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Red nail polish is a must

A gorgeous elder shared the elevator with me in New York. I commented on her joyful red nails. She said it was her way to brighten up the daily nightmare that is our current political reality. 6 more words

Elder and art.

We’ve done illegal stuff the other day. good illegal stuff. To benefit others and all- kinda herbal illegal stuff.

I grew good strong little Elder-plants from cuttings we took last year, (we all know it is a hazardous job to cut from an Elder, they just do not like it when you mess with them, so rest assured we asked for permission first.) Elder with its fragrant flowers and medicinal deep purple berries. 185 more words


Medicinal Trees: Elder

Elder {Sambucus nigra}

Also, Known As:

  • Bourtree
  • Elder
  • Elder-berry
  • Elder-flower
  • European Elder
  • Pipe Tree

The plant called the elder is used to describe a bushy shrub like plant that can reach a few feet in height as shrub-like forms normally do or it may be referring to a tree reaching up to fifty feet in height – the elderberries which are borne on both types of plants range and differ markedly in the shape and taste. 2,914 more words


Inexpensive ways you can elder proof your HDB flat

(Source: www.99.co)


As a rule of thumb, look for slip-resistant tiles when it comes to flooring. Avoid marble, granite or glazed tiles, as these have a tendency of being slippery when polished. 80 more words

Money Matters

"The Wolf's Paw"

I am a broken wolf.

I have lost all of my teeth.

My fur is all too thin,

and my eyes cannot see.

I am a broken wolf, 139 more words