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Six Fabulous Beaches in Italy

A few weeks ago I listed some ways to cool off in the city by visiting a pool.  But if you are willing to travel a little bit more, you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 636 more words

Viaggi (Travel)

Wellington - The Iron Duke

One of the most decorated soldiers in history was born in 6 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin in 1769 (now the Merrion Hotel). The son of a  noble, but impoverished family, Arthur Wesley (later changed to Wellesley by his eldest brother who became Governor General of India) did not show much flair for anything other than playing the violin when he joined the army as an ensign in 1787, having been withdrawn from Eton due to a downturn in the family’s finances. 743 more words


Daniel’s letters: 1 and 5 May 1814 – French prisoners in Hounslow, ‘French Tyrant’ transported to Elba

R. 5th of May

May the 1st 1814

Dear Father and Mother

Your letter March the 28 I received 1st of April and glad to hear of your good health and in hope you enjoy the same at present… 356 more words


Napoleon Returns from Elba

The first of three posts describing Napoleon’s 100 Days, completing series on posts on the 200th anniversary of major events of the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon was exiled to the island of Elba after abdicating the French throne in April 1814. 845 more words

War History


Piove, sto andando al mare. Gioia.

Consolante la consapevolezza d’aver scordato l’asciugamano ma non averne bisogno, sarà una vacanza sempre e solo bagnata.

Peccato aver portato outfits di ogni genere, quando con un costume avrei potuto passare quattro indimenticabili giorni sotto la pioggia, dormendo ubriaco a birdopiscina ogni singola notte. 366 more words