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The Elder Family

Alita and Twyla were recently married and transferred the the desert town of Oasis Springs.  They are Nimeish, and like many Nime they worship a goddess named Moondansr who they believe gave them life.   344 more words


#Pausibility: Gehazi, Vuvuzela-General And The Lesson For The New Generation.

The diverse reactions that were triggered by the recent appointments of the President are funnily incredulous. Very soon we will hear Dauralization or Patriarchization. We voted PMB to deliver to us… 1,816 more words

Mister Bean. 9. Surprises

There is certainly a lot of Bean in Albert. Maybe he’ll grow into his face a bit as he grows up.  513 more words


The Logic of Children

So, we moved Elder to Mizzou last week, but I’m not ready to talk about that yet. So, here is a story from 2000 when Elder would have been four years old and Younger one… 205 more words

Mister Bean.6. Albert's childhood

Happy Birthday Albert!

He’s still cute, although the mouth is a little worrying still. But lets see what other trouble the Bean’s can get into before the next birthday.  307 more words