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A Father's Day Poem

I took time away from writing while Dad had another case of bronchial pneumonia and a few other concerns. But thanks to prayers, modern medicine, and diligent helpers he’s back on track. 449 more words

The Grace Notes

It had been a long few days for some reason.

Today I was excessively tired. Perhaps a combination of sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, allergies, lousy eating habits, classic caregiver side effects. 219 more words

We Are the Champions of the World

Cue Rocky music

Dad made it! I made it! WE made it! Today, March 16, 2016, sometime in the afternoon, Dad officially became the oldest member EVER of all his ancestors and equivalent relatives. 686 more words

I Guess That Depends

Tonight’s words of wisdom from Dad:

“Good news! I just urinated!”

Ok, now, putting it into context, this was stated as I transferred Dad from his recliner to his walker to his wheelchair on the way to his bedroom, which then involves a changing of the guard…as in double Depends. 504 more words

Body of All Possible Knowledge pt 3

And so we come to part 3 of the pie chart

See that big ‘ol yellow Pac-Man wannabe, seemingly chomping away at any awareness I may have had of what I did or did not know when it came to Alzheimer’s or Lewy Bodies Dementia? 231 more words

Body of All Possible Knowledge pt 1

6 Things I know I knew

My sister is building a house and in the course of making some decisions about options available in the build she said, “I don’t know what I don’t know,” which got me thinking about a pie chart I’d seen before and how it related to my caring for my mom with dementia. 183 more words