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The New Face of Prog Rock

In the late ‘60s, not long after the Summer of Love, psychedelic rock’s horizons expanded. As the architects of psych began to envision a sound that existed outside of the influence of blues and country, some unexpected and interesting things began to happen. 1,289 more words

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A new life at 80.

We had by now completely moved in to a lovely 1975 ranch home in a historic suburb of Atlanta and had readied the house for my grandfather’s arrival. 1,033 more words


Adjusting to life with an elderly family member.

After my grandfather agreed that a move to Atlanta was his best option, we began to explore apartment options. Just as before, any option we presented seemed too much for him and it was pretty immediately apparent that we were going to need to buy a new home. 881 more words


How my grandfather came to live with us.

We already had a modern family deal going on in 2012 when I had moved in with my mother after college. It was the recession, jobs were scarce for new graduates… but this isn’t about me. 478 more words


I suppose I should explain the name.

At some point as I entered adulthood and my mother and I began to discuss things like financial health, we realised pretty quickly that getting old is expensive. 223 more words