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Headbutts, Knees and Elbows

One of the greatest aspects of martial arts training also remains one of the greatest fears a martial arts can personally experience. Learn the close range and keep your hands in tight. 130 more words


Three To Squeeze (2015)

1. Orange.
2. Child’s cheek.
3. Your body.
As in the case-
Of actually finding
that critical office space.


The Shabbaton from Gehinnom

Bais Yaakovs keep a short rein on their students, but sometimes it’s the teachers that get out of control. That’s what happened at an infamous shabbaton that ended in tears, hysterics, and according to some, an eventual mass OTD exodus*. 924 more words


Homeplay: Wear a shoulder brace

If you watch from about 2:20, you will see a way to wear your t-shirt as a shoulder brace. A gentle lift and opening to front and back of shoulder girdle and chest that “feels like cake” (as one of you said.) 55 more words

Home Play

Fix Your Hand Position for Better Push-Ups

The tips also apply to yoga – plank related postures.

According to Mountain Athlete strength and conditioning coach Adam Scott, a perfect push-up can challenge even the fittest athletes when done correctly, but can also be rendered completely useless when done wrong.

230 more words
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Pop Goes the Turtle

 I honestly don’t know if turtles have knees. Or elbows. Or write Nancy fan fiction.

I don’t do research. I just make this stuff up.

I can’t be blamed.

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