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Cap d'Enfola, Sansone beach - Elba - Italy 2017 - Day 9

Today we will take it easy. City visits, a small hike and spend some time at the beach is part of the unplanned plans. :) 221 more words


Mountain biking near Capoliveri - Elba - Italy 2017 - Day 8

Today we headed to Capoliveri, in the south east peninsula of Elba island to rent mountain bikes. We got 2 of them with adjustable front suspension, hydrolic brakes, helmets and repair kits for 20 euro per day each. 227 more words


Hiking from Mt Peronne to Mt. Capanne - Elba - Italy 2017 - Day 7

Blue sky today after a night of rain and thunderstorms. We had breakfast on our roof terrace with a fantastic view on the sea. Once done, we headed for a hike to the highest summit of Elba’s island, called Mt Capanne. 234 more words


Another year, another island

Last year my boyfriend and I went on a one-day boat trip to Elba and we fell in love with its beaches and crystal clear water so when we had to decide where this year’s summer holidays would take us we could not think of a more suitable travel destination than this fish-shaped island: 537 more words


Driving to San Piero in Campo (Elba) - Italy 2017 - Day 6

We left Pisa, toward south. We had plenty of time before our ferry departure, so we stopped in San Vinzenso to do our grocery for the next couple days. 187 more words


Potato Bag Harvest

For a few years I have grown potatoes in bags and earlier this year I mentioned this in the post Potatoes In A Bag . 736 more words


Sabbie nere

Vi sono spiagge incantevoli in molte parti del mondo, che hanno una particolarissima colorazione nera in virtù del fatto che le sabbie che la compongono sono costituite da materiale inorganico dello stesso colore. 414 more words