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AWS Basics Using CloudFormation (Part 3) – ELB and EC2

This is the third part of a 3-part article covering the basics of AWS through using CloudFormation. For the first part of this article, click… 2,249 more words

AWS Basics Using CloudFormation (Part 1) - Introduction to CloudFormation

This article is the first in many – as mentioned in the last article, I will be writing more articles over the course of the next several months on AWS, touching on as much of the service as I can get my hands on. 2,066 more words

Steamed Chicken with Wolfberries

Steamed Chicken with Wolfberries

I am using the Yoei electric lunch box to steam the sliced chicken with wolfberries. It is simple by marinated the sliced chicken beforehand for about 30 minutes to an hour after defrost. 36 more words


Elven Lantern

In preparation for an elven Larp I am making a set of elvish lanterns. They are made from aluminium sheets and lantern foil and thus are quite easy and cheap to make. 20 more words


Wandering Years

2010 was the beginning of Elrian’s traveling years. This photo was taken by Celefindel on a Larp taking place in the Alps.


In the grove of remembrance

Elrian Tirithiën.

Photo taken by Daniel Schmitt at Elbenwinter 2015.




VPC 内にたてた ELB(internet-facing/internal) のプライベート IP アドレスをコマンドラインツールの AWS-CLI から調べる方法をメモ。

tl;dr : EC2 DescribeNetworkInterfaces を使う

EC2 サービスには DescribeNetworkInterfaces という NIC 向けの API が存在する。この API を使うと ELB のグローバル/プライベート IP アドレスを確認できる。 410 more words