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Kali Empty hands has Lots of Value in SIMA Streetfighting

Kali empty hand techniques prove its street-worthiness in the following video. Notice how multiple attacks or attack combinations are often applied against single attacks from the opponent, the idea being that the attacker is given no chance to follow up or recover. 109 more words


Elbow Sonnet

Though thine beauty is captured in thy sweet face,

And words cannot do justice to thine glow,

From hare nor human have I e’er seen a trace… 76 more words


Yu-be is Japan's no 1 selling moisturising skin cream. It's for very very very dry skin (scaly feet and elbows)

The smell of this moisturising cream from Yu-Be is medicinal – I think it is the camphor in it. An all-round dry skin cream which is… 197 more words

Skin Care

Mike Tyson Elbows Touchy Fan!

Mike Tyson didn’t hesitate to get physical with an overly, feely fan at the #MayPac fight Saturday night.  He elbowed this guy without thinking twice.


Giant Elbow Thug

photo by Bonnie Natko

Giant elbow nudges me
I inch closer to the window
to avoid its harass
Elbows need no words
They let you know with a poke… 64 more words

New Jersey Transit / Port Authority

3 cheers for cro cop! -- now hurry up and retire

with much dread, i watched the first 2 rounds of gonzaga vs cro cop 2 yesterday. then all of a sudden, cro cop landed two brutal elbows from the clinch and got gonzaga down where he eventually finished him with some more brutal elbows (the last is my fave, so savage) and then some hammer fists. 502 more words