)

This is a multi-part series on using filebeat to ingest data into Elasticsearch. In the first 2 parts, we have successfully installed ElasticSearch 5.X (alias to es5) and Filebeat; then we started to break down the csv contents into fields by using ingest node, our first ingestion pipeline has been experimented. 1,500 more words


Installing Elasticsearch as a service on Windows Server 2012


Before installing Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2012, install the latest Oracle JDK and set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

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Standard Operating Procedure

Elasticsearch part 3: The implementation

In my last blog post on Elasticsearch I covered the majority of the theory and commands that I learned at the Elasticsearch for developers course I completed at work now I want to have a play around with Elasticsearch and the RESTful API you use to interact with Elasticsearch called Kibana. 3,789 more words

IT Interest Research

Introducing MigratoryData to Big Data: Elastic Stack

MigratoryData is the industry’s most scalable real-time messaging solution, typically used in large deployments with millions of users. Among its many features, MigratoryData provides a number of monitoring options along the HTTP and JMX standards. 2,373 more words


[Elasticsearch] Building a simple spell corrector with elasticsearch

Lets try to build a simple spell corrector using elasticsearch.

It is a very common behavior for users to make typos while they are searching in the applications. 751 more words