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How To Install and Configure ElasticSearch on Ubuntu 15.10

I was encouraged to try ElasticSearch by a tutorial from Joel Abrahamson that showed how easy it was to install and use.

Nothing is ever easy. 271 more words


Elasticsearch and Clojure: Getting Started

Search is omnipresent these days, from the moment we type a set of keywords into our favourite search engine to find a webpage we are looking for to the moment we type a name and expect our email client to find all the emails sent by that person.  1,535 more words

Information Retrieval

ELK Stack and Client Support

ELK stack support is coming soon to Browbeat.  There’s currently a large patchset getting ready to be merged in Gerrit that will provide fully automated ELK server and client deployments. 427 more words


[DajSięPoznać#11] Elasticsearch scoring, system rekomendacji


Przeszukiwanie dużych zbiorów danych w oparciu o filtry boolowskie ma swoje wady. Może się na przykład tak zdarzyć, że zaznaczymy iż interesują nas oferty do 350 000, do 50 m^2 i blisko centrum. 772 more words


Elastalert: implementing rich monitoring with Elasticsearch

Hi, dear readers! Welcome to my blog. On this post, we will take a tour on a open source project developed by Yelp, called Elastalert. Focused on enriching Elasticsearch’s role as a monitoring tool, it allow us to query Elasticsearch, sending alerts to different types of tools, such as e-mail boxes, Telegram chats, JIRA issues and more. 1,668 more words