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they teach me of their peace

all i wish is relevance : i used

to wish for eloquence and

long thin thighs and shapely

breasts : I would me bugger

all the rest… 144 more words

Elder - "Sun Movement"

Brisbane group Elder – composed of vocalist and guitarist Matt Burton, bassist Thomas White, and drummer Talia Bond – released their stunning debut EP Cyril this past December, a scintillating, fervid handful of tracks housing structurally complex melodies and an irresistible cathartic, unhinged energy that never seems to falter. 118 more words


"Don’t be harsh or impatient with an older man." ~Apostle Paul

Okay, I’m older now. Much older. It is easy to get impatient with me.

There are many things I do that are irritating.

But … 258 more words

God Thoughts

Feeling frustratingly old...

Three weeks ago I slipped on some black (invisible) ice while walking to church. Broke my “radial head”; an arm bone’s top part by the elbow. 206 more words


This official Elder Scrolls cookbook will teach you to bake the perfect sweetroll

A cheesy Sunlight Souffle for starters, apple and cabbage stew for main course, and sweetrolls for dessert. It’s a meal fit for the Dragonborn—and, thanks to a new cookbook, you’ll soon be able to whip up these Elder Scrolls classics in real life. 12 more words


Elderberry Syrup (11th hour gift!)

Happy Winter Solstice! The countdown to Christmas, or Yule has begun in earnest. I like to gift my close neighbors with something I have made during the holidays. 779 more words