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We saw Napoleon!!

It felt a bit unreal, the whole day on Elba :-) First we were driven to the ferry by the president of the sailing club. Here we go to the ticket office; are you mr Lars? 559 more words


Why Napoleon Probably Should Have Just Stayed in Exile the First Time

For the man with history’s first recorded Napoleon complex, it must have been the consummate insult. After Napoleon Bonaparte’s disastrous campaign in Russia ended in defeat, he was forced into exile on Elba. 476 more words

Acciaio - Silvia Avallone

The title means steel which is also the Swedish name for this book, in English for some reason it’s called “Swimming to Elba”. The main characters in this book are two, very pretty, young girls and the story tells us about a year in their life and the people around them. 203 more words


The Historical Novel Blog Tour Goes to the Mediterranean This Week with Victor Steiner

My Dear Readers, welcome Viktor Steiner to the Historical Novel Blog Tour! This beautifully written post will leave you wanting more of his work. Go to… 87 more words


Lessons From Abroad

There is a certain sadness to not remembering,
Pleasure lingers there too.
All the edges of you plus me are rounded,
And nostalgia makes me keen to forget… 160 more words