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Feeling frustratingly old...

Three weeks ago I slipped on some black (invisible) ice while walking to church. Broke my “radial head”; an arm bone’s top part by the elbow. 206 more words


This official Elder Scrolls cookbook will teach you to bake the perfect sweetroll

A cheesy Sunlight Souffle for starters, apple and cabbage stew for main course, and sweetrolls for dessert. It’s a meal fit for the Dragonborn—and, thanks to a new cookbook, you’ll soon be able to whip up these Elder Scrolls classics in real life. 12 more words


Elderberry Syrup (11th hour gift!)

Happy Winter Solstice! The countdown to Christmas, or Yule has begun in earnest. I like to gift my close neighbors with something I have made during the holidays. 779 more words


A Lonely Christmas (Short Novel)

It was Christmas Eve, and even though it was supposed to be a day full of joy and and loved ones coming together, it didn’t feel like that at all. 1,290 more words


Meg Wetherby's recipe for elder linctus - good for coughs and colds

Hello everyone,

If it ever stops raining, why not pop down to the nearest hedgerow and pick some berries to make a lovely elder linctus? It’s very easy to make and tastes delicious on its own or mixed with sparkling water, or even with cider or gin. 235 more words

Countdown to the publication of my historical novel, Widdershins (27 days)

Hello everyone,

As a tiny treat (or a terrible torture, depending on your viewpoint), I’m going to post a mini excerpt from Widdershins each day in the run-up to publication on 1 July. 126 more words

Harvesting Elder Berry

Walk near most wetlands in the southeast and you will likely stumble across a graceful stand of elders. The elder offers an unbelievable variety of medicinal and practical uses from every part: bark to berry. 1,901 more words