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4 Hours Of Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind…

The one that has half the fan base saying ‘this is the best Elder Scrolls ever’, and the other half saying ‘yeah, but it hasn’t aged well and all the gameplay sucks’. 1,478 more words


Stewart Jamieson: "Well Done Good and Faithful Steward"


It was the largest and most difficult funeral I have ever had to conduct.  Fifteen minutes before the funeral there was not that many people who had showed up. 2,279 more words

Preparing for Fieldwork

     Here I am preparing to begin fieldwork in less than 1 month.  To learn what dementia care services, support, care arrangements, and strategies are used in different countries fascinates me.   339 more words


Filch & Mrs Norris

“Guilty conscience, eh?”

Filch is the embittered, unlovely, cantankerous old Hogwarts caretaker. Along with his beloved Mrs Norris, Filch patrols the school corridors looking for rule-breakers. 

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Professor Binns

The most exciting thing that ever happened in Binns’ classes was his entering the room through the blackboard.

Professor Binns teaches History of Magic, which in his hands becomes the most boring subject ever devised by wizardkind.

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My dog's birthday!

Literally the light of my life. 

My sweet little baby had his birthday! Technically not the day this will be up, but on the 15th of January. 58 more words


Book Smarts

Today was the first day of classes and after teaching five college classes in one day, I am absolutely exhausted, so I am sharing an old story from 2000 when Elder would have been four years old .  166 more words