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Chatroom, Elbows & a Red Footed Booby

So, here’s the thing that just bounced to mind, the sudden, like an olive bouncing from a salad to the floor.

(No one likes olives, aways, see.) 126 more words

The Punchy Lands

Crutches Redesigned

Crutches are finally getting a redesign after 150 years https://t.co/N1orYP1DTJ via @techinsider

— Syd the Jack (@mxdentrepreneur) April 25, 2016


Taking an elbow to the face for educational value...

So yesterday I learned a new appreciation for my elbows.

I have been fortunate to get a good deal on some new full-face head guards. I’ve been testing them out so far against different strikes and even sticks. 280 more words

Martial Arts

The vanishing man...

So when I was categorising the men I had met online I forgot about the Vanishing Man.  This in itself is ironic – I forget the men who weren’t a*holes, armpits, or elbows.   265 more words


The kinds of men I've met so far...

So far it’s been my experience that you meet three kinds of men online.

The A*holes

They are pretty easy to spot as soon as they write something to you.   763 more words


Day 73 Bacon

It’s Wednesday and I keep thinking that it’s Friday. I keep sneezing this morning too. So as you know MN is like -20 degrees. We are catching colds and freezing our butts off. 137 more words

MMA Training