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Querying Data in an Array of Nested Structures

Our data models often contain complex data types and nested structures. In this post, I will use an example to discuss how to query the data in an array of nested structures with Elasticsearch, BigQuery, and Cloud SQL (MySQL). 786 more words


Deployment ELK stack to Kubernetes just in few minutes

From now on the Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, aka Elastic stack, can be deployed to Kubernetes with one single command. As Elasticsearch comes with internal and external endpoints, you can use them both or drop the not needed one. 25 more words


How to disable automatic index creation in Elasticsearch

When a document is indexed in ES and the index did not exist, the default configuration enables ES to automatically create the index before inserting the document. 169 more words


Elasticsearch - De busca simples à pesquisas avançadas (PARTE 1)

1 – Uma visão geral ao Elasticsearch

Este será o primeiro artigo da Coletânea Elasticsearch, então iremos apresentar a solução Elasticsearch de forma introdutória.

A complexidade da busca… 1,569 more words


Creating time-based index in Elasticsearch using NEST (.NET clients for Elasticsearch)


One of the most common use cases in Elasticsearch is to create time-based indexes for logs. In this blog, we will see how to create time-based index on run time using NEST (.NET clients for Elastic search). 528 more words


Elasticsearch - Ignore special characters in query with pattern replace filter and custom analyzer

Using Elasticsearch 5, we had a field like drivers license number where values may include special characters and inconsistent upper/lower case behavior as the values were entered by the users with limited validation.  252 more words


Connect Hadoop to ElasticSearch using Talend


This blog will show how to update an ElasticSearch index with data from HDFS file using the Talend Open Studio for Big Data ETL tool. 44 more words