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Elasticon London 2017 (for a Sitecore developer)

Even though Elasticsearch is built on the same foundations (Apache Lucene) as Solr, we in the Sitecore community don’t see a lot of cases where Solr or… 864 more words


Weekly Magical Musings

Tarot Spread for 6/1717-6/24/17

Greetings lovely souls!

Today I am writing out my spread for the upcoming week.

  1. Four of Pentacles(Saturday 6/17)- This card warns about being stingy with money!  
  2. 418 more words

Elasticsearch REST Index Manager Auto Client for CRUD

Elasticsearch 5 REST Java Index Manager Auto Client can  help to manage index life from client end by setting configuration for keeping  index   open, close, delete indexes  for this no any third party tool required. 1,601 more words


Trace PostgreSQL queries using logging collector

A great way to see what queries are being executed and how long they take is by enabling the logging collector on your PostgreSQL database server. 463 more words


curl to connect secured elasticsearch

How to connect secured Elasticsearch using curl command?

curl –key /opt/mohan/mypack/my_host_name.key –capath /opt/mohan/mypack/ –cacert   /opt/mohan/mypack/mycacert.pem –cert  /opt/mohan/mypack/mycert.crt https://localhost:9200/_cat/indices/?v


elasticsearch shield esusers

Elasticsearch Shield esusers management commands

esusers list
esusers list username
esusers useradd username
esusers useradd username -p secret
esusers useradd username -r comma,separated,list,of,role,names
esusers passwd username… 23 more words



Elasticdump is the import and export tool for Elasticsearch indexes.

How to install elasticdump and how to copy elasticsearch index?

Install npm and node if not installed already. 218 more words