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The Wild Bunch - 2015 Winter Haul

The best of british ales from my 2015 Winter Haul. This was a rather eclectic mix of beers and a great mix of styles and flavours that really got the taste buds going. 70 more words


Using WAF with ELB: CloudFront and request timeouts

To minimize maintenance and increase device support for a web application I would like to have a AWS load balancer (either Classic Load Balancer or Application Load Balancer) supporting IPv6 and taking advantage of WAF as web application firewall. 512 more words

Art and cake III. - No67, Peckham 

Food: ★★★ Service: ★★★★☆  Ambiance:★★★★   Overall: ★★★★


It has not yet becoming a habit to have cake whenever I go and see some art, but maybe it should. 282 more words


Implementing HSTS as Go Middleware

This week, I launched a new application, having bought a domain, setup a load balancer with an SSL certificate etc.

Unfortunately my new Go app didn’t have a feature to redirect the user from HTTP to HTTPS automatically, meaning that it was possible for the user to send data without it being encrypted. 199 more words

SSL Termination and AWS ELB

What is SSL termination?

SSL termination is the term pointing to proxy servers or load balancers which accepts SSL/TLS connections however do not use the same while connecting to the back end servers. 513 more words


The Book of the Guard

I made another book, this time for the guards of the main gate. The elven camp on the Epic Empire Larp has always had a book of the guard, with a guard shift plan, pictures of all the camp’s inhabitants and notes on events at the gate. 17 more words