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The Pastor and Reading

The link below is to an article that takes a look at a pastor’s reading plan.

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March 29: Elder

Today’s flower, the Elder, represents the sentiments “Compassion. Humility and kindness,” in the language of flowers.

The lovely Sambucas flower and fruit are prized ingredients in both herbal preparations and culinary creations. 94 more words

Language Of Flowers

Are Social Security Benefits Taxable? | Elder Law Firm of Clements & Wallace, P.L.

A portion of your Social Security benefits may be taxable depending on the amount of benefits you received, other income, and your filing status.

COTD 27.04.16:Listen carefully...

Listen carefully…

Today’s COTD is V The Elder

Learn a lesson from a wise one today.

That is all :) have a good day.

Love Jennifer x… 13 more words


The Elder Scrolls Online's Dark Brotherhood DLC Writes a Launch Date in Blood on PS4

Sweet mother

The Dark Brotherhood’s been skulking around in the shadows for a few weeks, but now we know when it’s finally going to strike. Following on from the Thieves Guild expansion which launched earlier this month, everyone’s favourite band of murderers will be sending…


5 ways to get things done

1. Behave like a gentlemen. Remember that people generally tend to help those who are well mannered.

2. Let the other person know about your achievements and how he can benefit from you but do not over emphasise. 170 more words


Elders, Old People, Aging, and The Immortalists

At my friend Canova’s suggestion, I watched a documentary (available on Netflix) called “The Immortalists” that discusses people who are trying to find the solution to the aging “problem.” The effect would be that we become biologically immortal and would never die “naturally” of “old age.” 415 more words