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Taking Advantage of Elders Is A Serious Crime

Elder abuse in any form is a bad, bad thing. To those of us in the real estate business, the financial abuse of elders that we see from time-to-time is particularly distasteful. 50 more words

Tag Team Dream Pt 3 - Dream 3

A visiting evangelist had preached up to two visitations before, that the child had known of, and another dream began to form as that one ended. 980 more words


No More Pencils, No More Books...

Seniors always finish the school year before the other students.


Somehow, though, Younger, despite conversations at home and celebrations at school, had not picked up on that one simple fact. 115 more words

[GoS] #3 : Their Problem

Akibat fotonya, Daleen menjadi lebih terkenal. Selain sebagai murid beasiswa yang cerdas, tetapi juga sebagai pembalap ugal ugalan. Beberapa waktu lalu gadis itu dipanggil ke ruang kepala sekolah. 1,220 more words


Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse and My PowerPoint Presentation Slides

This blog post includes a video about elder and dependent adult abuse, and below the video you will find a link to my PowerPoint slides from a recent elder and dependent adult presentation for an attorney bar association section. 48 more words


Elder Law FAQs: Is There a Medi-Cal Asset Maximum?

Medicaid is important to many elders, because it will pay for long-term care. This is a very big issue within the elder law community, because most seniors will need long-term care, and it is very expensive. 137 more words

Massage Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.3 million people have Alzheimer’s disease in 2015, and the disease is the seventh leading cause of death in adults. 381 more words

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