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CIFv2 with Kibana on a VM in a Desktop

CIF aka Collective Intelligence Framework is system which aggregates threat information from various sources, which one can then utilize for SOC operation(detect and mitigate). More about CIF use the… 386 more words


About a demo with a kafka consumer and elastic search using spring-boot

Good afternoon,

I share with you the second part of the previous article, a demo where I show how to use a kafka consumer connected to a scalable instance of an elasticsearch server. 142 more words

Elasticsearch notes

Elasticsearch vs RDBMS concepts:

You can (roughly) think of an Elastic index like a RDBMS database.

  • MySQL => Databases => Tables => Rows=>Columns
  • Elasticsearch => Indices(database) => Types(tables) => Documents(rows) with Properties(columns)
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How to install Elasticsearch on Fedora 28

Overview of the issue

I went to install Elasticsearch on a newly built Fedora 28 VM. For my first attempt, I tried to use the built-in repo as follows… 239 more words


A twitter sentiment analysis pipeline with neural network, kafka, elasticsearch and kibana

The goal of this work is to build a pipeline to classify tweets on US airlines and show a possible dashboard to understand the customer satisfaction trends. 600 more words


Automating the testing of Elasticsearch queries with NBi

Since five years, you can run automated tests on your SQL server databases and SSAS cubes with the help of the open-source framework NBi. This framework was extended to support other relational databases (using the OleDb or ODBC drivers) in 2017. 1,019 more words


GSoC Student Interview spotlight: ElasticSearch / Solr Project + Arunan Sugunakumar

This is our blog series interviewing our 2018 Google Summer of Code students, who will be working remotely for InterMine for 3 months on a variety of projects. 445 more words