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Slowing Down

The process of aging has several benefits. First and most important, I am still alive! This fact cannot be discounted, although society would have you believe you’re a liability rather than an asset. 296 more words


Magical May Trees: Hawthorn Hedges and Elder Pipes

Like the hawthorn, elder was linked to fairies in traditional folklore. The stems and wood of elder is characterised by being hollow, and easily whittled into musical instruments. 923 more words

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The limits of church leadership

Proper leaders are marked by allegiance to God’s revealed word, which includes exhibit the holiness it enjoins. A claim to, or even possession of, a leadership role does not in itself invest authority. 86 more words


Intergenerational … An interesting buzzword … Got me thinking …
Imagine if it were possible to travel back in time. What would my younger self like to say to the world if she had the knowledge I now have after walking through seven decades of life? 143 more words

Chapter 8.5- Birthday Time

Breaker is doing great at work and even received a free stereo

Lauryn soon went into labour and her 3rd son Baxter was born.

Lacey still loves to jump onto the furntiure… 40 more words

Legacy Challenge


Or would that be retrospect? No matter … Looking back looking ahead or looking ahead to looking back while I try to downsize, clean up, whatever I think to call it on any particular day. 191 more words